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Eric Trump: My Father’s Indictment Cost New York $200 Million

Eric Trump: My Father’s Indictment Cost New York $200 Million

The investigation and indictment of former President Donald Trump cost New York taxpayers upwards of $200 million, claims Trump’s second-eldest son, Eric. 

“Every single business deal you’ve ever done – they went through everything,” said Eric during an interview with Newsmax. “They couldn’t find a single thing. So they do an indictment for a $130,000 payment, and they spend $200 million of New York City resources to get there – shutting down the city.”

The Manhattan grand jury responsible for the indictment subpoenaed the Trump Organization for 11 million documents as part of the investigation. In January, the court fined the Trump Organization $1.6 million (the maximum possible fine) for 17 tax crimes including conspiracy and falsifying business records. 

Trump himself was indicted on March 30th on 34 felony charges related to a hush money payment made to a former porn star. He was placed under arrest on April 4th and pleaded not guilty to all charges before being arraigned. On the day of his arrest, as many as 38,000 NYPD officers were deployed to act as security for the Manhattan Criminal Court and other buildings in the area. 

“Every single intersection was closed,” said Eric, who joined his father in flying straight to Florida after the arraignment. “The FDR was closed. There was an army around Trump Tower. There was an army around the courthouse. There were barricades all over New York.”

The man responsible for the exhaustive investigation and excessive security detail is New York County District Attorney Alvin Bragg, a Democrat who ran for office in 2021 on promises to indict the former president. 

All the money and time he wasted on the Trump “witch hunt” would have been better spent on real issues like violence and homelessness, says Eric. “How many people in New York died because the entire NYPD wasn’t doing their job because they were dealing with Alvin Bragg’s political charade?”

Bragg’s prioritization of politics over people is an unfortunate but accurate representation of the state of the nation, continued the younger Trump. “Hundreds of thousands of people are leaving [New York City] but, yet, what is Alvin Bragg doing? He’s going after Donald Trump – a guy who’s winning the Republican nomination by 35 points right now…for a $130,000 payment, which was totally legal.”

As I wrote last week, the indictment seems to have boosted Trump’s popularity. His re-election campaign received more than $4 million in donations during the 24 hours immediately following the announcement of the indictment and the latest polls show Trump victorious in match-ups against President Joe Biden and potential GOP rival Ron DeSantis. While an indictment or conviction does not prevent him from running in the 2024 election, the ongoing legal struggle is sure to inconvenience his campaign. The next in-person hearing is scheduled for December 4th in New York. Trump also faces criminal investigations in Atlanta and Washington, DC.

“They want a tsunami of legal challenge to weigh over the president,” Eric complained to Fox News host Sean Hannity. “They think he’ll give up. My father will never give up!” 


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  1. frank stetson

    Well, if Eric said it, it must be true. I mean TRUMP’S are legendary for assigning fair value to things. Who can forget Don’s 5 billion person inauguration or how in March of 2020 he said covid would be gone in a few weeks. Just inject cleaning solution and it will be gone Alice, remember that one? Alice should be ashamed to print such baseless alegations without a second source. Or even a reliable first source. IOW, Alice, WTF does Eric Trump know about this beside s having the name of TRUMP. Wanna buy a bridge?

    Robert Mueller famously declared Donald Trump Jr. too stupid to collude.

    Ivanka Trump reportedly thought—and could not be convinced otherwise—that “libertarian” and “liberal” were the same thing.

    Eric Trump was said Letitia James’ investigating the Trump Organization is unconstitutional because she annnounced it. Not quite Eric.

    Eric says Dad fill stadiums with like 500,000 people (they don’t hold 500,000.)

    Eric Trump who diverted money from kids to cancer into his business. **

    No Alice, think I will pass on this one. He is just not new; he has no place or position to make these estimates and anyone who listens to him is foolish to do so.

    FYI: TRUMP may have been offered a video arraignment from Mar A Largo. It may have been his CHOICE to come to NYC. It was also his CHOICE to have an OJ-level parade. The Secret Service does not need 20 or more SUVs to protect the twice impeached, twice-impeached President who never won a popular vote. **


    • Tom

      Yes I agree with you Frank, and I think most Independents/Unaffiliated voters would agree with you that Eric Trump is a buffoon. And anyone who posts his garbage grandiose exaggerations is not much better, or at best very naive.

      There is one other aspect of this, and Eric likes to do it a lot – and it disgusts me. He loves making what I call “perverted moral equivalents”. Because of the costs, (which are grossly overstated most likely) we should not go after crooked criminal narcissists like his daddy. And if you do go after them, you are doing something worse than what daddy did. This is very perverted and shows how warped that whole damn family is – except for his sister who wrote the Truth about him in her book which Don and Eric both trashed.

      And then there is Ivanka whom advises in her book that if people think something good of you that is not true nor justifiable, but it works for you, just keep letting them think that and say nothing. She’s just as bad but hides it better than the others.

      A bit off topic but I hope you will post to Larry’s PBP post today. One thing for sure, we do not have to worry about Larry getting a case of low self esteem any time soon! :>)

  2. Tom

    Alice, another thing you have to realize before you get too sucked into the Trump big lie is that Eric Trump is not and never has said his dad is not guilty. He is saying his dad is too expensive. Big difference!

  3. frank stetson

    I like the part where TRUMP tells Tucker about the crying courthouse workers saying “I’m so sorry, so sorry,” as the MSNBC’er’s fact check it false in about 2 minutes with actual on-the-spot accounts.

    Think about it. First PBP tells us how he can’t get a fair trial because no one voted for him there. Then TRUMP has people who did vote for him, if they even exist, totally outnumbered, surrounded. and flanked by people who didn’t vote for him, and these TRUMPLICANT are all crying and saying “i’m so sorry, ” while the other non-trump voters watch and say nothing. Yeah, we Democrats just sit back and demur, sure. NBL. And Tucker, seasoned journalist who professes his deep hatred of everything TRUMP demurs, nods approvingly, and let’s the lies roll.

    I hear Alice is using Eric for her financial advisor because he has the same expertise there as he used in this story. HIs first recommendation: get a Daddy who is son to a rich Daddy and Alice can become a financially independent-dependent.

    The kids did not even come to the NY arraignment to be with Dad in his time of crisis. I think he was in the third SUV, the one with the mini-bar.

    • Tom

      Well one thing is for sure; If Alice takes Eric Trump as her sugar daddy, she will have “millions of peeps reading her posts”!

      • frank stetson

        Or is that millions of posters peeping her?

        • Tom

          Maybe both Frank! I was eluding to how the Trumps always overstate things! LOL :>)

          • frank stetson

            your illusion alludes me to elude your point?

            overstate is understated.

            on a roll here :>) (starbuck’s fault)

  4. Darren

    If your comments can not be made clear or you need more than one paragraph to explain or make a point,
    who are you trying to convince, yourself or the readers?

    • larry Horist

      Darren … Leave Frank and Tom alone. This their intellectual masturbation. Based on their writings, I suspect they are a couple of old guys without much of a life — and very little self-esteem. Their last gasp of relevancy is their online bromance. But at least they have found each other. Every time I see their writings, i cannot help but think of Statler and Waldorf — the two old cranky geezers on the Muppets Show — sitting on their perches constantly complaining and criticizing to a world that does not care.

      • tom

        Larry, I have agreed with you just as often as I have agreed with Frank. I view it as a threesome of great literary minds with allegiance to none. . But I have never been a Muppets fan, nor had the time to watch them in my busy life. And my life is quite rewarding and satisfying, and it includes reserving time to read your writings – something I would think you are happy for and respect…..but I digress. Now who is creating a doppleganger (masturbation, cranky, old geezers, no life, bomance) ??? Isn’t this exactly what you railed about last post, that it was being said about you? I still hope you have a good day! LOL

      • frank stetson

        Why you son of a Horist :>) only larry could get from intellectual masturbation to a bromance. Masturbation? Have you even noticed how much time you spend stroking yourself? I have avoided the petty reveal of your resume of minor works, because I would rather talk issues. Apparently, you have little to add to the issues once your editors have scrubbed your articles. Rarely can you support a cogent argument against any pushback on the issues.

        Again Larry makes up what we are thinking based on his own limitations playing at armchair psychoanalysis playing coy with boys, as is his way. He knows we are retired, like him. He guesses at our lives and levels of esteem because putting us down makes him feel good, like a big man. And then he alludes to us being gay ==== because he thinks that’s a slam, a negative, something to demean us with.

        Because that’s who Larry really is. Spews crap, has troubles supporting or defending. Rarely owns up to mistakes like his last article. And attacks on a personal level anyone who expresses an idea out of his paradigm of his false conservative world.

        Issues Larry, not personalities. Otherwise, we might need to review your bio and bio pic. When analyze that shit show for personality traits, pretty sure the issues will fade out of the picture. Not your picture. That sucker is like an ear worm, it never fades…..

        As said many times —– cant’ wait for you to actually discuss a topice

  5. frank stetson

    I can understand your inability to handle more than a tweet, Darren. I would add pictures if Joe would pony up and spend the caser for a decent website with some storage. Right now he has issues with search engines, multiple links, and most things website modern.

    Can you even stomach a novel? Even or Short Story? Or are you more a Marvel and DC sort of reading-guy? Would pictures and diagrams help? Maybe I can just adopt your English and skip the verbs……

    Yes, I write long. Part due to my heritage of working with scientists, statisticians, and green eye shade types, and having to be very specific in one document to all three disciplines. You’re right, for you all I need to cater to is stupid. Less is more.

    The other part of my written-overreach is my really fast fingers, they just take off. Certainly I could do better. However, hard for me to notice, given how fast I read.

    Keep tossing those retort-able softballs…….

  6. Frank stetson

    Guess NYC got a deal on cost for TRUMP’S deposition today. Only a few SUVs. No big show.

    Two down. like five more to go?

    Can’t wait for Bragg to “discovery” Jordan, that’s gonna be better than the McCarthy tapes. Maybe we finally really hear from that dozen FBI whistleblowers.

    And Trump rape case any day now. Think four victims may testify. Make Melania Great Again!

    Top Republican candidate for President may have four court cases simultaneously. Could eat into rally time. Plus, be sure to donate correctly so TRUMP can spend on legal fees. Remember, if you don’t pay, he can’t play to stay in the race!


  7. Darren

    Frank I am more of a a Science guy were facts do not need to be explained.

    • Frank stetson

      English please…something seems wrong with the spelling and wording.

      Not sure what you mean. The scientists I dealt with were mostly phd’s. I didn’t know any aa scientists like you.

    • Tom

      Darren, I have not known you long enough, like I do Larry and Frank, to know who you are. But I can tell you did not do well in English class. The word “where” and “were” are different. And I am much like Frank, I dealt much with masters and doctorates level scientists and upper level management where even facts are given a rigorous test to ensure they are really facts before someone lays down millions in capital. And if you really are a scientist (and not just a science guy) then you know the scientific method which requires facts be based on evidence that is proven. And much of what Frank and I have told you is proven, especially in the case of Trump – there is tons of evidence.

      One of the problems with PBP website is that it cannot take links, pictures, videos, etc. so the only choice for people whom like accuracy, completeness, and conciseness (all required by the scientific method you say you like) is to use words. And when you deal with us, you are dealing with highly intelligent very successful human beings (including our good friend Larry) whom all exercise mastery of the language and use it to help your understanding. We three have different views and some similar views. We are all avid readers and researchers of the highest caliber. All three of us share a deep concern for our country. So at any time that you wish, please join us in using more than twenty words.

  8. Tom

    Note to Larry: I am beginning to understand your bipolar a little more. And it does not matter which one shows in your writing, I will love you and respect your “kind sweet Larry” and your “Doppleganger mean vindictive Larry” personalities the same. I am a devoted fan of yours, and of our threesome, even though I may not always agree with you or Frank. I will always respect you and acknowledge the legitimacy of your point of view. I have rethought many issues thanks to you and Frank. And I am a better person for you both being in my blogosphere. Peace to you both!