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Drunk Russian Sings on Way to Hospital After Falling 19 Floors

Drunk Russian Sings on Way to Hospital After Falling 19 Floors

Imagine falling from the 19th floor, crashing into an SUV, and not only walking on your on your two legs after the fall but actually singing on your way to the hospital.

Sounds like an urban myth? It actually happened in Russia last week.

A 41-year-old man, identified only by his first name as Arthur, was caught on video falling from the 19th floor and crashing into an SUV parked by the building in the city of Voronezh on the evening of April 4.

USA Today posted the video of the terrifying fall with the headline, “Lucky man in Russia survives a fall from the 19th floor with only minor injuries.”

View the video here.

Arthur was later found to be heavily drunk when he fell off the balcony of the building. Russia Today tweeted the video of some rescue personnel helping Arthur get off the SVU and walk to the ambulance, attributing his “miraculous” survival to the “power of vodka”: 

“Thanks to the power of vodka, a Russian man has fallen out of the 19th floor of a building. Also, thanks to the power of vodka, he’s fine.”

British newspaper Daily Mirror shared more details of the story on April 6, confirming that Arthur was drunk and wandered off to the balcony, where he lost his balance and fell down 19 floors onto the SUV. It wrote that Arthur got drunk because of a heartbreak.

He reportedly told medics he had been trying to drown his sorrows after being dumped by his girlfriend.

To the amazement of those who witnessed him being walked to the ambulance and driven to a medical facility for emergency treatment, Arthur kept singing on his way to the hospital. 

The story added that the impact of his body against the SUV on which he landed was so strong that it set off the alarms of the cars parked nearby. However, as the video shows, he was able to stand up and get down the SUV with minimal help from others.

The medics at the emergency ward, where he was rushed, reportedly diagnosed him with a concussion and “a compressed fracture of the spine.” Therefore, he was kept under observation at the hospital.

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  1. Tom

    How is this relevant to anything meaningful? Must be a slow day in Ernest World

  2. CapnJack

    What was the song ?

  3. frank stetson

    Very good Captn; think I might go with The Doors considering Morrison may have invented the drunk drop……. but can’t pick the song.

    Rumor has it, people at each floor, as he passed by, would hear: “So far, so good.”