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Dire Predictions: China, russia, Iran – a Three front war?

Dire Predictions:  China, russia, Iran – a Three front war?

People I trust, who I will not name, are looking at the current environment and making predictions for the new few years. And it is not pretty!

China, Russia and Iran are looking at our current Joe Biden leadership, and the probable advent of a financial crisis in the form of hyperinflation, and thinking it might be time to move. We expect moves to occur withing the next three years.

This could mean a three front war, something we have not seen since World War II.


China is the most overt at this point. They have made number of threats against Taiwan, flying military jets in Taiwanese airspace, continuous verbal threats, and massive military upgrades. They have intended to take Taiwan for decades, have been preparing for many years, and now are expecting an opportunity.

Why China Hasn’t Attacked Taiwan (Yet) 

America’s dangerous dependency on China

China Conducts Largest Aerial Operation Near Taiwan 

China Builds Dangerous Backdoor to U.S. Electrical Grid

China Prepares For Nuclear War Against America

China Threatens to Bomb Australia

China Surrounds Taiwan in ‘Training Exercise’


While Russia has been less overt in recent times, Putin is an opportunist, and he still has his eye on parts of Central Europe. If China attacks in any overt way, Putin will assume that the U.S. is too preoccupied to give full attention to his part of the world. And with Biden in the White House dealing with a financial crisis and China, he is right.

Russia’s participation in cyber attacks have been devastating but relatively low in profile in the media. It is likely that Russian intelligence was involved with creating the fake dossier that damaged the arguably most competent President in recent history in Donald Trump. In addition, once the new gas pipeline starts to flow into Europe, Europe will be hostage to Russia at least in part.

Russia is perhaps not the world power it was in the cold war, but it is dominant in its region, and defending countries that are difficult to access and not necessarily full allies of the U.S. might warrant some second thoughts from an inept Biden Administration.

Is Russia Preparing for World War 3?


It has been clear that Iran has been waiting for the opportunity to attach Israel, and the rest of the world. According to my source “Iran is poised to strike Israel because they have all criteria met to fulfill Prophecy. 1 they are already in Western Khorasan. 2 they already have Southern Syria and Lebanon and can attack Israel from the North.”

Iran has dared not provoke the West too strongly militarily, but in recent years they have out-negotiated Obama, Biden and Europe to be able to continue its nuclear program.

Iran has continued to fund terrorism around the world. The liberal media ignore it, the liberal politicians ignore it.

And yes, there is a substantial chance that Iran has nuclear weapons now. In fact, Israel could very well make a preemptive strike. Who knows how this will start.

Iran Crossed ‘Nuclear Red Line,’ says Israeli Prime Minister

Report: Iran is Approaching Nuclear Breakout 

US Navy Intercepts Illegal Iranian Arms Shipment

China and Iran Join “Permanent” Cooperation Agreement

What it means

What it means is simple. the weakness and ineptness of the Biden Administration, added to an inflation crisis that no one seems to want to deal with present an opportunity for belligerent powers around the world.

The U.S. is perceived as the lead “policeman” of the world, but our weakness may prevent the second tier “policemen” France, Germany, Britain, etc, from standing up if they do not have the comfort of a determined America behind them.

China may take the lead and start a fight with Taiwan, a U.S. ally. But make no mistake, there will be coordination there. A three front war with major enemies would be a huge blow to democracy and freedom in the world. I’m not saying we would lose our own country, but we would not be able to prevent advances against us on at least one front. Many around the world would fall under tyranny. Much like Afghanistan seems to have done.

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  1. Joe brown

    Then they will attack Israel. Read the Bible in the book of Ezekiel

    • Joseph S. Bruder

      Israel is not exactly making friends in the region. They’re more likely to get attacked by neighbors. They’re not a threat to China or Russia. Iran, maybe.

      Trump let Israel be as aggressive as they wanted to against the Palestinians. Israel is treating Palestinians pretty much like Germany treated the Jews – you’d think they would know better. But they’re taking whatever land and property they can, and engaging in a war of attrition against the Palestinians. It won’t end well for Israel. Yes, the US has been Israel’s constant defender, but the energy markets are shifting away from the Middle East. The US doesn’t really need a strategic partner to defend its economic interests there, especially when they’re committing human rights abuses bordering on genocide.

      Israel also uses parts of the Old Testament to justify its claim to Palestinian lands, even though the Palestinians are mentioned as being there as well (and let’s face it, the Old Testament was written by Jews for Jews). Ezekiel talks about attacks by six countries, but they were named and all neighbors. Could Ezeikial have been warning Israel that if they don’t behave themselves, they would get attacked, with the hopeful or optimistic conclusion that it would be bad but they would win anyway? Ezekial could have been the “liberal” commentator of the day, advocating for a change in Israel’s policies. The “end of days” for Israel may be a self-fufilling prophecy.

    • Ben

      Joe, we shouldn’t base our foreign policy on a 2000 yr old book of fiction.

  2. Joseph S. Bruder

    What do these three countries have in common? Trump screwed around with the foriegn policy of all three. Before Trump, Russia and Iran were both contained, and China was agressive in trade but not so openly hostile.

    Trump was Putin’s lapdog. He got lots of money and campaign support from Putin’s gang of thieves before his election, invited Russians into the White House, let classified information slip in public, had private unrecorded meetings with Putin, let Russia take Ukraine and Syria for free, and promoted Russia onto the world stage. It built Russia into a world power again. Fortunately, at the last meeting with Russia, Biden put Putin back in his place, and Russia has slunk off to obscurity again. Ukraine and Syria will remain a problem for a while though. Russia just tested an anti-satellite weapon with very public disastrous results (the International Space Station even had to take cover from the debris), so I suspect there will be another slap-down on Russia because of it.

    Iran signed an agreement that allowed international inspectors to see what they were doing. While there may have been a bit of cheating going on, there was still the possibility that inspectors could go and find it. Trump threw that out the window, and now Iran has built up a stockpile of nuclear material. They are still an international pariah, and are anxious to get back into an agreement that will give them access to international funding. They can be brought back into compliance. In any case, I don’t think that Iran is going to be a threat to the US – they’re just too small and backward to be a factor in any war.

    China was fairly content to be quiet and make lots of money. However, when Trump threw lots of sanctions on them, they decided that they needed to be more able to defend themselves on the world stage. With Trump making dictator-like noise around the world, it emboldened other dictators (including North Korea, Hungary, Philipines, and Belarus) to be more open as well. Controlling the second-largest economy in the world wasn’t enough, now they want to be a world military superpower too. Trump’s war-mongering didn’t help that. In the end, the Chinese Communist Party’s only claim to power in the country is to keep people convinced that it takes care of it’s population. Putting a couple of billion people at risk won’t help that perception. The Chinese government knows as well as we do that we have nuclear missiles aimed at all their population centers, and even one bomb could easily take out 30 million people. Taiwan is 500 miles from at least two 30M population centers, and US submarines are potentially even closer. The US is almost exactly the same size as China, but with a quarter of the population, and it’s much more spread out. New York and Los Angeles population centers are probably about a third as big as Chinese cities, but also much further away, and the US would have time to react. The US has several military advantages, and Biden is using his position to calm the Chinese down.

    The relationships with these three adversaries were upset by Trump’s inconsistent and agressive foriegn policies. You like to call Biden’s policies inept, with no real reason than he’s a Democrat, but he has a lot steadier hand on the wheel. This is supposed to be a website for “Conservatives”, not for Republicans or against Democrats. Isn’t the more conservative choice to try to engage these countries and reduce the risk of war, instead of provoking them and increasing it? Why do you attack the Democrat who is much more sane and balanced in his approach, and let the foriegn-policy bully who kow-towed to Russia and antagonized China and Iran slide?

    • Dan Tyree

      The commie leader in China called retard joe his friend. And it’s known that retard is his lap dog. But your party is communist all the way. But the red wave is coming.

      • Joseph S. Bruder

        Dan, were you sleeping for the last four years? Are you Dip Dan Wankoff? Did you ever read the 4th section of the Mueller report – it documents literally hundreds of meetings between Russians and Trump’s campaign staff before Trump was even elected. You didn’t notice how many times Trump praised Putin, or stood smiling on a stage with him, or waving at him across the banquet tables? The meeting where he had the translator’s notes destroyed? Or meetings where no translators or aides were present? The back door communications to the Russians that Jared tried to set up?

        Then there’s standing on the White House steps with the Russian foriegn minister after inviting them into the Oval Office… Or while standing there he mentioned something about the Israelis that compromised the security of Israeli assets… the time he posted a picture on Twitter of a factory in the Middle East that demonstrated our satellite capabilities? Or leaving Syria to Russia with less than a day’s notice? Or blackmailing Ukraine for dirt on Biden while Russia stormed into Ukraine? Reports from military officials that they weren’t allowed to mention Russia during briefings (not that Trump attended that many). Or, or, or – there are dozens if not hundreds of other examples. You could get hundreds just from his daily tweets over 4 years.

        And that’s not even counting his overtures to North Korea, getting favors for Ivanka from the Chinese, praise for dictators or right-wing nationalists from Belarus, Philipines, and Hungary. Or giving the Saudis military hardware while Jared was doing business there…

        The only time President Biden met with Putin, he wasn’t smiling, didn’t shake hands, and walked away leaving Putin standing there with his dick in his hand to say how “productive” the meeting was. In other words, Putin got his ass handed to him.

        • Dan Tyree

          Fake news

          • Joseph S Bruder

            Ahh, so you WERE sleeping during Trump’s entire term…

        • Kathy thorne

          We’re you sleeping when slow joe’s idiot son was kissing up to China and doing business with them? Or joe colluding with Ukraine to get his little boy out of trouble? Threatening to withhold foreign aid and bribes. But American hating fools like y couldn’t care less

  3. Frank stetson

    You can’t handle the truth.

    Like when and Ivanka’s products got green lit through China’s red tape magically. Oh yeah, Dan, Ivanka‘s, and the rest of the family‘s fortunes are all tied to China. Heck, where do you think those trump 2024 flags are made.

    Team Trump was friendly to every autocratic government on the planet in return for…Once we get these tax records, the proverbial shit will hit the fan.

    Let’s go big bird. If Trump runs and loses 2024, he will be the hugest American political loser ever. Run trump run. It will look great next to your “worlds top Covid killer.” Statue on your mantle.

    • Joseph S Bruder

      Oh, BTW, of the $100M that Trump authorized for developing a vaccine, only $1M got used… wanna bet where the rest went?

      • Larry kuHn

        Hopefully the money went to the NRA. Lol. And also lots of people in America is tied to China. Just look at the labels on the clothes in Walmart

        • Joseph S. Bruder

          No, the NRA got their money from the Russians. The vaccine money probably found its way into Trump’s pockets. C’mon, can’t you even keep Republican corruption straight?

  4. Ben

    Why do we care about Taiwan? Let them defend themselves. I’m tired of our kids dying for the military industrial complex and their useful politicians to make a quick buck.

  5. frank stetson

    We need to send Kyle to Taiwan. He’s looking for a job. He has references.