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Donald Trump: A Threat to Democrats?

Donald Trump: A Threat to Democrats?

While some dismiss Donald Trump’s campaign as showmanship, others are taking him seriously. Democrats feel threatened as they watch him connect with the masses.   His brand is as big as Hillary Clinton’s and he is rising in the polls.

Trump has emerged in Iowa as a serious contender in next year’s GOP caucuses. “Trump is interesting, in a strange sort of way,” says Steve Roberts, former chairman of the Iowa Republican Party. “I’d need to know more about his positions before I’d [vote for him], but I don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibility.” 

Many Republicans seem to share this sentiment.

Trump is confident that his low approval ratings will not stop him from becoming an important player in the elections. And he may be right. He’s already leapt into second place in New Hampshire and Iowa since his official announcement 2 weeks ago.

Trump’s controversial speech on June 16th during which he said of Mexican immigrants: “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists,” may actually have gained him popularity with some Republicans. 

He later explained to People magazine: “This is part of the campaign. It shows that we don’t back down…I protect the border and it shows that we don’t want [illegal immigrants] coming into the country.” 

Both NBC and Univision refused to air the Miss USA pageant, but Trump doesn’t regret his words. He’s suing both companies for breach of contract. 

“If he wants to be a serious candidate, he can be,” says Trump’s long-time friend and fellow candidate Chris Christie. “From Donald’s perspective, if [running for president] it’s something he really wants to do, it’s a free country, go ahead and do it.”

With a pocketbook big enough to fund an entire presidential campaign and name recognition which no candidate – with the exception of Hillary Clinton – can dream of reaching, this billionaire-cum-politician is starting to scare the democrats. 

Trump’s hatred for the government – despite the fact that he wants to run it – further diversifies him from the rest of the candidates.

According to a recent survey conducted in DC, only 33% of the 1,000 individuals interviewed were able to name one of their state senators. But you can bet they will surely recognize the name Donald Trump if they see it on a ballot. 


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