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Donald Trump for President

Donald Trump for President

Although he’s been toying with the idea since 1999, Donald Trump has never actually run for president. But this time it seems he might actually do it. Trump isn’t afraid of bad mouthing other candidates, past presidents, and Obama. But he knows that many, if not most, Americans believe he won’t actually run.

During a recent interview about religious freedom, the Presbyterian business magnate expressed anger and concern about the fact that Syrian Muslims are admitted into the US but Syrian Christians are not. He talked about Christians being beheaded all over the world by ISIS, in Syria and Iraq in particular,” specifically mentioning that, “those Christians can’t come into this country and calling the situation a lack of respect for us.

This proud and confident billionaire has a lot to say. He recently told CBN News that he would be the greatest representative of the Christians they’ve had in a long time if he were president.

Trump spoke with Fox News about the recent defeat in Iraq, saying that he never would have been in the country in the first place. He brought up the fact that Islamic State now possesses US weapons belonging to Iraqi soldiers that fled the city of Ramadi. He was harsh on the Iraqis, saying they ran away, as usual, and they probably don’t know what they are fighting for.

Trump is a man who says exactly what he thinks. During the same interview, he said that the Middle east has been decapitated and mentioned that ISIS is even worse than Saddam Hussein. According to Trump, the situation in Iraq is worse than it ever was and we should have stayed out of it.

He then went on to talk about the $1.3 trillion we owe China and that we need to give jobs back to Americans rather than foreigners who are eating our lunch, so to speak.

Trump downplayed the country’s political leaders as incompetent and maintained that he will announce next month whether or not he has decided to run for the upcoming presidential election.

If the billionaire does run for president, it will be a campaign unlike any other. Trump has assured the public that he has already made up his mind and that is he were to run, he would be willing to fund the campaign himself rather than be controlled by his donors and funders like most politicians.

Other Republican candidates haven’t yet approached Trump, probably because they don’t believe he will actually go through with it. But he sounded serious in an interview on The Kelly File in which he proclaimed the US a  ‘hell-hole’ and said he could fix it easily.

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