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Elon Musk Allows Taliban on Twitter but Not Alex Jones

Elon Musk Allows Taliban on Twitter but Not Alex Jones

Elon Musk says Alex Jones is not allowed to use Twitter. Yet, the Islamic terror group Taliban and other violent extremists of the left are free to use the platform.

The question raised by these observations is: what are Twitter’s standards – if any – for users to follow in order to be allowed on the platform?

Last week, Elon Musk – who now owns Twitter – reinstated the accounts of many conservatives that were banned from the platform by the previous leftist management of the company.

But when Elon Musk was asked to allow Alex Jones back on Twitter, he bluntly refused.

Advocates of free speech wondered why Jones wouldn’t be allowed back on Twitter and asked Musk. His response was:

“I have no mercy for anyone who would use the deaths of children for gain, politics, or fame.”

Musk was referring to the controversy surrounding Alex Jones’s reporting that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax by the leftist government to ban guns – a position he has since given up and apologized for the possible hurt it caused.

But Musk’s justification fails reason and ethics since Twitter is freely used by leftist politicians and media who have extensively used the same Sandy Hook incident to further their political attacks on the gun rights of peaceful Americans.

Regarding the death of children, the US military establishment under both Obama and Biden have bombed and killed children in Iraq and Afghanistan and even lied about it.

From the Granai massacre of 2009 to the missile attack of August 2021, numerous incidents of children killed by US missiles and bombs tell a terrifying tale of war casualties in Afghanistan alone. But Twitter does not ban those entities – officials or institutions.

At the same time, Taliban spokespersons have been allowed to use Twitter for making announcements and warnings. The Islamic terror outfit that took control over Afghanistan from the Biden administration’s botched withdrawal in the summer of last year has multiple active accounts on Twitter, notably its spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid.

Some accounts of the violent leftist web ANTIFA also remain active on Twitter as do accounts of the riotous BLM.

Engaging in or inciting violence doesn’t seem to be the standard for getting banned from Twitter. If it was, not only would the above-mentioned entities be banned but leftist politicians who endorsed and even called for violence – like Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris, and others – wouldn’t be allowed on the platform.

So is it spreading fake news then? Hardly so. If Alex Jones was accused of spreading fake news and conspiracy theories and got banned for it, one would expect the same treatment from all major leftist media and politicians for propagating the false Trump-Russia collusion story for years.

The safety and effectiveness of vaccines, Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal dismissed as Russian disinformation, false stories about Nicholas Sandmann and Kyle Rittenhouse, and many others will disqualify most media sources from using Twitter.

So what exactly are Twitter’s current criteria for barring someone from the site without any selectivity or discrimination? Apparently, there’s none. Perhaps Elon Musk can clarify. 

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  1. Micala

    This is a new field for Musk! Give him some time to get it together and make important decisions about who can be on Twitter and who cannot.

    However, it seems these days that “Morality” and “Life” are not much valued by anyone including our American government! When will the killing of children stop? Who makes those evil decisions to kill in the first place and “Why” needs to be addressed before any decisions about Twitter accounts, etc. It appears no one is innocent these days — especially our Federal Government!

    A word to the wise: Unless you are “Sinless”, don’t throw rocks at other’s glass houses! Elon will sort this out for Twitter! If you can do a better, job, contact him!

  2. Jimmy F

    Once Elon’s Twitter gets it’s policies in place, you will see a WHOLE LOT of false narratives banned or marked clearly as FAKE NEWS. We need to let the liars and the criminals get on Twitter so we can beat the hell out of them in public. They’ll have to think twice about posting any bullshit lies and narratives knowing that the TwitterVerse will troll the holy crap out of them. Fear not! It’ll happen soon enough, and I’m pretty sure by early 2023. In the meantime give the liars all the rope they need to hang themselves. It’ll be glorious to watch them thumped for their lies and deceit. They had their day. Now it’s OUR, WE THE PEOPLE, that will start to control the narrative and get the nation back into a healthy debate on the issues instead the woke gaslighting leftists that have tried to crippled us since Obama took office.

  3. Bibfy

    And soft puppies for everyone…..

    If twitter even survives.