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Everything China Told us About the Coronavirus was Wrong

Everything China Told us About the Coronavirus was Wrong

For weeks, officials throughout the world assured us that the novel coronavirus was nothing to worry about; that China had things under control. For weeks, the World Health Organization told us not to use the word “pandemic.”

At the end of January, the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus a “global health emergency” and the Trump Administration implemented the first federally mandated quarantine measures in more than 50 years.

Last week, we found out that China tried to silence the doctors who initially reported the coronavirus and may have downplayed the severity of the disease. At least two of those doctors are now dead.

The first doctors to report the coronavirus compared it to SARS, a highly-infectious respiratory disease that killed 774 people and infected 8,000 after originating in China in the early 2000’s.

Last month, China said the new illness was nothing like SARS and questioned the virus’s ability to pass from one person to another. On February 8th, deaths from the coronavirus eclipsed those caused by the SARS epidemic.

To date, the coronavirus has caused over 1000 deaths in China and Hong Kong; 780 of those deaths occurred in the Chinese province of Hubei, where the virus originated. More than 37,000 people have been infected, with some experiencing no symptoms while spreading the disease to others. The coronavirus has a mortality rate of about 2% worldwide (4% if you live in Hubei). SARS has a mortality rate of 9%.

Speaking to BBC on Sunday, China’s ambassador to Britain described the virus as “the enemy of mankind.”

France recorded 5 new cases of the virus on Saturday, including a 9-year-old boy, bringing the nation’s total number to 11. 

This weekend, China agreed to allow an international team of experts into the country to investigate. In the meantime, millions of Chinese residents are under quarantine as officials implement wartime measures to halt the spread of the disease.

Schools and factories are closed, highways are blocked, and flights have been canceled. In Wuhan, officials closed public transportation without warning and have ordered all residents to report their body temperatures to health officials daily. Those who succumb to the virus are cremated immediately without funerals.

The epidemic is poised to have a major effect on financial markets, and some investors have already switched to safe havens like gold, bonds, and the Japanese yen.

As China prepares to allow employees in key industries back to work on Monday, residents are voicing their frustration on social media.

“What’s even more frustrating is that these are only the ‘official data,’” said one user.

“More than 20,000 doctors and nurses around the country have been sent to Hubei, but why are the numbers still rising?” asked another.

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  1. James tibbs

    The WHO. Directed to be replaced. This virus is becoming much worse than SARS. Was, and now the Chinese government is ordering immediate cremations for those who succumb to the virus. Worst of all it has been allowed to spread basically worldwide, and into the Inited States. So, who is asleep at the wheel? Past time for a border wall.

    • David Barron

      Pelosi will just go hide behind her Napa Valley Vinyard walls until its all over, taking a helicopter to and from the airport where she commutes on her own military Boeing 757 transport to Washington and back. Global foot print anyone. As SOTH she has yet to address this new threat to the USA.

    • Patty Smith

      Why in the world would Pelosi have a 757 transport to Washington and back to herself? She does not deserve this and who pays for it? Is it the American taxpayers who fund this plane for her. I say she has done nothing to deserve this and it needs to be taken away from her. She can pay for her own flights back and forth to Washington. She is a millionaire 49 to 50 times over and can afford to pay for herself. This women is a JEZABEL and has done so much to harm our country and contriving its downfall that she should be put out of congress right now. Not helping the people in their time of need with Covid-19 is a terrible disservice to the public and she needs to be austrasized and shamed for the way she treats the American people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. rufusvondufus

    What would you ever expect from the Chinese, the people who think it is their destiny to rule the world. They are as bad as the muslims.

  3. Harvey Schneider

    Unlike many other viruses a person who is infected with the coronavirus and recovers does not, from reports, always have immunity from a second attack.

    The smallpox vaccine, introduced by Edward Jenner in 1796, was the first successful vaccine to be developed. He observed that milkmaids who previously had caught cowpox did not catch smallpox and showed that inoculated vaccinia protected against inoculated variola virus.

    When I was a child I was vaccinated for smallpox and had a 1/2 inch scar on the upper part of my left arm. At 15 years of age I developed lesions on my right hand. My dad took me to the doctor who told us that I had Cowpox which I had gotten from milking our cows. My dad said he thought that when I was vaccinated for smallpox I was also immune from Cowpox. “He was but it doesn’t last a lifetime in everyone,” the Doctor responded.

    I’m 85 and four months ago a large Wart like lesion erupted on my Smallpox scar. I went to a dermatologist. A biopsy revealed that the Wart was Squamous cell cancer. The entire thing was surgically removed and the biopsy declared me cancer free.
    The doctor confirmed that I was cancer free and did not have to see an oncologist.

    Every bit of this story is true. It is not a fabrication. Please stay away from airplanes, buses, cruises, & other places where there are lots of people in close quarters. You will stand a better chance of avoiding the flu and the coronavirus! Vaccinations help, but precautions and prayer, I believe, are a real force to help your health in what may be a pandemic.

  4. Carol

    The Chinese lie about everything. They are not to be trusted.

  5. Terry

    They consider the truth a threat to their national interests since it was developed as a weapon.

  6. mark valdivia

    sounds very much like the democrats and the abortion industry who tell the ambulance not to turn on the sirens when they botch an abortion and the women’s life is in danger

  7. mark cnudde

    The communists are experts in lying, part of their training…..with a mountain of troubles and this new virus epidemic, the ccp (Chinese communist party) are backtracking themselves in a corner with all their lies and distortions… even the Chinese people are distrusting the government…….the positive of all this is that the ccp will eventually disintegrate and turn to dust……and good riddance!

  8. Cynthia Brown

    God Bless America Father in heaven be with us.
    President Trump finish that wall send our troops to the borders with arms to protect themselves and our country our children should be our number one priority period. If you can’t pass the test to get in your out.
    We have enough of our own bad people we sure don’t need others.
    China set this thing loose on their own people….. thin the heard. Their people are eating bugs spiders cats dogs for food, something wrong about that don’t you think? Why isn’t that rich government feeding their people the proper food? You have to wonder…. tried to starve them out and they are eating what they have to to live?
    The good Lord can’t come fast enough to save his people.
    Sad sickening terrible government only caring about the what top 1%