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Doddering Joe Doesn’t Even Know He’s President!  

Doddering Joe Doesn’t Even Know He’s President!  

In his latest “senior moment,” everyone’s favorite “Gaffer in Chief” couldn’t recall who occupies the Oval Office, him or his VP. As Joe Biden welcomed the Las Vegas Gold Knights Stanley Cup champions to the White House, he, not for the first time, called Kamala Harris by the wrong name.

The 80-year-old President was welcoming the victorious Las Vegas hockey team to the White House when he called the Vice President “President Harris.” The octogenarian made yet another big mistake that is gaining the attention of the public as he referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as the “President,” even though, of course, HE is the President.

“President Harris is here to make sure we do it the right way,” the actual President stated as he began the event. He later mispronounced her first name when addressing the Vice President.

“Everyone knows Joe Biden is senile,” one user claimed on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. Biden has called the Vice President “President Harris” on six other occasions. Senile moments, a revealing tell of who really is pulling his strings, or maybe just wishful thinking on the part of the President, who would rather be taking a nap than running the most powerful nation in the world.

Biden is the oldest President in American history, though his doctor has previously given him a clean bill of health, meaning he can safely run for a second term.

This latest blooper comes just two days after President Biden was seen extremely disoriented and confused while attending a solemn wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier on Veterans Day. After placing the wreath, he stood there for quite some time before he went to turn away from the memorial and walked away. However, he hesitated, seemingly stumbled a bit, and then seemed extremely confused by where he was at the time.

Biden turned to the service member who was standing next to the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier, looking at him as if he needed direction on where to go. The service member is seen stretching out his arm and directing Biden to get back in line next to the vice president for the remainder of the ceremony.

United States citizens took to social media after the video went viral, as many are calling the situation “embarrassing” and “pathetic.”

The Veterans Day stumble was far from the first time that the aging President made headlines for his seemingly concerning actions.

In June, he fell while on stage at the United States Air Force Academy Graduation in Colorado. Biden was the commencement speaker and had completed his speech before falling flat.

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  1. frank stetson

    That’s OK, Don gets his Presidents mixed up, does not know what city he is in, and often storms out of court in a babyish tantrum. So it is.

    And the Biden thing is real old.

    And Sheridan gets his news from reliable anonymous sources on X and other low-brow social media outlets without professional accreditations. Last week they told him the Earth was flat.

    • Dan tyree

      It’s all about Don. So you should do like Barbara Streisand and vow to leave America WHEN a trump is re-elected

  2. frank stetson

    Dan, you poor victim, so picked upon Don……

    They are 3 years apart, both making mistakes, although Trump lies a lot more. They are both running for President and both will probably get the nomination. But I can understand you wanting to avoid comparison. But I think if you are going to scream that Biden is a doddering old man that has CRS, I would suggest you look at your guy cuz he is losing it more every day. Even the vermin can see it. I would think the deplorables could wake up and smell the coffee.

    • Dan tyree

      The deplorables are you commiecrats. Real patriots would never consider the sick bastards that you people support. And don’t yell racism anymore. Just look at how your crowd treats jews especially at colleges. So stfu asshole. Did you see the report of the senator standing up to the union thug? That’s the way it’s going to be going forward. People are getting tired of you asswipes trying to rule instead of governing

      • frank stetson

        oh yeah, the professional kickboxer took on the Pillsbury dough boy and you cheer.

        what a loser.

        but I do like to watch Republicans have physical altercations in the halls of Congress. Almost as much as watching Hawley run away from his own team like a little girl. Or the 1/6-ers crying in court as they blame Trump for telling them to misbehave OR his lawyers crying in court as they plead out and turn on Trump. jjj

        You’re pretty good in that regard too.

  3. andy

    Didn’t take very long for the RIGHT to degrade to name calling and insults. Is that the best they can come up with? No wonder they don’t know anything about governing.

    • Jim lucas

      Go suck yourself

  4. David Barron

    Congress and Biden;s staff should envoke the Constitutional ability to remove Joe Biden as he is incapable of doing his job anymore. This is bad for the country, for our military, for our economy, for the laws of the USA, for the States and for the world. Ond false move or mistake and we could be in an unrecoverable situation. Imagine if you will that North Korea lobs a nuke at us and trying to wake him up to respond to it. It just won’ happen. He is not in his right head any more and should be removed. Problaem, his insurance policey Harris is keeping the old fool in office due to her incomptence. At this point it’s not a political movement, its survival of the USA during a critical time of only part of his doing. So Congress so your dam job and show some leadership instead of partenship.

  5. Donald Cadwell

    No doubt about it. Both sides continue to act like children with the name calling and tantrums. Not to mention that they can’t even come to any agreements because they are afraid one side or the other might get credit for something: and. of course, the winning side will rub it in the loser’s face. we can only hope that neither trump nor Biden get the nomination because there is no doubt that the voters will go ahead and vote for them. I third party would at least provide the voters with one more choice.

  6. Darren

    Just wondering, Frank, are you better off today that you were 3 years ago?
    I ask because about 70% of America is NOT.
    Just those on the Dems pay roll.

  7. Mike F

    I’ll answer for Frank (as I am sure he will agree with what I about to write). Yes, we are better off than we were 3 years ago. The reason that many Americans feel worse off is we have had inflation-not due to anything that the current administration has done, but due to the lingering results of the worldwide Covid crisis. Inflation in the US has been less than in most other countries, a sure indication that Biden is not to blame, but conservatives don’t read the news or understand how we interact with the rest of the world. And while on that topic, we have a President who is respected for his approach to world affairs, not one who is laughed at behind his back, even by the dictators that he cozied up to. All of Trump’s interactions on the world stage were unmitigated disaster-the ”peace’ agreement in Afghanistan where the ruling government was excluded, the Abraham accords which did not include the people most affected by Israeli policies and has now resulted in a War in Israel, and who could forget the trade “deals” that Trump made, which caused countries around the world to stop purchasing American produced products, so bad that Trump had to pay the farmers for their losses to keep their votes? Yes, Frank and I are much better off today than we were three years ago…

    • frank stetson

      MF — close enough.

      • Jim lucas

        MF. Lol. A fitting initial.

  8. frank stetson

    Darren, funny, I just answered that for Tom the other day, and this answer may differ slightly in that information changes daily and I just did a interim update mid quarter. First, I can parse your question tween social and financial wellness and say for social — yes, except for Trumpian hangovers. Yeah, the border, wars, etc. are bad but really don’t touch me personally. And I see that as a Republican issue too in that was worse under Trump unless you feel human rights abuse is the way to go. Not me.

    Plus, I not only believe that we are causing climate change but that we all will profit if we use God’s sun for renewable energy instead of burning whatever we can burn for energy. In my own life, it has worked for me as I sit in my 75 degree great room heated by passive solar and renewable, and pretty clean, pellets. Biden is helping, Trump hurt. I think promoting shitting where you eat is a bad idea if you can avoid it.

    Financially, my high point was Jan of 2022 when I completed most assets into fixed income fearing the recession both Trump/Biden would cause with all it’s free money. While Trump may have caused a lot of that, it was on Biden’s watch. Initially, my finances dropped as I took many early withdrawal penalties. This year, mid year, we began to pick up and if we stay on pace, I will re-reach my all time high mid next year. Because I am in fixed income, the future is pretty much guaranteed. I do have some equities — Disney was off well before DeSantis, VZ tanked, but pays over 6% in dividends so kicks out a good amount. And seeing war, I did keep a huge amount in defense which currently is reaping 14% plus dividends, I should sell but it seems to just keep growing.

    Also, I am spending like crazy to upgrade the home before getting out of NJ. New rooms, new paint, remodeled bathrooms, sunroom, new decks, new roofs for outside doorways, security systems, appliance upgrades, I have been doing my best to increase inflation :>). Just have kitchen floor to go, but that’s a bear so it’s last.

    So, bottom line is better than Trump time, best was middle of 2022, but coming back as of mid year this year and expect to break the bank by mid year next year. All the numbers seem to be going my way, yes, there are danger signs, but unemployment, inflation, and now fed rate increases all seem good, ——- xmas season is the next barometer check point. If bad, who knows, if good, then Spring might be glorious.

    FYI: I was lucky to shift strategy to fixed assets. I could have made more by sticking in there, but many of the folks who did are now stuck while my fixed incomes just keep kicking out out 4-6% every day. Did this before The Great Recession and rode that whole thing without losing a wink over money.

  9. Andy

    Inflation follows money supply, as you can see in these charts. Guess where inflation is headed?

    Trump, then Biden flooded the economy with free and cheap money, now that is going in reverse. Consumers are all betting on increasing inflation, but Real M2 is now falling at the fastest pace since the 30’s. We all KNOW what happened in the 30’s.

    • Frank stetson

      Interesting Andy since I always say: recession = too little money and inflation = too much money. But every time I see this chart it looks different.

      Plus, M2 returning to precovid levels is not a depression scenario m.

      Plus, the Fed deploys interest rate and QE tools to modify M2, affecting these curves.

      My barometer: xmas sales and it looks dicey. But we may keep buying, but choosing lower priced alternatives to reign spending. That might be a win win. Xmas is the next touchpoint.

      • andy


        Doesn’t matter whether or not M2 is declining to pre-COVID levels, but that it is declining at all. The rise caused the inflation we got, the fall reflects money being sucked out of the economy. That always ends up with the same result.

        • Frank stetson

          Are you sticking with it’s The Great Depression all over again? Anything’s possible, but doubt it.

          My first rule of economics: wherever you are in the economy, you have never been there before.

          In the 1930’s, we did not have the tools or skills we have today.

          We did not have federal interest rates in the 1930’s; that was 1954.

          We did not have QE tools, that was 2008.

          And we didn’t have excess bank reserves, that was 2011; there’s close to 3 trillion parked there.

          I can’t call the future. I’m sticking with fixed income cuz it’s safe. I’m conservative, and don’t believe we are on a steady path for economic, political, and global reasons. But I’m thinking I may do some day trading given current fluctuations.

          But clearly this is not the economy of the 1930’s and we have better tools and skills.

          I also feel consumer sentiment has a lot to do with it and that’s a big flashing yellow warning light that has little to do with numbers and lots to do with feelings. And as we see here, feelings are generally not great.

          Thus, I wait for positive xmas results before I begin to increase risk in the Spring. But I am hopeful any recession will be shallow but don’t think we will see the 30’s this time unless global issues affect us.

          • andy

            First treasury bills Dec. 17, 1929: Regular issues of 13- week bills.

            We are in the midst of a Fourth Turning, when chaos ensues, this time because the Federal government is nearing bankruptcy. Cost of US debt doubled over the last three years, should pass $1 trillion on an annual basis this month. Any slowdown or recession in the economy is going to really put the squeeze on government budget, our credit rating may fall some more, raising the cost of debt even more.

            Yes, the world is a different place than it was in the 30’s, but economic laws have not yet been abolished. You cannot spend more than you take in forever. It has never worked over the last 6000 years.

  10. Frank stetson

    IMO, the debt is our biggest risk. Especially combined with global factors. IF there is a melt down that will be it and if we default, the world goes to economic shit instantly.

    But a simple recession won’t do that.

    We used to think 60% was the target, 100 sas the tipping point. Today we are at 120, have seen 130 and this makes your fear real, imo. Worse yet, it took 35 years to bring it down after wwii so not easy. I think we can do better, but we need to start NOW. Trump ruined us and Biden may have levelled off but that still sucks.

    All it takes is foreign investment to leave and we crash. Overnight. Social security payments end or are worthless. Gets pretty “walking dead” after that.

    That’s a long way from recession but could be as simple as China and Japan selling their US treasuries. A run to end the wirld.

    • Andy

      There is zero evidence that any government in the last 6000 years that was in such dire straits as ours is today ever solved the problem beforehand. They always let it run out until the market says enough. This time is no different. I do not know how it will play out this time, but if you are dependent on government largess, then watch out below. I’m collecting SS but expect that at some point in the very near future I will lose some or all of it, hence my desire to reduce my debt to as low as i can before that happens. Luckily I’m still working, so i’m not dependent on SS coming in every month. I’m using it to pay down the mortgage.