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Europe Backing Away from it Support to Ukraine. Will America Do the Same?

Europe Backing Away from it Support to Ukraine. Will America Do the Same?

Sources say that NATO allies will not be transferring fighter jets to Ukraine. Poland has changed its mind, it will not be providing fighter jets. Slovakia will not be providing fighter jets.

Nobody wants to support Ukraine in an actual battle because Russia has made threats. And this after only 6 days?

Of course our primary source was expecting this. “Many nations would have pledged various levels of support during the heat of the moment while emotions are raw and heated.”

The European Union was quick to announce plans to vote Ukraine into the Union. But that is starting to crack at the seams. It appears that “different opinions and sensitivities” among members are are interfering with the process.

Doubts over whether all EU nations support Ukraine joining the bloc

But the EU seems to want to provide some military assistance to Ukraine. At 500 million Euros, they have apparently maxed out their budget. Accordingly to officials two days ago it included fighter jets, but now we know they have reneged on that part. It is unclear when that assistance will arrive.

EU agrees to give €500M in arms, aid to Ukrainian military in ‘watershed’ move

Europe to send €500M worth of lethal, non-lethal supplies to Ukraine – European organization to supply fighter jets to Ukraine as it battles Russia, says senior EU official

America has provided over $1 Billion in security assistance to Ukraine in the past year and $5.4 Billion since 2014. The U.S. has authorized another $350 million in aide.

Funny how short of a time $5.4 Billion has lasted in the face of a real enemy (again, day 6?). It seems we have been more intent on keeping score than in actually preparing Ukraine to defend itself.

Our politicians have voiced their support but no real strategy has evolved to challenge Russia, or make it uncomfortable in the least.

In the meantime, How do you make the war with Ukraine all about you? This is how.

Yes, protest in great clothes so you can add more followers to your Instagram.

I’m disgusted by these people. Many are the same “woke” bullshit artists who are trying to teach racism to third graders.

This is a great video, it’s about virtue signals, and tone deafness, while people in Ukraine are losing their country.

And this is what the Ukrainian Army is facing.

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  1. Jim Edgar

    The US has a responsibility to guarantee the Ukraine’s sovereignty. See the 1994 Budapest agreement. If we back away from that, it shows the world what our word is worth.

    • frank stetson

      Good point, Jim. However, the document offers no legal mandate to repel force with force. What it does basically Is excuse the United States if it decides to use force. In other words, there’s no binding obligation to put boots on the ground. Or planes in the sky. Instead, if the US does decide to do that., the document basically forgives them.

  2. MC

    Can you please proofread your articles before hitting the GO button? Your errors are exhausting to read.

  3. Tommie

    WOW!!! What a bunch of wimps.

  4. Ac

    Joe, your CIA experience, what ever it was you did in that job, did not qualify you for the task you are attempting in this article,. Presuming skills for insightful analysis to do with Putin’s “military action” in Ukraine.
    It appears from your posted comment that your information source is FOX Entertainment. And, FOX’s secret source is Trump. We know how Trump comes up with stories for FOX and The Five over paid personalities.
    You have to up your game several notches to make it in your occupation of choice internet journalist. The serious journalist does homework on the topic chosen before writing a commentary. Otherwise, working only by the seat of your pants using your dubious instincts will not ever convince anyone.
    In short, it in the academics and an understanding of your material. Only then, are you sufficiently knowing with respect to those you throw the mental excrement from bodily processing some subject todo with politics of the day, It really stinks. You aught not foul PBP by your contributions’ lack of cogency.
    While, FOX personalities daily amuse and entertain with their outrageously stupid and ignorant take on current events. That their shtick comes off as believable to those who like the twisted logic, conspiracy filled opinions, and bad politics.they
    You are not a convincing enough poop pusher like FOX ‘s thespians.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      And yet, I continue to analyze, and I continue to be right most of the time. More in fact than the CNN “journalists” that you are a fan of.

      • frank stetson

        Yeah, right? Maybe in your mind. You’re more correct than CNN.

        Still waiting for you to prove the big lie. That you support wholeheartedly.

        • Joe Gilbertson

          Since you are such a huge fan and comment here every day, I’ll leave it to you to compile the statistics.

  5. BEn

    Ok; hundreds of court cases tossed for lack of evidence, a dozen recounts count for nothing, a gaggle of lawyers reprimanded, sent for ethics training, some can’t practice, hundreds of capitol domestic terrorists and racists jailed —- that’s my evidence against the big lie.

    What you got, a Chinese newspaper?
    More crickets?’