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Escalation of Forces Between India and China Over Himalayas

Escalation of Forces Between India and China Over Himalayas

Tensions between India and China continue to escalate over the long disputed border land of the Himalayas. In reporting from the CBN (Christian Broadcast News), both sides are increasing forces along the border in preparation to defend their claim over the territory. Threats have risen over the past year since a previous deadly dispute between the two rival countries. Both sides are now seeing some of the greatest numbers of troop deployment in the two nations’ recent histories. 

As of now, India has sent out around 50,000 troops on the ground, while China has an estimated 200,000 troops along the 2,000 mile border. Both sides are seen to be building new roads, bunkers, tunnels, runways and buildings while also bringing in various sorts of advanced military hardware for potential attacks and defenses. India has built up its own air force in the area, while China has deployed surface to air missiles and anti missile technology. 

The Foundation for Defense of Democracies Cleo Paskal stated, “What’s important is the sort of troops they (India) have… serious high altitude fighters embedded among them. This is a serious deployment designed to try to make the PLA (People’s Liberation Army) be very concerned about doing a land offensive again.”

Despite dozens of talks between the two nations looking to de-escalate tensions, nothing has seemed to work here and tensions continue to rise with the new actions from both nations. This is coming as a great concern to people around the world, as China seems to be an ever growing threat to ally countries everywhere. 

On top of the new threat China is posing to India over the Himalayas, recent reports have shown China has also threatened to nuke Japan, invade Taiwan, attack the United States of America, and move itself into Afghanistan. Not to forget to mention the atrocities happening within China to its own people, with religious persecution, slave labor, censorship and social crackdowns. Also not to forget to mention its theft of intellectual property and its invasive maneuvers into entertainment and social platforms as well as its technological infiltration into our power grids and economic infiltration into our farmlands and resource supplies. With all of this together, nations around the world must be prepared to stand beside our long time great ally India no matter what the future holds. Worries about the potential actions against peace and prosperity from China continue to increase around the world. 

Aparna Pande of the Hudson Institute notes that, “Both India and China are nuclear armed countries so if a confrontation does take place on that border, it would be problematic for the world and for the United States.” Continuing to say that, “This is not a one- off, that China is only threatening India, this is part of Chinese aggressive behavior against all its neighbors, against any country that it considers a rival.”

Cleo Paskal also said to CBN that, “The overt goal of the Chinese Communist Party is global hegemony and that begins in the Indo-Pacific… the biggest counter to their narrative is India and the goal is to basically fragment and render India inoperative because India is the best hope for other democracies in the region to try to withstand China’s aggressive expansion.”

Paskal continued, “What’s very important, from an American perspective, is to understand that there is an active political warfare campaign designed to make us distrust and dislike India so that India and the U.S. can’t come together to fight what is an existential threat to both of us, which is the Chinese Communist Party.”

As a nation, we here in the United States must keep our ties to India strong and remember how important of an ally the nation has been. As an individual, India is one of my favorite countries with a culture that has remained strong through centuries of division and disruption across the globe. Their people have remained true to their ideals longer than most of the rest of the world has been able to do as the world continually changes into the future. For this, I continue to carry a great respect for who they are and what they represent as a people and an independent nation. Of course, like all lands, more good could come, but no matter what the future holds we must stand beside them in whatever happens on the world stage. Especially when it comes to standing up against China and the Chinese Communist Party. This is an absolute necessity, for the United States, all of our allies, world wide faith and the future of freedom for all humankind.

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  1. jim

    This is a situation that I would consider the most dangerous threat to America and the world, because China has reached a position in the world arms race that could demolish the entire population and physical earth itself! It is terribly concerning, because China is so large, and have had an enormous amount of time to build up their military, and their Arms are no doubt stockpiled to a huge amount, and just how much nuclear arms they have accumulated must be absolutely HUGE!
    The world as we have known it is no longer and has become a lawless globe with less control and intelligence than ever before! What is being allowed to happen, by ignorant city and state officials, cutting and defunding the police departments, and cutting those catagories that could prevent and put a stop to the criminal activities is now nearly non-existent, and needs to be replaced immediately!! Given the ignorance of the city, county and state “OFFICIALS” and their refusal to put allow the police to do their jobs, it is a LOST CAUSE!!!