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Election Fraud Rampant in PA, TX, and MN

Election Fraud Rampant in PA, TX, and MN

Yesterday, a Biden/Harris canvasser knocked on my door and handed me a flyer supporting the Democratic candidate and the Fair Wage Amendment. When I told him I had plans to vote in person on Election Day, he asked why I hadn’t considered a mail-in ballot. I told him I was concerned about election fraud, and he told me that was just a scare tactic invented by Republicans. I kindly asked him to get off my property.


The state of Pennsylvania has already rejected nearly 400,000 requests for mail-in ballots. Up to 90% of them were found to be duplicates – which officials claim were submitted unintentionally by voters who forgot they had already requested ballots for the presidential election when they submitted votes for the primary.

In some counties, up to 25% of applications were found to be duplicates.

“Workers must handle every application individually,” says Bill Turner, Acting Elections Director for Chester County. “We basically have to treat them all the same…we’re taking a tremendous amount of staff time and effort, only to find out it’s a duplicate.”

Activist groups are exacerbating the problem by distributing mail-in ballot applications en masse. This causes confusion among voters and increases the likelihood of duplicates.

Duplicate ballots and other issues make it impossible for the state to maintain accurate information online, which leads to skewed polls. And we know from the 2016 election that some people will decide not to vote if the polls show a clear winner. 

Keep in mind Pennsylvania is a key swing state that carries 20 electoral votes. Obama won the state by just 309,840 votes in 2012 and Trump won the state by less than 45,000 votes in 2016.

Biden currently leads Pennsylvania by 3.7 points.


Election fraud is more insidious in the state of Texas, where Biden operative Dallas Jones has been accused of participating in a ballot-harvesting scheme in the state’s most populous county (read more here).

Zul Mohamed, a mayoral candidate running in Carrolton, was arrested this month when investigators found a box of requested ballots inside him home. Some had already been opened.

The ballots were picked up from an illegally-obtained PO box belonging to a nursing home. The individuals named on the ballots had no knowledge of the PO box. 

Mohamed was charged with 25 counts of knowingly possessing a ballot with intent to defraud and 84 counts of providing false information on a voting application. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison.


In September, Project Veritas identified a ballot-harvesting scheme taking place in Minneapolis – the district represented by Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

Video footage posted to Snapchat shows Liban Mohamed bragging about the hundreds of absentee ballots he had in his car. All were listed as belonging to Jamal Osman, his brother and a member of the Minneapolis City Council.

The scheme was exposed by Omar Jamal, a community leader and the head of the city’s Somali Watchdog Group. Jamal described Liban as one of Rep. Omar’s many operatives. “[Omar] will do anything that she can do to get elected,” said Jamal. “And she has hundreds of people on the streets doing that.”

Rep. Omar’s campaign has also been accused of swiping ballots from residents of nursing homes and paying locals to vote Democratic.

This is exactly what Trump said would happen and we can expect more of it leading up to Election Day.

Last week, the Heritage Election Fraud Database said it had identified up to 1,300 proven instances of fraud, including people submitting ballots for deceased individuals, people breaking into mailboxes to steal ballots, and people voting in multiple states. The database also reported multiple instances where postal workers were caught dumping ballots into the trash.

Author’s Note: At this point, we can assume that the results of the 2020 election – if we ever get them – will not be an accurate reflection of the American people’s opinion. 


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  1. Billy Corbett

    What can we about this fraud?

    • gary adler

      Voter ID with picture. Bring it with you to the polling place and if you have to vote by mail send it with the ballot. The state can return it to you after the election. Does a bank wait until it has been robbed to put security measures in place?



  3. David Barron

    All votes should have a persons SSN on them and once submitted their ability to submit another vote should be nullified. In the event of a persons death, SS will already know they died and the ballot should not be accepted. No alien should have a vote because they do not have a SSN. Let the SSN be the controlling factor from now on.

  4. DB

    Should be “No alien should not have a vote because they do not have a SSN/”

  5. Connie

    Should be “No alien shall have a vote whether or not they have illegally purchased a SSN.” Thus the issue of voter ID. With technology so advanced that I cannot begin to imagine what all it can do, it still cannot provide the ability to manage and protect our voting processes. There is something terribly wrong with this. I believe this will end up in a contested election. And why not? With 1500 IDENTIFIED fraudulent instances, BOTH sides can fight the results.

  6. Jersey Prophet

    It is Pennsylvania whose Supreme Court ruled ballots must be counted even if postmarked 6 days late, not postmarked, or if the signature on the ballot does not match the recorded signature for that voter, a chain of command will make the final determination.


    This is the clearest example of fraud – under control solely of Democrat political operatives – designed to leave open the car trunk full of manufactured ballots to be added to the vote total to ensure Biden wins at all cost.

  7. Donna

    My only fear of a Trump losing…..fraud!

  8. Ben Weber

    This is where President Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission would have come in handy. I mean he disbanded the Commission before they even had a chance to proved Trump’s assertions of voter fraud
    Trump held all the cards to blow this wide open, yet he folded without ever seeing the pot. Why?
    Obviously whoever was in change of this Commission was very afraid of what they were finding, or else they would have been allowed to finish their investigation.

    • gary adler

      He folded because states controlled by the democrats would not cooperate and provide the data the commission needed. Since they always cheat they didn’t want the commission.

  9. Michelle

    The only way to fix it is throw out the mail in ballots have people go to the polls vote like we’ve done forever and keep mail in for those that can’t sincerely get to the polls and out military esp in TX, PA, & MN 3 of the very corrupt states that has been proven to be harvesting votes.

  10. Jimmy

    I think a mail in ballot should have to be co-signed by a relative, local police office, or other officer of the court, and the co-signers official name and address. This would make it pretty hard to commit fraud by harvesting or duplication.

  1. I do not spend much time checking the political or social agenda for things I consume. If it smacks me…

  2. As an Independent / Unaffiliated voter, to me this whole Chick-Fil-A hiring a diversity manager was a nothing burger to…