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Disney’s Leftist Culture Has Conservative Employees in Shock 

Disney’s Leftist Culture Has Conservative Employees in Shock 

The Walt Disney Company’s (TWDC) increasingly political attitude threatens to ostracize large chunks of its audience and creates uncomfortable situations for some employees, wrote an anonymous group of staff in an open letter published last week.

Disney’s embrace of progressive ideals has made the company “an increasingly uncomfortable place to work” for those whose “political and religious views are not explicitly progressive,” reads the letter. “We watch quietly as our beliefs come under attack from our own employer, and we frequently see those who share our opinions condemned as villains by our own leadership.”

The letter’s authors take particular issue with “Reimagine Tomorrow,” a new Disney campaign that seeks to spotlight “underrepresented voices” but ignores religious and politically conservative views. 

Liberal employees have free rein to promote their personal agendas on company time and have been known to use the word “bigot” to describe coworkers who disagree with the campaign, the authors say. “Our work contributes to a fountain of wonder that inspires joy, awe, and delight in guests and audiences of all ages,” but “over the last few years, one group of cast members has become invisible within the company.” 

Many among this ostracized group refused to take part in a recent poll in fear they would be identified and fired. 

“Many of us didn’t complete it because the nature of the questions made us worry that the results of the poll could be used to target us for quietly holding a position that runs against the progressive orthodoxy that Disney seems to promote…TWDC has fostered an environment of fear that any employee who does not toe the line will be exposed and dismissed.” 

The anonymous letter is in part a response to the recent protests against HB 1557, a parental rights education bill that prevents Florida teachers from talking about sex or gender identity until students have completed the third grade. Opponents are calling it the “Don’t Say Gay” bill even though the legislation does not ban the word “gay.”

Disney CEO Bob Chapek issued a statement condemning HB 1557, announced a pause on political donations in the state of Florida, and agreed to reinstate a same-sex kiss scene that had been removed from the upcoming movie “Lightyear.” 

His response wasn’t harsh enough for TWDC’s progressive employees, however, who staged a walkout Wednesday and demanded Chapek suspend all investments in Florida and expand Disney’s LBGTQ+ content. 

The whole situation has left TWDC’s conservative employees feeling like they don’t belong. 

“Over the last few weeks, we have watched as our leadership has expressed their condemnation for laws and policies we support,” continues the letter. “We have watched as our colleagues, convinced that no one in the company could possibly disagree with them, grow increasingly aggressive in their demands. They insist that TWDC take a strong stance on not only this issue but other legislation and openly advocate for the punishment of employees who disagree with them.” 

TWDC employees who want to see the company remain neutral are too afraid to speak up, they added. “The company we love seems to think we don’t exist or don’t belong here. This politicization of our corporate culture is damaging morale and causing many of us to feel our days with TWDC might be numbered.” 

The letter ends by framing Disney and its content as a way to bring people together, not create divisions. 

“Working for TWDC is a dream come true,” they wrote. “The unique brand of family entertainment that Disney is known for is an objective good in this dark world. It brings people together and provides cultural touchpoints that even the worst enemies can unite over…Disney is far more important and impactful to the world by avoiding politics than it will ever be by embracing a political agenda.” 

TWDC has also been criticized for sponsoring anti-white, anti-male hiring policies and for implementing training programs based on erroneous beliefs regarding systemic racism and transphobia. 


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  1. Tish

    I cancelled my Disney CC today,in HONOR of Walt Disney’s VISION. I’ve spent @ $20-30,000 on Disney cruises…never again. In the 90’s our company had 1,000 employees at Disney. I held $10,000 in tickets ..never again!

  2. Luther hicks

    I’ve been to Disney several times. But never again.

  3. frank stetson

    I’m the last guy you would think “disney” about, but i just love these guys. Sure, Walt was a racist. In the times, but also in his work, and one can only guess whether he would have woke in time to be redeemed. And sure, the company is way different today. But I just don’t see taking offense at HB 1557 as political. Seems just plain humane to me. Just not sure how free speech-ers could not agree.

    However…..being a disney family, we stand amused at the amount of same-sex, trans, and other wokisms appear in the new shows. Personally, makes me laugh as I go “oh my,” and then laugh as I realize Disney trying to make the point this is all normal and routine. Shit, I say “oh my” for any PDA’s from any gender, race, religion, so I am already halfway in the boat. But it does seem that Disney has got a bit of a focus here. That sort of fits as I call Disney media, the great blend. They steal from a plethora of movies, mash it up, put it through their huge production machine, and crank out a multitude of good movies, perhaps not many greats, but a really incredibly high percentage of really goods. Let’s see: game of thrones intro, star wars opening scene, plot line from raiders, borne, and die hard…. and we got a movie. Slap a Stan Lee cameo from the dead, a few standard Marvel jokes, some SFX, and we got a minor hit….And fast too…..

    My fil was a wine expert and he used to say “a blend is two good wines getting together to be great. Never gonna happen.” While he was right, today, I think he would like the new blends and say the vintners have figured out how to make many goods pretty great. Disney has done the for entertainment, and I, for one, am not gonna let a little wokism deter my enjoyment from that. Even if they put a hugmongous hotel next to my favorite hideaway on campus there.

    • Mark

      The Disney company wants to brainwash kids into thinking that being queer is ok. I’m having none of it. If my kids or grandkids go to Disney it won’t be on my dime. Why couldn’t they leave well enough alone? They are trying to teach kids that sexual perversion is right But they will lose a lot of business. People are getting tired of liberals and queers trying to indoctrinate our kids

    • Ben

      TV shows today can’t be shown without queers. A damned shame.

  4. Ben

    Yes, you must hide your kids from the gays, the queers, they must be protected from perverts.

    Would love to be at your house the day you and your kids announces they’re gay. Sounds like a fun day.

    Perhaps they just need a burka. .

    • Mark

      As soon as they were of legal age they would be sent down the road. In the meantime, there would be no faggot activities in my home. So you and your idiot family can be as queer as you damned well please