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Elite Private School in NYC is a “Hotbed” of Antisemitism

Elite Private School in NYC is a “Hotbed” of Antisemitism

One of the top private schools in the country has “devolved” into a “hotbed of Jew-hate,” parents charge.

A Jewish student who graduated from the Ethical Fieldston School in the Bronx was tormented by classmates calling him an “ethnic cleaner” and a “colonizer” and even witnessed a teacher give rabbis the middle finger at an assembly, according to his mom.

“Fieldston is a hotbed of Jew-hate and these terror-supporting students are the epitome of the ‘trigger warning’ generation,” Dr. Logan Levkoff said in an Instagram post.

In the wake of often violent anti-Israel takeovers and demonstrations at collagen campuses all over the country, the revelations about Fieldston are particularly disturbing.

Levkoff’s post came in response to a student letter that defended a classmate accused of vandalizing the school with anti-Israel graffiti and bashed Jewish parents. It claimed the parents were “intimidating” them and “suppressing” ideas not in line with “Zionist ideology.”

The students were replying to Jewish parents and alums who demanded in their own letter that the $63,000-a-year school protect their kids in light of antisemitic incidents following Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack on Israel.

“The Fieldston school’s terror-supporting students have responded to the Jewish community’s letter with a five-page missive,” Levkoff, a relationship expert and self-proclaimed “sex-talking Jewish hockey mom,” shared with her 15,000 followers. “So now it’s my turn.”

“They’ve been terrorizing Jewish students for years, forcing them into silence for fear that if they speak up, they’ll be called racist,” Levkoff wrote.

The controversy is the latest in a string of racial and religious incidents that have plagued the exclusive Academy in the past decade. One former Fieldston parent blamed the recent battles on a “complete failure on the part of the school to teach a fair and balanced curriculum.” The school has “made the ties that bound the community together untenable,” she added.

The insider pointed to the school’s DEI programs like so-called “affinity groups,” which divide kids by race and identity. The initiatives are headed by a five-person Department of Belonging and Social Impact team.

“They don’t bring people together; they tear them apart,” the source said, adding that it is a small group “rabble-rousing” and espousing anti-Israel and antisemitic sentiments.

“Fieldston was founded by a Jew and was supposed to be this safe haven for the Jewish community,” one private school parent lamented. “For it to devolve into what it has is totally antithetical to what the school is supposed to represent.”

A school spokesperson said Fieldston does not tolerate antisemitism and stands “against all forms of hate.”

“We remain steadfast in our commitment to ensuring all members of our community experience dignity and belonging at our school,” they said. 

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  1. jefz

    I recall when Fieldston was a top rated private school. Tragically it has been overtaken by primitive ignoramuses who are not only destroying our schools, but our nation as well.

  2. Andrew Gutterman

    Fascinating! My father, who was 100% Jewish, attended Fieldston before the war. He sure did not get anything like what is described above.

  3. frank stetson

    Bill does a nice job on copying this NYPost story from a week ago. The NYPost was the paper that did the “catch and kill” program for Trump as well as placing stories beneficial to his election. Fair and balanced. Bill should credit them. This is as close to plagiarism as you can get.

    It is ironic though to see Bill, arch conservative, up in arms over a NYC snowflake school for elitist communists :>). My how times and tomes have changed as Bill takes a firm stand to support Democratic snowflakes in the most liberal city in the world — NYC, Bill’s new protectorate. It’s snowflake a snowflake, mano a mommy, as opposing forces of the new liberal right do battle for freedom of an elitist school Bill is bound to protect. Oh wait, he’s conveniently tied it into recent college protests —- as if it has anything to do with that; there’s his angle of retribution. Great, back on track. You can tell Bill stepped outside the NYPost where they have actual editors and proofers when he adds “collagen campuses.” Sounds like a skin disease sanctuary. And, Bill, as every schoolchild, in America, knows —- you should spell out DEI for the first instance. Writing – 101 sir.

    Bill fully admits that Fieldstone has had an issue with hate for over a decade with instances reported in 2017, 2022, and others, well before the “collagen campuses” issues. But fuck, let’s link it anyhows. Wonder where the Trump kids went to school….. I heard it was private….. They’re from NYC….. They like the best……

    Then the best: he quotes, via Instagram, where all real news comes from, a reality show sexologist who was a former Feildston Mom and avowed antisemite hater. Good things she’s of the Jewish faith. Guess Sheridan has a penchant for reality show hosts in general as his leaders and fact finders. What is a sexologist and what’s the residency like for that doctorate? Thesis or feces, you be the judge :>) Hey, she’s NYU — didn’t they have those protests Bill spoke of? Wonder what she said about HER own school….. As a professional sexologist, was she protesting that by holding up Johnson? She’s a johnson supporter, right?

    OK — let’s be clear and serious. Attacking Israel for it’s actions is not antisemitism no matter what the sexologist says. When Israel blows up a school because HAMAS slept there, it’s not being racist to say that is wrong. To call Israelis colonists is absolutely correct. There are 12 colonies now and they call where they live — settlements or colonies. And guess who lives in a colony? Ethnic cleansers I understand, but it’s a lie. Ethnic cleansing, no. Genocide, no. Apartheid — yes. Cruel and unusual punishments — yes. War crimes — probably. Am I being antisemitic — absolutely not.

    The same goes for the school. So, before you go off the rails, when the graffiti reads “Free Palestine,” that’s not antisemitic. Get it? The story is about graffiti that reads “Free Palestine.” The rest is hyperbolic trash memories of a Mom who desperately wants some air time to re-establish her as a relevant reality show sexologist. Color commentary on the school’s history of perceived hate attacks. Bill’s kind of source, Bill’s kind of leader. Some past history and other Mom’s accounts of present. Before you fall prey to the “he said, she said” from a sexologist ex-soccer Mom, other Mom’s and some history, let’s get the actual facts on the table. And then, if there’s an issue, take em to court. The sexologist has a doctorate, she could have taken them to task when her kids was there. She can still take them to court today. It’s the civil thing to do.

  4. Archie

    You know nothing about the situation Frank. So why are you joining the conversation? Go hide somewhere and jerk off while fantasizing about Trump’s alleged sexual assault.

    • Frank stetson

      Archie Bunker, let’s keep it all in the family. ,

      Biden is alleged. No awkward sex proven.

      Trump is adjudicated. Proven. He is not suing for perjury either. Twice he has been adjudicated guilty. Once for sexual abuse of a digital rape variant and the other for sex with spanking from a porn star and another time with a playboy model. Who the fuck gets off fingering a stranger except you who keeps asking for descriptions.

      There’s a difference. Trump’s is factually true, Biden’s is your wet dream fantasy.

      You do know that Trump, your Sith Lord, has a communist party member living in his cabana? Why not, used to have Russian mafia living in Trump Tower, or soon to be named the Bragg Building

      Where’s Melania? Where’s Ivanka?. Where’s Jerod? Where have all the Trump women gone?

      Did I say something wrong about the ny case or you just funnin again? What’s got you down, brother. Why so defensive?