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The Distraction Game: How Gay Marriage Attendance Became the Biggest Issue in Amercia

The Distraction Game: How Gay Marriage Attendance Became the Biggest Issue in Amercia
The United States’ rapidly growing debt currently stands at over 18 trillion dollars. NSA leaks have shown that the Obama administration has made great strides in achieving a world without privacy, with zero to little public dialogue regarding whether or not such personal spying is merited or healthy for a society. The Middle East has been engulfed by a violent proxy war between Iranian funded Shiite militias and Saudi Arabia backed Wahhabi groups.  With all these events unfolding, should America really be concerned about whether or not Ted Cruz or Rand Paul would go to a gay wedding?
If one were to hear the questions posed to Republican candidates, they would believe America is a nearly flawless society, with the only concerns left being gay marriage and transgendered individuals’ right to choose which bathroom they desire. However, with so many pressing crises at America’s front door, do we really have time to allow the media to ignore daunting, immediate threats to our national security in favor of vilifying Christian candidates?
Perhaps, in NYC and San Francisco, where the population’s hedonistic tendencies and extreme wealth isolates them from the rest of America, all that’s left to worry about is shaming Christians for having a belief system. However, for the majority of Americans, both Democrat and Republican, this upcoming election cycle must not turn into a series of “gotcha questions” about the candidate’s personal beliefs – or else we’re all in trouble. 
If a candidate could figure out how to get out of this debt, stop the flood of privacy ending programs and create even a semblance of stability to the Middle East region, I could care less about his criteria for deciding to attend a wedding. 

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