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Exclusive Interview with Sam Sorbo: Why the Department of Education is a “Misnomer”

Exclusive Interview with Sam Sorbo: Why the Department of Education is a “Misnomer”

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Christian author/actress and homeschool advocate Sam Sorbo about her views on America’s education system. 

Her opinion is nothing new: Public schools are failing to prepare students for college and colleges are failing to prepare kids for a career.

The primary issue with the system is the role of the federal government, which is more concerned with money and power than with the future of our children.

A prime example is Common Core, an educational initiative introduced under President Obama. The federal government incentivized schools to adopt Common Core by offering grant money.

Like Socialism, Common Core aims to create a level playing field for all students. Like Socialism, Common Core strives for mediocrity but achieves only the bottom line by failing to motivate the individual.

As Sorbo points out, Common Core urges students to regurgitate, rather than digest, information.

“The entire system is broken because we’re going about it the wrong way,” argues Sorbo. America’s education system is based on a Prussian model for soldiers. And what is the most important quality in a soldier? Obedience. 

The obligation to obey is why parents are allowing Common Core and other faults to pollute the system. 

“The best educational model in history is the entrepreneurial model on which this nation was founded,” says Sorbo, and we can move towards this system by disbanding the Department of Education and returning power over education to the states. 

“We are the greatest leap in prosperity that the world has ever known, and the reason for that is the entrepreneurial spirit of this nation.”

Sorbo hopes to return American values to education through her nonprofit organization Make Education Great Again (MEGA), which aims to promote homeschooling and help parents run for school boards. 

“We can take back our education in the United States,” says Sorbo. ‘It’s not too late.’

To all the parents out there who believe homeschooling is too hard, Sorbo says: What does it say about the system when it produces adults who are incapable of teaching third grade math? And what does it say about parents who send their kids into that system?

You can learn more about Sorbo, her books, and her organization by checking out her official website

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  1. Billy shurtz PhD.

    The goal of education pre-determined by the government is teaching to PASS WRITTEN TESTS. However, passing written tests should not be the goal of education. Should study the German method of “teaching by doing” actual trades through on the job apprenticeships.

    Employers should also start hiring families or working-buddy groups to share the work of a work station or task. So that one or all, when needed, the group can share, fill in and see that the work gets done. The group should help each other get the job done. The small cooperative family or group can do the job better than trying to have one person do it totally alone.

    groups for a work position or work station,

  2. Billy shurtz

    Billy Shurtz PhD.

    turningpoint10@ymail. com

  3. Larry

    She is exactly right. Get the Federal Govt out of education. It is past time to abolish the Dept of Education.

  4. Gail

    I appreciate the mention by Sam Sorbo of the obedience factor. It is what government requires and what the schools teach. The schools are creating sheep who lack critical thinking skills and cannot think morally but instead churn out mass blind followers. This equals success for government but death to the individual liberties and profitability of the people of a Nation.

  5. DL Bigelow

    It should be called the ‘Department of Indoctrination” I home school my son, because I believe schools today are more interested in discipline than education, and discipline without education is animal training. I will not subject him to bullies, violence, or a teacher who is more interested in pushing the agenda of control, rather than fostering our children’s imagination!

  6. Robert W. Henry 111

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  7. Robert W. Henry 111

    Dearest Mr. Sorbo,

    Dear Kevin, thanks for taking this time to invest into your future and heavenly places. If you agree to work this will definitely not be time wasted. Because our Almighty Lord and Savior will reward you and give you eternal rewards where mold or thieves won’t break in and destroy but will reward you openly.

    May God richly Bless you,
    Robert W. Henry 111

  8. Poorgrandchildren

    We need a separation of school and state.