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Explicit Photos Leaked from Women’s Volleyball Locker Room? It’s their Own Damned Fault

Explicit Photos Leaked from Women’s Volleyball Locker Room? It’s their Own Damned Fault

I started reading this article from the Fox website that mentioned “explicit” photos leaked from the locker room of the Wisconsin Badgers women’s volleyball team. I was thinking, damned right the police should throw whoever it was in jail.

But wait.

As I read the story, I realized that it wasn’t some pervert sneaking photos through a window or planting a secret camera in the locker room.

These girls took these photos themselves.

The excerpt is “the university said “private photos” that were “never intended to be shared publicly” were being circulated online without the consent of those involved.”

First of all, I’m willing to bet that whoever leaked these photos was someone close to these girls who had more or less legal access to the phone. If so where is the actual crime?

The photos were taken consensually. If it wasn’t a thief or a hacker, but rather a friend, proving this as a criminal matter will be exceedingly difficult. Police were bragging about “multiple crimes” but in fact, a good attorney would win a trial very easily.

Second, why, on God’s green Earth, were these athletes taking explicit pictures in the locker room? They did this while representing the University. I would think the University would want to suspend them for such an act. Surely the University of Wisconsin (which mentions “ethics” in its response) has some policy against this.

Third, you can’t fix stupid. These women should know better than to take ANY pictures like this. Anything that goes onto a phone is subject to be shared, lost or otherwise made public, and once it gets on the internet it NEVER goes away. Do they not have the common sense to know this? This is something that could follow them around for the rest of their lives.

We all have the right to be stupid. I am in favor of allowing people to make mistakes and then suffer the consequences.

But sometimes the consequences are out of proportion to the stupid act. For example, Brittney Griner is in jail in Russia, possibly for many years, for the mistake of being ignorant and arrogant. And no, I don’t feel sorry for her (maybe a little, but no).

Some people die from texting while driving after losing control of their car. This is certainly not proportional to the stupidity of the act. But life is a bitch like that. Sometimes you are the knife, sometimes you are the pumpkin (cheesy Halloween reference…).

Nobody really knows the impact this will have on the future for these women. It could be nothing, it could be their parents’ embarrassment in the community, it could be losing out on opportunities in the future, or a host of other problems. The point is that it didn’t have to happen.

It was stupid.

And best as I can tell, it was their own damned fault.

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