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DHS: False or Misleading Narratives are a Terrorist Threat – More Democrat BS

DHS: False or Misleading Narratives are a Terrorist Threat – More Democrat BS

The Department of Homeland security just published an advisory of the terrorist threat:

“…heightened threat environment fueled by several factors, including an online environment filled with false or misleading narratives and conspiracy theories, and other forms of mis- dis- and mal-information (MDM) introduced and/or amplified by foreign and domestic threat actors.”

While I agree that the threats are there and serious, I can’t help but wonder about the underlying description. Instead of covering what I would consider serious threats to America (after all I worked the counter terrorist target for many years with the CIA), this seems to be focused on Nancy Pelosi’s priorities and creating political ammunition for the Democrats.

Ironically, this seem to be part of a false and misleading narrative, the kind that it is declaring to be terrorist!

They call out ” false or misleading narratives regarding unsubstantiated widespread election fraud and COVID-19.”  So Trump supporters and “right to breath” folks are terrorists? Not citizens exercising their right to freedom of speech?

They don’t mention CNN, MSNBC, NYTimes or the Washington Post as a threat for their “false and misleading narratives” although we certainly see some doozies there. Narratives rarely generate themselves. Most of the time they come from politicians or key media people.

It does mention “threats against faith-based organizations” meaning the mentally crippled gun wielders who have attacked churches. Certainly a serious issue (but not terrorism, per se). But somehow doesn’t mention the terror of the takeover of parts of Portland by thugs. Funny how they don’t call out BLM or Antifa as terrorist organizations.

For that matter, they don’t seem to blame Nancy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton for the whole Russia Collusion narrative that ripped the country apart for two years and then was found to be utterly false. Isn’t that a much bigger problem?

It talks about “foreign terrorists” calling for attacks within the U.S. But it does not mention the influences and the co-opting of media by Russia or (more importaingly) China in affecting our political process or, as in the case of the NBA, threatening and eliciting copious apologies for the smallest criticisms of China. Or threats and attacks on U.S. and Western media around the world?

This is clearly and blatantly a partisan effort by the Biden Administration, not to solve crimes, but rather to focus on the less important conservative threats in this area and ignore the more blatant liberal activities. Riots night after night in our cities is certainly more important than an internet campaign to protest the 2020 election.

It mentions the establishment of a new, dedicated domestic terrorism branch. What special powers will be granted them by the Biden Administration?

The big questions are these.

– Are the Democrats manufacturing the equivalent of Orwell’s Ministry of Truth?

– Is this new branch of the FBI going to tell us which narratives are true and which are false?

– Is the FBI going to get its own version of the Patriot Act with special powers to remove narratives and arrest people for making them?

– And when you call for protests or other kinds of Constitutionally protected action, will the FBI charge you with inciting violence as a terrorist?

Not sure there is much I can do at the moment, but I calling this Democrat BS.

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  1. Ben

    So, McConnell and McCarthy have both called J6 a violent insurrection. No wonder you’re worried about political protests.

    While I’m in agreement that LEOs and the Justice system is skewed against the little man, This is quite the change of narrative here at the PBP! The anti BLM protest articles were flowing here not to long ago. There was a push from the right to legally allow drivers to run people over, minimum 10 yr sentences for “desecrating” national monuments and memorials, and calls for vigilantes to disperse protesters.

    NOW the right and PBP is concerned that the Justice system is using their GOP enabled powers to criminalize protesting. PBP is supporting truckers that are blocking the streets in a domestic terrorist action. And calling for “protests like you’ve never seen before.”

    I’m beginning to think it wasn’t about backing the blue, or protests or blocking the streets….

    • frank stetson

      MTG says it’s Pelosi’s Gazpacho Police that are the problem. You can’t fix stupid. The 1/6 attacks are part of a insurrection by believers in The Big Lie attempting to overturn the election and install their Dictator, Donald J. Trump. They came to Washington to stop the peaceful transfer of Presidential power. They succeeded in stop the peaceful transfer of power that has guided our nation for over 200 years by a few hours. They did much damage to the Capitol building. They removed classified documents. They injured 140 police officers, some lost fingers, concussions, rib fractures, burns and a mild heart attack. Covid, suicides, and one death followed, although the cause of death was not the injuries suffered, they were just contributing. The legitimate political discoursers wanted more including the death of Pelosi and Pence. The fuckers pissed, literally pissed on the walls inside Congress. Trump, meanwhile, has not conceded and believes his position is President, he continues to spread, without a shred of merit, The Big Lie that is the root cause of 1.6. The threat is still active.

      The line is drawn for Republicans to take back their party from the current Trumpian RNC based on the events of 1/6, vote:

      a. RNC legitimate political discourse description?


      b. McConnell violent insurrection conclusion? (and now McCarthy says: ““I think anybody, we all know this, that entered this building, that rioted, is not legitimate discourse,” which, of course, weasel words the offence to having to enter the building because the boys launching objects, breaking doors and windows, spraying noxious crap, from outside the building are not included, nor those who goaded them on with effigies, and chants like “kill Mike Pence”


      Time to take your stand.

      • Andrew

        So we should vote out 100% of republicans. Get rid of the two party system. Dictatorship should be fun. Stalin got rid of his opposition. And then Covid won’t kill as many people. But death for the elderly and handicapped would be the normal. Did anyone ever wonder why people are denied transplants because they didn’t get the jab? Someday they will relive the plot to the Denzil Washington movie called John Q

      • Joe Gilbertson

        I have no freakin clue what you just said.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      The narrative of PBP has not changed, it has in fact been very consistent.

  2. Ben

    I just hope that PBP and the GOP is as supportive of a National Strike as they have been of the Trucker Blockade. This has been building for a while and once the people see the blue print for massive civil disobedience that the Truckers have laid out for them, it’ll only be a matter of time.

    • frank stetson

      Ah yes, Republicans rebuking American First Trumpian policy to support Canadian vaccine mandate protests by a small group of rowdy truckers. What the hell does that have to do with MAGA? MAGA becomes MCGA, Save America becomes And Canada Too. Forget NATO, pull out of Paris, Kill Iran Nuclear deal, screw the TPP, but Canadian Trucks against Vaccines, gotta get me some of that sugar.

      I just can’t grasp the meaning of this one. Nor do I really want to.

    • Doug

      National strike for what? When the scabs show up there will be a civil war. And of course the strikers would lose, hopefully. And companies would starve them back to work. And many of the lazy bastards would be shot trying to take from others. Which reminds me. I need to check my ammunition inventory. I have plenty, but more would be better.

      • Ben


        Why would you root for corporations over the working man? Your priorities are fucked up. Worker Productivity and profits are at record highs, while wages remain stagnant. The wealth gap is the most it’s been in 100 years. How long do you think this can continue before wage slaves finally have enough? My guess is it won’t be much longer.

  3. frank stetson

    Yes, you need to start civil war to kill the lazy bastard union strikers who are stealing your cheese. Hate, arm, shoot, kill, civil war, success.

    What rock do these people crawl out from.

    Just stfu and do it already, we tire of your whining about it. Whattttya waiting for? There’s strikes everywhere. Seattle concrete, Portland Trade Unions, Railroad Unions, Denver Groceries, MA Nurses, Berkshire Hathaway Mfg. Holding, Kellogs and much, much, more. Shake a leg and get going, the civil war is upon you. The strikes are on, the scabs are out, where’s your money cuz it certainly ain’t in your big mouth.

  4. James

    We the people demand our country back from the Two domestic Terrorists in the White House the biden administration Needs to be removed from office and impeached.

    • Frank stetson

      Except that if you remove him from office, he can’t be impeached. Go to get your ducks in a row.

  5. Don

    According to the New World Order of the Chinese Communist Democrat Party of the US, the only ones they classify as TERRORISTS are the American people who speak up and out against Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. the Chines Communist BUTCHER of the American people (he has murdered Hundreds of Thousands of Americans with the CCP virus and Dr, Fauci (Dr, Frankenstien vaccine) and so far neither one has been arrested – tried – convicted and sentenced as Anit-American TERRORISTS since they both do business from the Bio-weapon lab in china where this all started.

    American Terrorists include the democrats (Chinese communist party paid) BLM, Antifa, Terrorist that Biden the BUTCHER allows to enter the US from the Mexican border, Drug Cartels, ISIS, and the rest.

    We the American people hold this Chinese communist Administration and the demo congress 100% accountable and will not rest till all have been arrested and charged with HIGH TREASON against these United States of America.
    USMC who is a proud American and one of the Thousands of Americans who stands on the Constitution as it was written, and with God and the Flag of the USA

    • Frank stetson

      Well, if you’re not gonna rest until you get get all that done, you’re going to have many a sleepless night.

      Myself, and others like me, took another path to get rid of our devil. We just impeached him twice and then voted for Joe Biden. But, you take your path and we will take ours. Let us know when you get started. Better luck this time, January 6 did not really work out well. How many hundreds are in jail now? How many of them screamed about the treasons?

      And with regards to the virus, the vaccine, and anything else you hate that starts with a V, it appears that for the most part, only conservatives go to the hospital and die at this point. Might be below 2000 people a day now, not sure the week is early.

      So, best luck on charging someone with treason and then being able to get some rest. Stay away from the vaccine, congregate frequently with like-minded citizens. Knock yourself out. Meanwhile, we, will just continue on, vaccinated, staying out of the hospital, and getting on with our lives.

      • JaMes

        You didn’t vote him out. You cheated him out. And your brain dead president hasn’t passed any of his pet legislation. But you morons keep sucking his dick

    • Ben


      Only one of the last two Presidents got a love letter from China, and it wasn’t Joe Biden.

      Now we know why you served in the Marines… you ASVAB wasn’t high enough for the Army.