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ISIS beheads Christians: Egyptian Christians March to Slaughter

ISIS beheads Christians:  Egyptian Christians March to Slaughter
In a video posted online the Islamic State was shown beheading 21 Christians abducted in Libya. The video entitled “A Message Signed with Blood to the Nation of the Cross” is intended to act as pro-ISIS propaganda to urge Muslims from all over the world to join the terrorist state and kill “crusaders.” The five minute video comes at the heels of footage showing a Jordanian pilot burning being burnt alive by the Islamic State.

The Coptic Christian fishermen were kidnapped in the city of SIrte, Libya. According to a statement released by the Islamic State, the beheadings were in response to the alleged kidnapping of Muslim women by the Egyptian Coptic Church. The Coptic Church of Egypt, as well as the Libyan parliament, confirmed the deaths of the beheaded.

On February 16 the Egyptian military conducted airstrikes on ISIL facilities in Libya. Targeting training locations and weapons stockpiles, the military succeeded in killing 40-50 militants and destroying equipment. The Libyan air force additionally conducted airstrikes in Derna, which had been occupied by Islamic State affiliates since 2014. Both Countries have stated intention to continue an aggressive stance against terrorism.

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