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FBI Lied about Steele Dossier to FISA and Senate

FBI Lied about Steele Dossier to FISA and Senate

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (SC) denounced the FBI this week, claiming the agency fed lawmakers a “bunch of lies” when they backed the credibility of the infamous Steele dossier during a briefing with the Senate Intelligence Committee in February 2018. 

“Somebody needs to go to jail for this,” said Graham Sunday during a TV appearance with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo. “This is a second lie. This is a second crime. They lied to the FISA court” and to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

The FBI’s talking points for the Senate briefing describe dossier author Christopher Steele as operating “within high level academic and government circles” and “maintaining trusted relationships with individuals who are capable of reporting on the material he collected for Steele.”

Evidence presented this week by Graham proves the FBI had known for more than a year that the dossier couldn’t be verified.

During a series of interviews in 2017, Steele told FBI agents that his source was a “boaster” and “embellisher.” Steele’s primary source was Igor Danchenko, a Russian man who lived and worked in the United States but was portrayed as being close to the Russian government. In 2017, Danchenko told FBI agents that the information he gave Steele was “just talk” and that his sources were not worth a “grain of salt.”

Some of the rumors about Donald Trump that ended up in the dossier came from “word of mouth” and from “conversations that [he] had with friends over beers.” The allegations about Trump’s sexual misconduct were statements he heard made in “jest.”

The FBI withheld this information from FISA judges when it used the dossier to obtain a wiretap on Trump aide Carter Page.

“The FISA court just ripped a new one for the FBI. A year before, they’re lying to the Senate Intel Committee. It’s just amazing the compounding of the lies,” says Graham. “How could you send somebody over from the FBI in 2018…to brief about the subsource, and mislead the Senate so badly? You had information in your files that Horowitz found where the subsource completely denied the reliability of the dossier, but the FBI continued to lie as late as 2018.”

FBI agents also hid the fact that Mr. Page worked as an FBI informant for years – presumably because revealing his trustworthiness would hinder their attempts to portray him as a Russian spy.

“They did to the Senate Intel Committee what they did to the FISA court,” continued Graham. “They misled the hell out of them. They said there’s no evidence from the subsource to suggest that Steele fabricated anything in the dossier.”

On Tuesday, Graham sent a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray demanding a list of the FBI agents who participated in the 2018 briefing. “I’m gonna find out who did that briefing, and whoever it is, they’re in trouble,” said Graham. This happened on Wray’s watch.

Graham also presented documents proving the FBI staged an intelligence briefing with Trump for the sole purpose of assessing his incoming National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn.

As we learned earlier this year, FBI agents also attempted to trick Flynn into lying in hopes that he would be fired from the White House. Then-FBI Director James Comey even urged President Obama to withhold information from Flynn, a clear breach of protocol intended to disrupt Trump’s transition into the White House.

Author’s Note: We are hearing this right before the election (as expected), but the big picture here is that a political administration (Obama’s) used a government institution (the FBI) to attack a political rival (Trump). This level of corruption and despotism is truly shocking and not something I would have expected to see in the United States.

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  2. Richard

    And guess what – not a damn thing will be done about it. Graham is ineffectual as are other Senate and House Republicans. It is a pity Pres Trump has to deal with these spineless toads. Thank God that he can issue executive orders or this country would be called New China right now.

  3. Tom

    What a joke the Obama administration, what a racketeering job, just like the mob, American people are frustrated by the corruption that has come out, drain the swamp Biden ,his kid Hunter, Comey, Strok, Page, Clapper the flapper, Brennan the idiot, Clinton the money people, DNC should be in trouble, Kamala is a hypocrite, pot smoking monkey!!!!!!!! All done!!!!

  4. Louis Farakhan

    There needs to be some type of emergency type change to where President Trump can stay in office as long as he can handle the domestic terrorist , I also believe a terrible lush who thinks everybody in congress wants to get in to her great granny underwear also with a moderate to major case of dementia. Along with Saul the shoe salesman will beat any price on any shoe, would a Jew lie to you? Schumer. Just these two clowns should not only be under investigation along with 98% of these corrupt, evil, cowards who would sell their mothers and their souls for political gain. Especially the crazy idiot with the big eyes like he’s smoking crack and wasting tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars on the most obvious frivolous investigations of President Trump. Who and what kind of person has decided these major embarrassing and corrupt I believe more than any Soviet era Russian politician has ever been. These are the real enemy of the state, leaking secrets to the , I don’t know what to call them, they are not real journalists, more like KGB trained propaganda specialist, I honestly do not know one person that watches or believes anything the Democrat controlled media says or reports. The Democrats have attempted to destroy the best man and true savior of this nation, while at the same time has brought our once great nation to the point where any day a race war will pop. I know for a fact, there has been a professional type of military training and fine tuning of specific citizens, not just a few hundred weekend warriors but people who have been off the grid for years, this numbers in the millions who have been brought to a point of smashing the little swarm of mosquitos long enough and will teach someone that this is not a joke , unfortunately, they can’t be sent out, it’s a well known fact even their own people don’t want them or even hate them and no one else will subject their citizens to it. They think they have been controlling us and politics, but have been majorly mistaken tolerating with to now I’ve had enough of your belligerent behavior, always have to be loud and demand attention that nobody cares what they think or do. And it stems from jealousy of the white culture. They say we steal or wanna be like them, no wrong answer, EVERYONE, EXCEPT THE LITTLE KIDS MAY BE IMPRESSED WITH THEIR SHORT LIVED CHILDISH FADS. OPEN YOUR EYES, WE DONT WANT TO HANG WITH Or be like, we want to get as far away as possible. It’s called you are not scaring or intimidating any one. You are luckily being tolerated. But as everyone knows, it cannot be stopped. The clown act and tolerating idiots who think they are tough and scaring white folks. Nope, wrong, you have never scared or intimidated anyone. All talk. Then when a MAN wants to shut you up like a man, you are not capable of being fair, you need your homies because you are not able to defeat anyone on your own.