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Europe's Refugee Dilemma

Europe's Refugee Dilemma

As Syrian refugees continue to flood into Europe, European leaders are becoming more wary of the effects of hundreds of thousands of Muslims flooding into countries founded in the Christian tradition.

On one hand, Christianity dictates that people in need are to be helped no matter what the circumstances. And these refugees are truly desperately in need. And one cannot blame the refugees from targeting countries whose Christian charity will not tolerate bad treatment of human beings and who are rich enough to treat them well.

On the other hand, they come from an unstable and violent region of the world, they bring a legacy of war, sharia law (which is incompatible with freedom and democracy), a great need for resources and training, and a substantial cultural impact.  The effects on European culture could be overwhelming.

Germany will likely take in over one million refugees this year. Angela Merkel’s job as Chancellor may be in jeopardy as the handling of the influx of refugees becomes more and more difficult, with violence, refugee demands and the enormous cost.

According to a Washington Post report, in Hungary, refugees are trying to make it to other European countries where they believe they will be given better living facilities.

In response to refugee protests outside of a train station, the Hungarian government allowed them on a train ostensibly headed for Austria. But rather than continue across the border (illegal under international treaty, you get refugee status in the first country you enter), the train stopped short near a refugee camp. Police surrounded the train, refugees refused to disembark, this went on for hours.  Hungary has erected massive walls covered in barbed wire to prevent a further influx of refugees.

British Prime Minister David Cameron is facing charges of “heartlessness” in his home country after insisting Britain should not take any more refugees. But very vocal groups are advocating a massive increase in refugee acceptance.

Author’s note:  In every case, leaders have the intention of eventually repatriating these refugees, sending them back home one their home countries become stable. This is a pipe dream. The Middle East is not stable, and even if it was, Europe is a much nicer place. The refugees are there to stay, and they will have the cultural and political effects most dreaded.

Christian charity is not a suicide pact. And the surrounding Middle Eastern countries would be a much better place for these refugees for many reasons. With monetary support from Europe, this could be the best solution.


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