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EPA Warns that Holiday Meals Contribute to Global Warming (??)

EPA Warns that Holiday Meals Contribute to Global Warming (??)

The EPA released a video this holiday season warning Americans how damaging the holidays can be to our environment. The video, part of the agency’s “Fight Food Waste” campaign, focuses on the amount of food wasted by American families, especially during big dinners like Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Add this to the list of overblown “sky is falling” causes of global warming, including cow farts, halloween pumpkins, sea turtles and hairspray.

The video claims that a typical American family of four throws away $1,600 in food waste each year. That food ends up in landfills, where it eventually rots and releases methane – a greenhouse gas that is 20x more potent than carbon dioxide. “More than 96% of the food we throw away ends up in landfills,” states the EPA website. “This holiday season, take steps to cut down your food waste.” The video urges Americans to buy only what they need and either donate or compost the leftovers.

Despite this and countless other warnings parroted by the mainstream media, the United States could care less about global warning. According to a new Pew poll of 40 industrialized nations, only Israel, Poland, and Australia scored lower than the United States. 

On a scale from 3-12, where 12 is “most concerned,” Americans scored an average of 8.78. Brazil was most concerned, with a score of 11.42. 

“Concern over climate change is especially high in Latin America, where a median of 74% think it is a very serious problem, followed by sub-Saharan Africa (median of 61%). Fewer than half in Asia (median of 45%) and the Middle East (median of 38%) express significant concerns about climate change. And Americans and Chinese, whose economies are responsible for the greatest annual CO2 emissions, are among the least concerned,” reads the survey analysis. 

No offense Mother Nature, but methane production wasn’t on my mind as I sat down to Christmas dinner with my family. 

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