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Do Democrats Favor RFK Jr. Over Joe Biden? 

Do Democrats Favor RFK Jr. Over Joe Biden? 

One of the most talked-about issues on the left right now is the apparent split between Democrats who favor Robert F. Kennedy Jr. over current President Joe Biden.

There are certainly some Democrats who believe that RFK Jr. would have been a better choice for President than Joe Biden. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a well-known environmental activist and lawyer who has been involved in various social justice causes throughout his career.

He is the son of the late Robert F. Kennedy, who, prior t being assassinated in 1968 while running for President, was a paragon of the left.

Those who support RFK Jr. argue that he is a more progressive and visionary leader than Joe Biden. They believe that he would be more committed to addressing issues like climate change, income inequality, and racial justice. They also point to his experience as a lawyer and advocate, which they say would make him a more effective President.

However, it is important to note that not all Democrats feel this way. While there are certainly those who are enthusiastic about RFK Jr., many others remain firmly in Biden’s camp – further dividing an already fractured Party.  

For his part, while not officially announcing any kind of run against Biden for the White House, the nephew of JFK has challenged the President to several debates and town halls after Biden made his announcement that he will seek another term in office.

“I have known and liked Joe Biden for many years, but we differ profoundly on fundamental issues such as corporate influence in government, censorship, civil liberties, poverty, corruption, and war policy, among others. I look forward to engaging him in debates and town hall meetings in a primary election that is honest, civil, and transparent. I invite him into a new era of respectful dialog in these times of division,” Kennedy Jr. said in a tweet soon after the current President announced his bid for reelection. 

Kennedy said that while he was a “multi-generational Democrat,” his party had gone “off track.”

 “Remember when we upheld the interests of the poor and middle class against big corporations and Wall Street? Remember when we were the party of peace, civil liberties, and people power? I aim to reclaim my party and its traditional values,” Kennedy said. “The Biden administration is riddled with Neocons, war hawks, Wall Street people, and former corporate lobbyists. That’s what the party elite has become. But I know the rank-and-file — and the American people as a whole — don’t share their priorities. It’s time to return our party and our nation to the people.”

A recent poll from NBC News shows that nearly 3 out of 4 Americans don’t believe Biden should run for reelection. Out of those who believe Biden shouldn’t run for reelection, 48% have “major” concerns with Biden’s age.

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  1. Frank stetson

    This is a word sandwich without any meat.

    Where is the meat?

  2. Darren

    The Meat is RFK Jr is probably the only individual Democrat’s have at winning an election.
    I would love to see the debate between Biden and RFK.
    Who would the crooked media favor.

  3. Moke f

    Darren-Sorry to rain on your parade, but RFK jr has no chance of being the nominee of the democrat party, nor if he were the nominee would he come close to winning the presidency. Most of the democrats in the US want their leadership to have a logical base for their decision making process. RFK has shown he has no logic, is incapable of understanding scientific process with his illogical stance on vaccines. Done. Next…

    • Tom

      I agree Moke f or Mike f, we Independents/Unaffiliated voters are concerned about Jr’s lack of rationality in a number of areas. I have asked the question but not gotten any answer on what our US response to the Covid-19 pandemic would have been had he been president. At least we know Trump wanted us to drink bleach because his staff uses it to clean toilets and heard it from FOX when he was flying on AF #1. At least there was the logic of bleach being a cleaning agent. If it works in toilets why can’t it work in the blood stream and lungs. Sounds dumb but at least it has a basis. But Jr’s response to vaccines in general is very worrisome!

  4. Tom

    I was around and remember JFK’s presidency, short lived, but I liked him as did most of America. Jr’s attempt to capitalize on the JFK issue will most likely fail. Dems may be a bit split on Biden but they will come together in force for their candidate. JFK was very in favor of vaccines, polio was the big child crippler at the time. JFK was not so environmentally oriented as Jr. Socially speaking, Jr. I think is much more aligned with the uber left than JFK would ever be. He was a bit more of a moderate. JFK’s big pursuit was against organized crime, the Fed, the Cia, and the MIC (Military Industrial Complex) – he felt they were bad for the people. JFK believed in the wisdom of the people. But he was very much much in favor of people doing for the government instead of asking what the government can do for you which seems to be the opposite of Jr.

    As an Independent, while I have some issues with Biden’s age and think Carter is correct that being POTUS after 80 years old is not a good idea for the country, what I am really scared of is the possibility of something happening to Biden and Kamala “Wheels on the Bus” Harris becoming POTUS even for a day! That is scary!