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Facebook censors forbid discussion of Nazi Germany – Dangerous and Ignorant

Facebook censors forbid discussion of Nazi Germany – Dangerous and Ignorant

I was just restricted on Facebook. No surprise, much of Punching Bag content has been shadow-banned over the past several years. I can post a BS political meme and get tens of thousands of views, but an article on the issue with an identical theme might get a couple hundred. It is useless as a platform now.

I recently made a statement on Facebook about Mein Kampf, the book written by Adolf Hitler, the book that justified the Holocaust. The Facebook censors have decided that the contents of that book should never be spoken about, it is hate speech.

I’ve read it. 

Before you form a picture of me carrying a copy around in my back pocket along with my little red book from Chairman Mao, you should know I do a lot of research in psychology, propaganda, mass influence, advertising, marketing, political science, social science and much more. In my office, I’m surrounded by more than 600 books in these areas, mine and from friends, and I’ve generated original research in this area.  Not many have a better grasp of the subject, and my close circle of intellectual friends easily (and sadly) overwhelm the expertise of most university psychology departments. (You should see my friend George make a University professor wilt, it’s entertaining…)

I was inspired to read Mein Kampf by the watchwords of the Jewish community, one of the most powerful phrases in the world today.

“Never again.” 

I believe that everyone should read Mein Kampf, especially those who are of Jewish descent. Not because it is some great philosophical work (it isn’t), but because it lays out the strategy that led to massive inhumanity, millions of people treated most brutally and callously possible. Ultimately 11 million innocent people (Jewish and others) were executed just because they were NOT Nazis. 

Want to know the gist?  Well, here it is. 

Mein Kampf uses the basic techniques of marketing, capitalizing on several principles of influence outlined by Robert Cialdini’s Principles of Persuasion, notably “commitment and consistency.”

Talking about the Jews, it provides details about Hitler’s perceptions and why he believes they should be hated, in increasing severity.  Many of these criticisms are valid, they are based in fact, like that the Jews are rich (some of them certainly were), they tend to do business within their community (like everyone else, especially then), and they are doing relatively well in a down economy while many others suffered. He hated them for that.  He proceeds to talk about the comparative suffering of other people and how it bitterly affected his life, playing on some of the anti-Jewish sentiments in society at the time. Again, these are the facts and conditions in 1925 post-WWI Germany.

So you have statements A, B, C, and D, that are based in fact and undeniable in the context of the day.  The book created a “commitment” in the people who read it, for those who accepted the statements up to that point. “Consistency” demands that you continue to follow the reasoning and gives you the desire to accept the conclusion (basic marketing doctrine).

If you keep an eye out, you can see this same technique in today’s advertising world. How many times have you watched a commercial and the conclusion was that the product would change your life, or something else outlandish that was not supported by the previous reasoning?  If you happen to be following the disinformation about Trump, then you will easily see why the left hates him so much, the techniques are similar. It works, especially on the feeble-minded.

In the case of Mein Kampf (taking some liberties in the paraphrasing) he made a giant, sinister, disjointed jump:  “Therefore… Jews are animals, they don’t deserve your sympathy, they must be removed from our society, kill them now.“

Now is the time to say “holy crap” or “WTF.”

This is the giant fraud, the massive leap into dislogic, the statement that cannot be justified by any of the previous statements.  But remember, you and I are in 2022 America. If you are in 1925 Germany, perhaps you are experiencing suffering similar to his, looking for a scapegoat and you have spent time “committing” to the previous statements. The “consistency” part of the method forces you to suspend your normal ethics and common sense long enough to accept this logic as possible, to believe the conclusion because you have accepted all of the premises and have experienced a sequence of trusted steps – a moment of suspended reason, a tiny crack in a stressed ethical norm that allowed a dismissal of this insane connection.

Make no mistake, the people of Germany at the time were not monsters, and would never overtly accept this logic. There was an anti-Jewish sentiment, but mass murder was not in their character, not an inkling.

But neither were they strong enough or motivated enough to stop Hitler’s rise. Hitler was able to play on the reality of life in Germany and was accepted despite his psychopathic hate, known from Mein Kampf. That tiny crack allowed them to move the insanity to the back burner – not because they believed it, but because they were able to accept it, if only for a moment, despite its insane nature.

The totality of factors allowing Hitler to rise in Germany is beyond the scope of this article. But if you don’t study the history and ask the questions of how the Holocaust happened, how men who should have been strongly moral carried out the orders of Hitler to kill millions of human beings, then you will never see it developing.

And it will happen again.

The stupidity and ignorance of the Facebook censors have been well-documented by others.  But this case may allow you to see the magnitude of the crime that is committed when foolish but powerful people attempt to control speech in the interest of tempering the conversation so that others will not be offended.

So what is the greater crime? Discussing an offensive topic, but one that might educate people as to how a horrific historic event happened? Or suppressing discussion of offensive but historically important material, with the excuse that some people might be offended?

My answer is simple, I only need to accept the logic, the mandate and the implied assignment of the following phrase.

Never again.

How can you prevent something from happening again, if you don’t know how it happened the first time?

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  1. Harold blankenship

    They don’t want people to see the similarities of nazis and democrats

    • Al Atlansky

      The author Joe Gilbertson is 100% wrong! He said that the Jews was rich selling to their own people in Germany. The truth is that many Jews was poor. Many Jews was not smart. Many Jews were suffering. Some Jews had businesses. Just like non-Jews.

      • Joe Gilbertson

        Did you even read the article?

  2. mike

    I grew up with families (mom’s and Dad’s ) who were liberated by the US troops. They then came to the US. Here’s a fact that really needs to be stressed. The off spring and in total denial of todays worlds event’s. They don’t want to hear it. They don’t want to talk about it. They walk away when they hear similarities. That can’t happen here. The USA government will protect us. Just like the facebook suppress the facts and truth. This is going to be the destruction of the people of many nationalities.

  3. 9mm

    Look what Hitler did was in no way worse than what white men did to the American Indian to take his land as well as his country. We’re in no way saints in being Christians as we killed for the country that was Indian land. We now treat once was slaves better than the very people who were the true Americans.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Really? You have no clue

  4. RJ O'Guillory

    …as someone who knows a lot about US Government corruption up close and personally…and who has known about UN Agenda 21, 30 & 50 for a long, long time, I don’t believe a thing the US Government says. After watching the CIA splinter, disrupt and overthrow governments around the world…I’m tired of hearing about “The Holocaust”. We have been lied to for hundreds of years…and the corrupt government can no longer control the truth or the narrative. The US Government has been butchering people for most of their existence. Since The Geneva Conventions of 1905 they have committed war crime after war crime. Aside from the death, destruction and chaos unleashed inside America…never forget that the bankers create the wars….and the government finds the excuses allowing them to go to war…while propagandizing like a pimp on a street corner. Most people do not know that a lot of the death in the “Nazi Death Camps”…came towards the end of WW II as a result of allied bombing of the rail lines bringing supplies to those camps. Much of the starvation, illness and deaths came from the lack of food, supplies and medicines…all due to the war crime of bombing those rail lines. That doesn’t count the false flag of Pearl Harbor, the fire bombing of Tokyo and Dresden…or the unnecessary bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. A lot of people don’t know that Eisenhower let millions of German POW’s starve and freeze to death after the war in Allied Camps…or that those put on trial at Nuremburg were tortured into “confessing”. It’s hard to get your point across when an “Allied” personnel are crushing your testicles in a vice. Hitler and The Nazi’s were no Saints….but then again…neither were FDR, Stalin, Mao or any of the other war criminals of the past 120 years….including people like Truman. Never forget the crimes of Vietnam, 911…or “two weeks to flatten the curve”. Corruption always, all the way around.

  5. Darren

    Good article. Should be printed in the NY Times.
    The average individual that uses Face Book is a Moe. I know a few.
    For that reason I am not on it.
    Even if printed and read, the average face book individual will not follow the coloration.
    The masses will be doomed to repeat history as no one is being allowed to learn from it.
    This philosophy has been going on in our schools for some time and we will repeat history.
    It is happening now and half the country is not even aware.

  6. Wes

    I read the IMPRIMIS brochures. I try and pass them out regularly. A recent article was on our education system. To much government control brainwashes kids and adults into thinking everything the government says is right. And if you question it, you are somehow the evil one. Same with Science. If we question what Dr. Fauci says, we must be stopped. Rather than look at what they say. Research it. Come to our own conclusion. But if the people pushing the narrative, like the January 6 committee, and most of the elites, Democratic Party, and media are not telling the truth, but manipulate you, whether it’s true or not. Their goal is to take their side even it is wrong and dangerous. I believe this is happening now.

  7. Frank stetson

    Mr father was is the division that was one of the first to enter the camps.

    All I can say is many of you don’t have a clue. He lived it. He saw it first.

    Yes, we firebombed dresden, ty UK. We nuked Japan ending that war early. But it all pales in comparison to the wrath of the NAZIS. Any of you deniers should spend a night in the gas chamber, lights out, and tell us you don’t believe. My father was there. He saw it first, before anyone. When we didn’t even know what is was.

    Joe, you should have every right to post a analysis of that book or any book. But anyone who spews naxi-ism should be denied that right. . IMO.

    I lived the aftermath of what Dad saw and lived. It was not easy or good. The stench survives today and thrives in some people.

    • Ted

      Your dad was probably like my dad. Spent years sleeping with dead men

  8. B001

    Article on Facebook banning Mein Kampf

    Great post. But there is one of the major tactics that is never discussed in today’s political discourse. The “Big Lie” was a simple brainwashing technique.

    By using the Big Lie, or denying simple facts and reality with a megaphone (i.e. legacy media) you create cognitive dissonance. It is just a fancy name for creating confusion as the first step in BRAINWASHING. It does 1 of 3 things generally. Generally, for adults starting around 25-30, anchored in a set of beliefs or positions, they think it is insane. For those who are younger but raised in a home with anchored beliefs and positions it can cause distress leading to self-harm, suicide, or THE GOAL! That goal is to suspend your beliefs, ignore verifiable facts, because the dissonance, or confusion, is strong enough it causes mental anguish.

    Why is all of this important? IT IS THE FIRST STEP IN BRAINWASHING! NOW you know the reason these propaganda outlets and political charlatans push this garbage! Now you know why when you try to reason with some people based on verifiable facts they are so brainwashed with no anchor so facts and truth are irrelevant! Now you know why public schools hate parents and attack any fixed set of values. Now you know why the insanity around “gay marriage”, and LGBTQABCXYZ+, and NOW you know why they MUST censor any voice that might break through the CONFUSION before the brainwashing is complete!

    • Joe Gilbertson

      This is indeed a kind of brainwashing, but the technique is straightforward. Something this outrageous would not have worked in better economic times, where Germany was not under the massive stress from WWI. In modern marketing, the technique is used often, but the demands to believe something unjustifiable are not quite so extreme – like your example of the LGB community. Nobody quite believes that men can have babies.