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Elizabeth Warren’s ‘Plans’? A Study in Incompetence

Elizabeth Warren’s ‘Plans’? A Study in Incompetence

What is Elizabeth Warren good at? Has anyone figured that out yet?

There are a few areas where I believe she is excellent.

Rhetoric and Criticizing others. Warren is an attorney, a high school debate champion and a politician, her ability to find other people’s faults and make them public is spectacular. She can do it with clever, effective rhetoric and her presentation exudes credibility (whether warrantedor not).  This has served her well.

Bankruptcy.  Warren has made the study of bankruptcy her life’s work, she has written many books on the subject and she has collected facts on all of the ways that people fail in their financial lives. This is kind of like studying death, or studying drug addicts, almost a morbid pursuit of bad karma. Can you imagine surrounding yourself with such people and such ideas?

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that Warren has the ability to analyze these facts and provide reasonable coherent thoughts and solutions. She once concluded that the major influence of bankruptcy is that middle class families wanted to move into better school districts. While a correlation may exist (indeed obviously) that families reaching beyond their means to get to a better schools are more likely to be bankrupt, it is an obvious logical fallacy to believe that most bankruptcies are by families looking for better schools. (Just because ‘All A are B’ does not mean ‘All B are A’ – Go ahead, draw the Venn diagram, I know you are dying to…).  Such incomplete thinking is brilliant when you are politician, but deadly when you are actually trying to solve problems.

But, per the title of this piece, let us talk about her incompetence.

Plans. Looking through her Wiki page and articles about her life (not exhaustively, I’m not a stalker, after all…), you will find that she has NEVER implemented a large scale plan of any kind. What this means to those of us who are in business, or the public sector who HAVE implemented plans and know what it takes, she has zero experience and her likelihood of completing any of her famous nationwide “plans” is slim to none.

If you have ever tried to shop a business plan or get a plan approved in the organization that you work with, you will find that your credibility and experience in implementing that plan is a key factor in the decision to move forward.

In fact, a venture capitalist evaluating a business startup plan, will spend 30 seconds reading the summary of the idea and then flip immediately to the management team section. They look for one criterium, which turns out to be the best predictor of success – Has anyone on the team ever been successful at this level before? Venture capitalists see thousands of ideas in an average year, many of them spectacular. But they don’t invest in ideas. They invest in people. Elizabeth Warren has never been successful at this level, she would not make the cut.

Economics. Anyone who has read my writings knows that I consider socialists to be the worst kind of incompetents. Warren’s “plans” include very large, very socialist ideas, e.g., medicare for all, heavily subsidized education, etc. Warren has no concept of the economic damage she would be causing by ripping apart the markets, no concept of the human reactions and damage to motivations, no idea of the unintended consequences (which are obvious to us who know economics).  But of course she doesn’t. Because SHE HAS NEVER IMPLEMENTED A PLAN!

Conclusion. So Warren knows bankruptcy and rhetoric but she in not capable of implementing a plan and she doesn’t understand economics. What would America look like under the imprint of a President Warren?

Just like Barrack Obama used his expertise as a community organizer to turn America into an “us against them” society, if elected, Elizabeth Warren will use her own expertise to shape America.

In simple terms she will use rhetoric and the ability to criticize to tear up the institutions that work, but that she doesn’t understand (i.e. business, free enterprise, etc.). She will promote ideas that mirror the bankruptcy structures she has studied her whole life, i.e., American will transform into a bankruptcy model (and who knows what macabre form that will take, but it will put us in a bankruptcy mindset, and that cannot be good!).

Her grand socialist plans will ALL fail, and America’s economy will grind into a recession.

And she won’t know why.

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  1. Cecil

    All this lady does is whine – just like the two year old wanting a toy at the store

    • Formar Marine

      Don’t You mean , like a 6 month old that soiled their diaper and started crying and doesn’t understand what happened. The analogy I’m waking is if a person keeps doing something that is proven to not work again and again with the same results should not be in office . Ooop, she should be in an office ,A MENTAL HEALTH DOCTORS IS THE ONLY OFFICE she SHOULD BE IN OR A HOSPITAL FOR SURE.

    • db

      Like a true clueless & socialist Democrat.

  2. K. R. V.

    Ok the first and only thing fauxcahontis is good at, is using other folks money and resources to gamble and take risk with, all the while having never doing anything successful at all by herself! Not without cheating along the way any way she can. That’s her way!

  3. Kimberly Anne Brandt

    Her voice is fingernails on a chalkboard!

  4. Jeffrey Grant

    “And she won’t know why” sums up her sophomoric mentality. Well stated in very few words.

  5. mspidge

    fuxcahontis is the EPITOMY OF SLIME.

  6. Mark Hay

    Outstanding piece! The competence issue, and criteria for assessing likelihood of success, could be poignantly backed up by Obamacare’s failures, when the only thing Obama had ever been able to shepherd with any success previously was “community organizing.” That might have shown him capable of leading a Rotary Club, but not of putting together health care reform or leading a country.

    • db

      Obama was so good at fraud he lead ACORN and both He and Michele had to give up their law Licenses due to pending fraud charges against both of them, but of course that was all put under executive seal once he became POTUS, first thing he did was exercise that privilege.

  7. Ron P


  8. Wade

    The left will do and say anything to win no matter how honest or should I say no matter how dishonest or how large the lie is it does not matter. The ends justify the means no matter how big the Y is or how deceitful they are. Their parents and grandparents must be so proud of them

  9. Bob

    Bankruptcy due to wanting to put your kids into a better school isn’t even in the top 5 reasons. And it is certainly preventable by the individual.
    The 3rd most coming cause of bankruptcy is poor spending habits. Maybe she could propose a nationwide program to curb poor spending habits. That would be hilarious, a socialist teaching us how to spend wisely!

  10. Robert Gagliardi

    E.Warren has the Clinton Cartel backing her !!!!! If she were to win the Election it would be Hilary Clinton pulling her strings,like the man behind the curtain !!!!! Beware E.Warren !!!!! You may Not really know whom you are Dealing with until it’s too late !!!!!

    • db

      We all know if you cross, have evidence against, are about to testify, or appear to be a threat to the Clinton;s you mysteriously have an accidental death and your private quarters are somehow pilfered of any incriminating material. E Warren is playing with fire if she accepts anything from the Clinton’s.

  11. Derek Blurb

    Socialism works well. Just look at the socialist paradises of bankrupt Soviet Union, broke Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela… She orta move there and show them The Way… To bankruptcy.