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Experts: Biden Got Off Too Easy on Mishandling Classified Documents

Experts: Biden Got Off Too Easy on Mishandling Classified Documents

The big buzz coming out of the investigation into President Biden’s mishandling of classified documents were admonishments about his mental competency. However, national security experts say there is much more to the story than that!

The experts say that Robert Hur’s characterization of President Joe Biden’s memory has obscured one of the most surprising findings in his report: evidence that Biden knowingly kept classified materials at home for years and failed to turn them in. That is perhaps the report’s most damaging finding: Biden knew he had classified documents in 2017, but there is no evidence he took steps to turn them in.

Despite Hur’s scathing characterization of Biden’s mental capacity to Democrats, the special counsel’s finding that there was no criminal case to bring against the President is the most important takeaway.

But to some national security experts, the disclosure that Biden told his ghostwriter that he discovered classified documents in his Virginia home in 2017 — with no indication he returned them — was unexpected and troubling. So was the revelation that Biden disclosed classified information to the ghostwriter on at least three occasions and that he stored notebooks full of state secrets in unlocked drawers in his home office.

They said a senior government official like Biden should be held to a higher ethical standard than whether a jury would convict him of a felony.

“It may not be criminal, but it’s reckless and awful because you have no idea what sources and methods you are putting at risk,” said NBC News legal contributor and former federal prosecutor Chuck Rosenberg. “Someone who served as the vice president of the United States should know better.”

Biden, who has been immersed in the world of state secrets for decades, has taken a firm line on the handling of classified documents. When asked in September 2022 about Trump’s storing of classified documents at his home in Mar-a-Lago, he replied, “How could that happen? How could anyone be so irresponsible?”

But when classified documents were discovered in his Delaware garage and other places in December 2022, the oft forgetful President said he was surprised, adding, “People know I take classified documents and classified information seriously.”

Another national security expert, Attorney Mark Zaid, who specializes in cases involving classified information, said Hur’s findings were “worse than I expected by way of the President’s conduct over the years. But even then, none of it surprised me.”

“His conduct was emblematic of what we see with former senior government officials all the time,” Zaid added. “It sends a horrible message to the workforce that our senior leadership is not held to account for its mishandling of classified information.”

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  1. Dan tyree

    Why not?? He’s a democrat

  2. JoeyP

    Unless justice CHANGES, it WON’T prevail. This is where the GUILTY go free and the INNOCENT are JAILED . . . like in the FORMER U.S.S.R.

  3. 3Xe1ioaiNITxtqNW5CaZEzpxpY4ggtEQJVxO4x0v98I=

    as lifetime government employee HE KNEW not to take unclassified documents
    and his mental status was NOT like NOW
    so don’t use the excuse his mental status

  4. frank Stetson

    Really, the former USSR? Are you hinting it’s not that way in Russia today?

    Look, Biden got off. Pence got off. In the last two decades over 80 libraries received classified documents from different lawmakers, no one was charged. Bill Clinton’s library gets loans of documents, like Trump’s love letters from NK dictator, that are considered classified, no issues, no charges. Carter, although not subject to the new documentatio law enacted for Reagan, turned over a box of stuff from Plains, no charges, no issues.

    Point is every pundit shouting shit knows that no one is charged for this crap IF they turn it over ASAP upon identification or the archives asking for them. That’s just the way it is, has been, and should not be going forward.

    Fact is also that they would have been fired from any company IF they could even get out of the building with the documents. There should be no way that a SCIF document should ever leave the room. Classified documents should never leave the building. Anyone with one should be charged.

    There is no problem with the Hur report beyond the Comey-level anectdotes on Biden’s mental nature as seen by the unprofessional Hur which should have had little bearing on the report’s conclusions. There is no problem with Biden getting off, they all do IF they return the documents. But, the laws should be changed, strengthened, and enforced for ALL. Presidnets and Vice Presidents should be treated like anyone else. And if you break the classifed seal by taking it outside the SCIF, outside the building, you should be charged.

    But you shouldn’t lock someone up for doing what many have done with no indictments, no charges. There is no reason to charge Biden on this no matter how bad the optics are.

    • Tim Shep

      So in your opinion, Frank the Clintons, Bidens, and Pence should get off because why? They all do it. Biden has done it since he was in the Senate, Clinton had papers taken from the National Archives, and his wife had her computer destroyed and compromised along with deleting e-mails, etc, etc. Still, we will prosecute DJT when he has the right to have those documents. Of course, no one is above the law, right?


        Tim, no, the facts are they get off because they discover them, immediatley return them, and invite the government to search freely to find anything else. MY OPINION is that we should pass some laws with teeth in them to make taking a SCIF doc from the room OR a classified doc from the government building a career ending move just like the private sector.

        That’s what I wrote, you must have overlooked.

        Trump did none of that, he did the opposite of proactive discovery and immediate surrender.

        I am not sure your Bill and Hillary Clinton reference and I see no source, no link, so I do not know what you are attempting to say.

        And yes, we will prosecute DJT because he hid them, he lied about them, he refused to surrender them, and when he did, he lied about it again, did not return all, refused to return all, and thus ——- a brazen search that never needed to happen except that your God, the Don, is a fool. Also, the magnitude of a few docs and the Bidens, Pences, Clintons, etc. versus Don’s fucking moving van full of paper, a total of over 300 classifed documents alone. For the other guys, we are talking pages, for Trump we are talking boxes. Lots and lots of boxes. From Mar a Loser alone, they took 33 boxes, 1,100 documents over 300 classfied. Mr. Trump is faced with 37 counts, including 31 counts of withholding national defense information and five counts related to concealing classified documents. The other guys couldn’t get anywhere close to that —- they just don’t have that many documents like Trump stole. At one point, he had 80 boxes in one room in Mar A Loser.

        Trying to make Trump’s actions similar to the others is ludicrous. Deflecting to Hillary’s PC and email purge just a stupid red herring of a deflection. They found no top secret in that mess, you are just trying to assauge your guilt about Don’s being a cheating thief.

        But on the issue: write some new law for government to put tough career-ending penalities in place just like the real world. That’s what I said, not your fabrications.

        • Joseph S. Bruder

          Besides the fact that Biden returned documents as soon as they were found, compared to Trump boxing them up, taking them home, hiding them, storing them improperly, misleading or outright lying to investigators, and delaying for over a year until the FBI had to barge in and take them… There’s a difference in the documents as well. Trump’s documents were in folders, marked with the classification, and were actual printed documents that Trump was given to read and then took after his Presidency ended. Biden’s documents were hand-written notes by Biden himself, not previously marked as classified. Biden may not have even realized that they were classified or that he had to turn them over until he was asked for them, and then he cooperated completely. As Nixon learned the hard way, it’s not the crime, it’s the coverup.

  5. Robert Haggerton

    Hey Little Franky….You got your head up your ass! The only reason he returned the documents is that he GOT CAUGHT! Sleepy Creepy Dementia Decrepit Disgusting Joey has been bilking the American citizens for over 40 years! He’s a bloviating bullshitter who has lied his entire political career! He is merely a puppet of the Deep State of HUSSEIN Obama (our little Kenyan muslim) and other radical leftists who hate our once great Republic! Franky, you just don’t get it!!! This is the socialists, communists, Marxists, Stalinists best last chance of the lunatic left to transform our nation into another 3rd World Shithole!our


      Hey, Bitchin Bobby, you say: “The only reason he returned the documents is that he GOT CAUGHT!” Actually, it was Biden’s attorney who found the top secret docs in a locked closet in Biden’s DC Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, a think tank where Biden worked after leaving the government in 2017. Called NARA and returned docs the next day after discovery. For you to conclude that he got caught is wrong and, unlike your God Trump, Biden proactively and voluntarily returned them ASAP. Your man hid them, lied about them, tried to keep them and then lied some more.

      The next month the Biden attorneys found more at his Delaware home. They found a one page classified in his office and immediately left due to lack of proper clearance. The next month when folks came to get them, they also found five more pages. None of this was top secret but some were found in Biden’s locked garage next to his vet.

      At the end of that month, with Biden’s attorneys granting access so no search warrant needed, like for Trump where a warrant and a search was required because he continued to lie about having them and refused to return them, the government searched Bidens home finding six classified docs but no top secret. Then they searched the beach house and found nothing.

      They are still reviewing 1,800 boxes of materials from Delaware University.

      You are wrong about his reason to return the documents. And you are a racist pig who demeans Obama by calling him your “little Kenyan muslim,” which shows how Christians can be real shit head racists. You lump leftists, socialists with communists, Marxits, and Stalinists which is about as stupid as your face looks no doubt. Why the fuck do you even care about Obama, that was over 7 years ago mate, and we didn’t become a “3rd world shithole” either. Get over it spanky, move on, let it go.

      As to classified documents —– pass some laws with teeth in them and stop this for Presidents, VPs, and anyone in or out of government. This would be a CLM in the private sector as in Career Lmiting Move, as in end of career. But take your racism, you hate, and suck a big one big guy. And then choke on it. There is no call for that crap, just keep it to yourself if you have to be that stupid.

  6. Darren

    In every case of what Biden has done, it was done because the writhing was on the wall for him after going after Trump.
    This whole, “I can not remember because I am old shit ” is just setting up the EXCUSES in advance for
    when the whole family goes to trial for THEFT, IMBEZZELMENT, PURGERY, LIEING TO CONGRESS, TAKING BRIBES!
    Then get your sorry ass out of the white house.
    The Democrat’s love Kamala right.
    Let her dumb ass run what little is left of our country into the ground.
    Oh, that right, Biden will not retain Presidential Immunity and might go to prison where he should be!
    Not to mention there will not be another Democrat president for the next 40 years.
    Then maybe we will stand a chance as a country.

    • Jim wampler

      Biden gets no charges because he’s retarded. That should look good on paper if. Frank grabs the wrong pussy. So keep your hands to yourself around family

      • Frank stetson

        You should fuck off with the personal stuff and just kick your fucking stupid dog instead.

        • Frank stetson

          Wamphole says maga rules!


  7. Ron C

    It is obvious to me the so called exsperts are not experts, because they are totally ignoring the double standards clause the judiciary uses to meat out their so-called justice! The democrat crime families go free, and their political enemies are harassed with made up charges and bought off judges!

    • Frank stetson

      Yeah, it’s great ain’t it Ron.

      Or maybe Trump is just fraking guilty of being a shithead.

  8. D

    Biden should have been charged for breaking the law and if they didn’t find him guilty because of mental incompetence so be it. He’s not above the law, at the time he acquired the documents he was aware any one else would go to prison or be put on trial and committed to an institution if not a jail.