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Did Ukraine Try to Start World War III with Poland Missile Strike?

Did Ukraine Try to Start World War III with Poland Missile Strike?

The world just dodged the start of World War 3, thanks to the false claims of Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky over two missiles that fell in Poland last week.

The way the incident played out has made some critics question whether it was an attempt by Ukraine to set NATO at war with Russia.

On Tuesday (November 15), two missiles landed in the Polish town of Przewodów, which is near Ukraine’s border with Poland, and killed two Polish villagers.

The incident created a situation close to a war emergency as Poland being a NATO member was apparently attacked, calling for NATO’s immediate response. At once, Ukraine’s President Zelensky accused Russia of firing the missiles into Poland while an unnamed U.S. intelligence official also told media that the missiles hitting Poland were Russian.

For several hours, the impending war scenario between NATO and Russia – widely dubbed as a possible World War III – seemed looming over the world. Media sources at first continued to point fingers at Russia, based off Zelensky’s claims while Poland called an emergency meeting of its key security officials and Joe Biden called an emergency meeting of NATO leadership on Wednesday morning.

Later that day, both Biden and the Polish government stated that they did not believe the missiles were fired by Russia. Polish president Andrzej Duda went on to say:

“There is a high probability that it was a Ukrainian air defense missile.”

And by the end of Wednesday, the media was reporting a general consensus by NATO that Russia did not fire the missiles that landed in Poland. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told reporters that he sees no indication of Russians attacking it. Zelensky at first continued to insist that Ukraine didn’t fire the missiles and thus rejected NATO’s conclusion. A day later, he changed his position and expressed ignorance by saying:

“I don’t know 100 percent — I think the world also doesn’t 100 percent know what happened.”

A number of media sources reported about critics on social media accusing Zelensky of attempting to start the Third World War by pitting NATO directly against Russia. Benny Johnson of Turning Point USA tweeted on Wednesday: “Ukrainian Leaders LIED to try and initiate full-blown WW3.”

The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity published an article by Andrew Korybko who accused Zelensky of attempting to start World War III. Korybko wrote:

The Ukrainian leadership was well aware of what happened but decided to propagate the most dangerous conspiracy theory in history in an attempt to literally spark World War III.

Conservative commentator and journalist Matt Walsh called Zelensky a “dangerous psychopath” who is trying to start another World War.

Realizing that the claims of a missile attack on Poland by Russia don’t hold out so well, the mainstream media has started to back off its initial rhetoric and the Bien administration created the narrative that Russia is “ultimately responsible” for the incident even if it didn’t directly fire the missiles.

For now, Poland says it is investigating the incident and Zelensky advisor Andrii Yermak is telling people it’s too early to conclude who fired the missiles; so better wait for the completion of the Polish investigation.

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  1. Rat Wrangler

    It would be foolish of Russia to fire at any NATO nation at this time. It is also very unlikely they were Russian missiles that missed their intended targets, as Poland is on the far side of the Ukraine, and nowhere near the present combat areas. It is also very unlikely that they are Ukrainian defense missiles that went off-target since the Russian troops and Poland are in opposite directions. The most likely reason for the attacks is that they were purposely fired into Poland by Ukrainian forces so they could create the false narrative that they were a Russian attack on the NATO nation in order to turn more nations against Russia.

    • Joseph S. Bruder

      Russia ia firing missiles over all of Ukraine. It’s certainly possible for Russian missiles to go off course and hit Poland, but that was not the case here. They were close enough to Poland that the intercept missiles did land in Polish territory.

  2. Jim benson

    If Russia had fired missiles into Poland to start WW3, they would have fired more than 2 and certainly into a more strategic location

  3. Bubba Love

    First off, I don’t like either side in the Ukraine/Russia war. The Russians are Communists, and the Ukrainian government is run by Nazis. Here’s some facts about our own fascist government’s involvement. Biden’s fascist globalist democrat government and their state media’s have been handing us a ton of lies and deception about Ukraine. They aren’t telling us that Ukraine is corrupt to the core and is one of the top three nations in the world in child trafficking and pedophilia. Ukraine has been laundering money for the globalist Deep State elites. Russian leader Putin has destroyed many of Fauci’s gain of function Bioweapon labs in Ukraine. Funding for all of the gain of function biolabs started with the Obama/Biden regime along with the funding for the Wuhan covid horror lab in China. Also, the Deep State and Ukraine has been spitting in Russia’s face with their demand that Ukraine join NATO. This violated the 2014 Minsk 2 agreement. Russia warned the Deep State and Ukraine years ago that it would mean war. The Deep State Democrats and their elitest puppet masters are using this war to defend their Ukranian pedophile playground.

    • Joseph S. Bruder

      Well, you’ve filled the Conspiracy Bingo card… information happily provided to you by Q-Anon and Russian bots. Nazis running Ukraine – check. Pedophiles – check, check. Deep State – check, check, check, check. Fauci – check. Chinese Biolabs – check. Wuhan – check. Money Laundering – that’s a new one… “Gain of function”, incorrectly used – check. Fascist globalist – check. Obama/Biden regime – check!

      You forgot to mention Hillary, Hunter, and Soros, points off for that, or you would have had a perfect score!

  4. Darren

    The Media reported it as Russian. Who in the media would make that kind of mistake? They fired it with Biden’s permission.
    No one there in charge would have done this without some authority and take a chance on loosing the Billions promised them
    from the U.S. This administration keeps provoking ww3.

    • Joseph S. Bruder

      Contrary to beliefs among GOP MAGA Conservatives, Biden doesn’t control everything in the world. We are arming the Ukrainians because they were invaded by Russia in a blatant and brutal land grab. It was most likely an off-course Ukrainian intercept missile, not fired with anyone’s “permission”. It happened after a night of Russia firing dozens of missiles into all parts of Ukraine, including near the Polish border. Evidence was found of a Russian-made missile, widely reported by the media. The most logical conclusion is that either a Russian missile went off course or that it was intentional because of Poland’s support of Ukraine. The agressor should be the first suspect when something bad happens. That’s why they gather evidence and don’t just make assumptions. Shit happens in a war, but thankfully cooler heads (like Biden) prevailed, and waited for confirmation before doing anything rash. Biden was the first world leader to say, “wait… it looks like it may have been a stray Ukrainian air defense missile”.

      However, any characterization that Zelensky is trying to start WW3 is just plain stupid and irresponsible, and to be expected from PBP. RUSSIA started this war, invaded a sovereign country (that it had treaties with, no less, to set the boundaries of UA in exchange for UA returning all nuclear missiles), and has terrorized and murdered civilians. Ukraine is defending itself the best it can (and admirably!), with help from NATO countries. But, no matter what the far-right media says, if WW3 does get started, it’s RUSSIA’s fault. Including quotes from a right-wing student group or anything from far-right nutcase Ron Paul does not bolster your claim of Zelensky trying to start WW3. They are parroting the Trump pro-Putin positions, as is the author.

      It could be argued that we’re already in WW3. The whole world has taken sides, most against Russia, a few in Russia’s orbit tepidly supporting RU, and a few closing their eyes and pretending it’s just a minor disagreement, no reason to disrupt business (looking at you, India and China!) And a minority of hardcore Trump-fluffers here in the US, because, hey, Trump LOVES Putin and supports the Russians every chance he gets, so they’re going along with it to stay on Trump’s good side.

      The fighting hasn’t spilled out of Ukraine, and I think that Russia also knows that it will lose badly as soon as the US and/or NATO put planes in the sky and boots on the ground. If Russia does use nukes, either battlefield tactical nukes or a strike at US or NATO countries, sadly a few cities in the US and EU might be lost (if the RU missiles actually fire, and we can’t shoot what’s left down first), but there will be nothing left of Russia between Moscow and Siberia. Putin certainly knows that, but may not care – this is about his legacy, and he might do anything to win. That’s why Biden and NATO leaders are supporting Ukraine as much as possible while not provoking Russia into nuclear conflict. And thankfully, Trump is not in charge to fuck everything up, although some of his hardcore followers are still pushing to let Russia have what they want.

    • frank stetson

      The “media” acknowledged the error and has made process modification because of it.

      Biden’s permission? How would you know that.

      Pretty sure they knew it would be traced back. Pretty sure it’s just a failure in the air defense, maybe new equipment, recently “trained” operators, whatever. If they were attempting this, might have picked a target that would have forced action versus the minimal damage caused here.

      Think it is as they say. Don’t see compelling evidence YET of anything different.

      • Joseph S. Bruder

        Do you really think that military commanders in Ukraine call Joe Biden and say “hey, we’re firing a missile close to the border near Poland. Is that OK?” First of all, despite US support of Ukraine, we are not fighting the war. We might be able to put conditions on certain weaponry, but we are not on the ground monitoring every firing of every missile. We don’t direct where the missiles go, we don’t direct UA forces to one front or the other, we don’t kibbitz. That is not what the Ukrainians have asked for, nor would they permit it. The US may very well have some military advisors on the ground, but that’s for advise, not permission.

        Secondly, when the Russians rain missiles down on civilian populations, do you think they have time to call up “Uncle Joe” for permission? Zelensky is in charge, and like a wise leader puts his generals in charge of the military, and as they were trained (by the US), generals delegate authority to lower officers, and officers give their men enough training to make decisions for themselves while still following the broader orders. That’s why Ukraine is winning this war, and the Russians (who have no hierarchical structure to their military) are failing.

        If POTUS or Zelensky were calling all the shots, UA would be in the same boat as the Russian military is with Putin calling the all shots. Absolute rule is a recipe for failure.