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Elon Musk Fires Ultra Liberal Chief Censor at Twitter (the b*&%ch)

Elon Musk Fires Ultra Liberal Chief Censor at Twitter (the b*&%ch)

This is Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s now former head of legal policy, trust & safety, who was fired by Elon Musk in the past few days.

Listen to the Twitter video below. If this doesn’t make your blood curdle, then you don’t understand anything about democracy and freedom as defined by understood in the Constitution of the United States.

This is part of what she said to the employees of Twitter:

“We decided to escalate our enforcement of the Civic Integrity policy and use a label that disabled engagements to stop the spread of potentially inflammatory content, which is the content around, election interference, election fraud, stealing the election, that type of thing.”

So she has taken it upon herself to stifle free speech, determining what can be talked about and what cannot.

She has decided that only she knows the real truth and everything else is false.

She has decided that the people of America are not to be trusted to discuss an issue and we should not have the ability to sort through the available information and discover the truth.

And she has decided that the stealing of an election, the very essence of our democracy, is not worth the potential for violence. That the potential loss of the democracy and freedom that 100s of thousands of Americans have died for was no real reason to be upset.

At one time in my life, my rosy red butt was on the line for my country. I had enough close calls that I had to soul search a bit to see whether it was worth it. I decided yes, it was, and if I bought the farm it was a life well lived.

This petty, stupid woman has no idea the value of the country she is living in.

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  1. ME

    Well done Mr Musk! And I am sure there are more Communist on your payroll and in time you will clean house!

  2. LMS

    Time to send these disgusting foreigners packing for good! One, they don’t belong in this country because they can’t acclimate. Two, they come from third world countries trying to change this country into the same gutter trash they represent. Three, when they act like this they need to be put in a political prison and stripped of all assets they have acquired.

    Take a look at how much this “C” has aquired from the US and this business and what she is coming away with. Those dollars can be used for the less fortunate, homeless, etc. Give her a job at a homeless shelter without pay and then back to prison each night, she needs to learn a very hard lesson! At this point she needs to be treated as a criminal with potential capital punishment!

    • Tom

      Hmmm. I thought this country was all about being able to acquire assets and live your dream. Yes I had my rosy butt on the line several times as well. But you are advocating that the country we love and fought for treat this lady in the same manner as the countries you seem to hate and call “gutter trash”, and that we do this without any form of trial by law. Isn’t this exactly what we were fighting against??? Maybe it is you who has not acclimated? Or maybe you just lost your military issue compass??? It is perfectly fine for you to disagree with how this lady implemented the company policy in a very difficult time fueled by Trump lies. I support your right to disagree with her and to speak your disagreement! But you seem to have forgotten what you were fighting for: for her right to make her own decisions and do what she feels is best for her and the company. This is the independent / unaffiliated voter point of view!

      • Joe Gilbertson

        It was not “her” company. And with Twitter, a public forum, you have the expectation of free speech which is the community standard, and which she abridged. You can say this is a private company and they can do what they want. But they were built with that expectation and the liberals changed this AFTER it became a national phenomenon.

        • frank stetson

          It’s a private company with equity investors, but even more so now than ever as Musk take twitter totally private. This private company offers a public forum as a service with absolutely no legal requirement for free speech. None.

          Expectations only count when it’s your side. I have many expectations of how a President should behave and Trump has trampled many pillars in his narcist ploys of the thin-skinned. His behaviors have physically and financially penalized those he takes a disfavor to. Those expectations of being right apparently meant something else to Republicans in many cases.

          Musk will put restrictions on free speech, especially if you are attacking Musk. But Joe, you sanction people all the time; you ban them without notice for unknown infractions. You see people on PBP talking about their adventures in free speech on PBP which is more restrictive than what you want from Twitter. Even your own brother. And what about “Ben is back,” he just seemed to be sent to the PBG gulag in cyberspace, what’s up with that free speech? Haven’t seen him for days and there’s been some real low hanging fruitcakes on here.

        • Tom

          Joe, learn to freaken read jerk! I never said “her company” . I said “the company” and at the end said “her and the company”. This is the problem with you MAGA folks, you are friggen stupid, cannot read, etc. This is why I do not respond to many of your blogs. You are an idiot!

      • Nancy Murphy

        Trump’s fault again, huh. That’s getting pretty old, guys.

        • frank stetson

          Nancy, I think he’s really blaming “Trumpism” on this one, not Trump himself. That will never get old as long as Trumpism exists —- EXAMPLE: the number of 2020 election deniers on the ballots is extreme. IF, and probably when, then get in office, they would have supported Trump demands to overturn the 2020 election. While that will never happen, it’s an example of how Trumpism still affects us, and IMO, negatively today. I believe Tom is taking a similar approach in his opinion.

          • Tom

            Exactly Frank, well said. It is not Trump directly, but Trump by extension where others subscribe to his thoughts which have become a sort of religious creed to them which can be called Trumpism which is different that conservatism.

  3. frank stetson

    “Time to send these disgusting foreigners packing for good!’ which is just funnier given Musk is a South African, Canadian, import to America. Wasn’t even born on our Continent. He’s in line well before Obama in the “send dem furners back agin” movement.

    I guess White Supremacist South Africa does not cross your line for: ” trying to change this country into the same gutter trash they represent.” Cuz we’re all for stripping assets, your recommendation of course.

    Hmmm; I would ditto your second paragraph, but you advocate bloody violence which PBP may think is free speech, but I find it appalling and totally not right. It is not proper discourse. It is the bully discourse.

    But still funny how confused you seem to be on who Elon Musk is and what he really represents. Have fun with your new Twitter 40% price increase for the Blue Seal. It’s free speech, Elon-style. Free for him, $100 dollars a year for you. 40% inflation for free.

    • Tom

      Well said Frank!

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Frank, you shouldn’t talk about “bloody violence” since you are a pacifist bloody liberal and don’t understand that the world is a violent place.

      • frank stetson

        Are you suggesting a restriction to my free speech disavowing violence-speak that you just allowed on your forum?

        I am not a pacifist. I do not drink. I do understand the world is violent, I have felt the effects, I have been violent. BUT that does not mean I advocate capitol punishment over free speech really just because you don’t agree with the other party and are totally frustrated about it (or something else), does not mean I am a pacifist. It does mean you support violence.

  4. AC

    Freedom of speech goes both ways. It stands up for those who agree with what’s being said as it does for those with whom has disagreement with another’s comment. Advocating for restraining one from voicing their opinion when it does not align with another’s perfectly amounts to canceling.
    One’s right to speak is not to be infringed upon by those whose world view and opinion differ, even to the extreme.
    It’s the law across the land. If one does not accept the First Amendment, then the entire Constitution document looses meaning. Consider this, the First is foundational for all that follow. The First is plainly stated. Yet, its powerful intent and prescription continues to be misapplied. Which says, the people either, an actual read through in its entirety or a proper explaining with complete historical context. Probably both are called for.
    Person dignity for everyone was the founding fathers’ intent. As these men were well acquainted with heated debate between themselves and those diametrically opposed in numerous points of view. That differences of opinion were a fact then, as it is today, only strengthen the authors’ resolve for establishing freedom to speak.
    Today, their intent is our imperative. Privilege denied some continuing will have its end with privilege denied to the majority. Only those having monetary wealth assuring status will always maintain privilege in voicing opinion in the public sphere.
    Abuse of and illegal exercise of freedoms beyond prescribed limits carry negative consequences. as in cases where others are wrongfully impacted, physically harmed, come to be incapacitated, and/or die.
    When we say something denying others the same rights we freely enjoy. Those others are likewise within their free speech rights to object, voicing their opinions against us.
    What do you all not understand about Freedom, Liberty, and Justice for ALL? Does not ALL mean ALL.

    • frank stetson

      Ac, I agree. The problem is the difference between what is, and should be legal, and what is right. Lying is legal but it is not right. It is terrorism of the mind. Liars have freedom of speech, but should not be condoned and, most important, should not profit in part because they lie. We should not give in to terrorists just because we like the things that they give us. That’s the trap that many fall into with Trump, a savvy politician but a loser liar. A liar savant that even has been known to cover a lie with another lie. Like the energizer liar bunny, he just keeps going, and going. That’s how to agree to autocracy. When they lie and you are forced to buy it. Hate speech is a lie. Disinformation is a lie. Bigotry is a lie.

      We used to have a party that represented Family Values. I respected that and could never assail it. Today, it’s been corrupted into some sort of culture war with us and them as combatants.

      We used to shun overt liars who lie for personal gain. Now we elect them. We used to take offensive stuff off the airwaves. Now we protect it, mostly if it assaults “the other guy.” There is an entire industry that makes money from the lie. They have a lobby even. Heck, Democrats even poured gas on this fire by supporting MAGA extremists, and liars, hoping they would spoil the voting well and not win. That’s Democrats spending donor dollars in support of lies and liars. Good move folks. What assholes just making everything worse.

      Free speech has always had restrictions, constitutionally reviewed by many a Supreme Court decision. The public airwaves have always had oversight and censor. We may not agree, but these restrictions have always been present. They have morality clauses that we may not agree with, but those restrictions have always been present.

      Now we want our cake and eat shit to the other side… Some want Twitter to remain private but public and without any oversight, morality, it’s just legal and that’s good enough.

      Not for me. I say let the internet grow up. IMO, the world is not a worse place by keeping Trump and his lies of this public information highway. All that happened is that we fired a lot of fact checkers :>) Let these platforms, like Twitter, be part of the public airwaves under similar constraints and restrictions as our other public airwave superhighways. I am tired of legal as precedent and family values, morality, and being right taking a back seat. Or not even in the car to begin with. I think it is time for the internet to grow up, be responsible, and follow similar rules and regulations, constraints and restraints, as our other public airwaves.

  5. Carolinadog

    This is a great example of the reasoning behind the founders insistence that “none other than a natural born citizen” be allowed to ascend to the presidency of the United States. It’s the reason for requiring new citizens to swear allegiance to their new country. No loyalty to the country, or divided loyalty allowed. Probably, most of the Twitter employees are foreigners here on work visas and living a life unachievable in their own country . Others are the indoctrinated spawn of the leftist universities.

    • frank stetson

      One is free to have opinions, but CarolinaDog has an example of crossing the line when she says: “Probably, most of the Twitter employees are foreigners here on work visas and living a life unachievable in their own country . Others are the indoctrinated spawn of the leftist universities” Here she has pulled her “opinion” out of her ass, and even has to put her on caveat on it to hope to get a pass.

      No, CD, “probably…..foreigners” is probably not true and, as other have noted, many Republicans are spawns of our colleges and they are by no means leftist individuals. You can feel colleges are leftist, but you have gone beyond opinion by spewing your “facts’ which are obviously false at first glance.