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Doorstep Dread: The IRS Stops Surprise Visits to Homes and Businesses

Doorstep Dread: The IRS Stops Surprise Visits to Homes and Businesses

If you’ve ever been worried about the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) unexpectedly knocking on your door, you can now breathe a sigh of relief. The IRS has announced that it will no longer send agents for unannounced home visits to collect unpaid taxes and unfiled tax returns. This change is to protect IRS employees and taxpayers, the agency said in its recent statement.

IRS Commissioner, Danny Werfel, announced, “We are taking a fresh look at how the IRS operates to better serve taxpayers and the nation, and making this change is a common-sense step.” He mentioned that the old way of doing things could be stressful, not only for taxpayers but also for the employees visiting the homes.

These visits are set to be replaced with letters in the mail that will schedule meetings, creating a less stressful environment for both the taxpayers and the employees. This will mean a significant drop in home visits from the tens of thousands that happen each year to just a few hundred.

Support for this change has come from the National Treasury Employees Union as well. Tony Reardon, the National President of the NTEU, said, “The safety of IRS employees is of paramount importance and this decision will help protect those whose jobs have only grown more dangerous in recent years because of false, inflammatory rhetoric about the agency and its workforce.”

This policy change comes in the wake of increased confusion about home visits due to the growth of scam artists posing as IRS agents. Werfel commented, “These visits created extra anxiety for taxpayers already wary of potential scam artists.” He added that this policy change will be a blow to these scammers, saying, “The only losers with this change in policy are scammers posing as the IRS.”

Now, instead of worrying about unexpected visits, taxpayers will get a chance to schedule face-to-face meetings through letters they receive in the mail. This gives them more control over the process and helps avoid any unnecessary anxiety or confusion.

Despite this policy change, the IRS will continue its work of collecting taxes and dealing with unfiled returns. With this new way of operating, the IRS is building a more efficient and less intimidating process, making sure they can carry on with their important work while keeping both their employees and the taxpayers safe.

This move by the IRS marks a significant step forward in improving the interaction between the agency and the taxpayers. Not only does it consider the safety and well-being of its employees, but it also reduces the stress for taxpayers, making the process of tax collection less stressful and more efficient. The IRS believes this change will increase confidence in its work and continue its fight against scammers, ultimately leading to a better system for everyone involved.

Editor’s note: To be honest, I didn’t know that they did house visits, I’ve never really been in that position of being behind (thanks Antonella!). And I almost certainly would not let them into my house if they came. Seems kind of like what the mafia might do.

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  1. frank stetson

    I think the main reason for knocking on doors is fear that the assets will be missing if they give the scofflaws a heads-up. I have owed over $100K, according to the man, and they sent an email. FYI — argued, with facts, down to under $20K —- and they were right on that, I did owe. W2 issue on options sales, not my fault, just happened and no one to ask — everyone downsized. Pretty funny really in that over that whole year, I kept telling the wife: we seem to have too much money. Lucky that’s not a problem hard to deal with :>) Then I told her I was right, and now we are in the hole :>) (not really, I banked it so was just fine).

    That said, this is a really smart decision given the current environment, however, the move will cost taxpayers a few dollars as the scofflaws sell assets off the books, pocket the cash, and continue their cheating ways. But, no worse than welfare Mom cheating probably and not worth harming citizens and tax-workers.

    And Daniel, fyi, the Mafia don’t knock…… :>)