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Despite Not Being the Nominee, a Majority of Biden Voters Still  Want Michelle Obama!

Despite Not Being the Nominee, a Majority of Biden Voters Still  Want Michelle Obama!

Despite now clinching the nomination, a vast majority of 2020 Biden voters still say they would rather vote for Michelle Obama.

Even while the former First Lady has adamantly said she will under no circumstances usurp Joe Biden and run for the White House, 75% of people who voted for Biden in 2020 said they would prefer to vote for Michelle if only she would run. According to the quite recent Newsweek poll, Michelle Obama not only gets 75% support among those who voted for Biden in 2020, but she also gets 21% of those who voted for former President Donald Trump in the past presidential election, according to the Redfield and Wilton Strategies poll conducted for Newsweek.

Also, 45% of those polled support Biden ending his presidential campaign. Biden clinched the Democrat presidential nomination Tuesday night without a serious primary challenge.

“As former first lady Michelle Obama has expressed several times over the years, she will not be running for president,” Michelle Obama’s office Communications Director Crystal Carson told NBC News recently.

“Mrs. Obama supports President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ reelection campaign.”

But Americans are not supportive of Biden, whose 37.4% approval rating is at a record low, according to the poll.

Redfield and Wilton Strategies polled 1,500 U.S. adults, and the margin of error is +/- 2.53 percentage points.

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  1. Dan tyree

    Getting moooshell as the front runner would change nothing. That one is just as stupid as joe as far as politics

  2. Good Luck

    I would not vote for Michelle if she was the last person on Earth.

  3. Ron C

    It would be another first for the democrats, first man to transition to a woman president! But it would be the end of the constitutional republic!

  4. Ron C

    A number of people want? And exactly what is that number? Three by maybe four?

    • Gerald Mann

      There must be a lot more Gay floke then we realize , that think looks like a baboon that was ridden hard and put away wett!!

  5. Gerald Mann

    That has got to be a bad joke ! First of all Michell is a man and should be referred to as Michael that is why photographers could not take pictures of him when he was facing into the wind , secondly the he/she has no idea what to do it is no kind of politician, also if somehow the Demorrats manage to sneak it into the oval , I think the country would breakout into riots like you would not believe! The people have been through enough , Biden has screwed up our country more then enough, we have millions of illegals coming across the borders and a lot of cartel , and fentanyl, and just about other shit America was not made to put up with ! Lets face it we had an enjoyable country until Biden snuck into the Oval Office and after that dimwit started giving orders I think most of America realized that the populus screwed up ! I mean the USA was number one for so many years right now we are trailing behind a few third world nations ! Lets get our country back , lets put Trump in and take and make America Back to the most looked up to power out there !!


      This from a guy who is so sensitive about his own masculinity that he names himself Mann to remind others what he really is.

      Mann Up Yours.

      • Gerald Mann

        Well asshole thats my family name Mann and any time you would like to meet and learn the lesson your folks should have taught you and something I learned while in my job as a Marine Snipe in South East Asia I would be delighted to teach you what yur parents should have taught you !!

        • Americafirst

          Are you so sure about Mann? Maybe you are transgender. Pick a fight, get a fight. You comment was a low blow even for you. You opened the door. What’re you gonna do now? Man up or woman up. Which is it? You are absolutely disgusting and getting worse by the hour. Who died and made you owner of this site? Prove what you are. C’mon, show the proof!

        • Americafirst

          Go get him, Gerald. He’s had it coming for a long time. I do not understand why sites let so much hate takae them over.


          ding ding ding, we have a winner. call for lythium on aisle 4 for Mr. Mann…… it’s a internet nervous breakdown. You don’t have to use your real name if it’s gonna make you so defensive. I’ll try to keep it down lest you have a flashback to the jungle.

          OK you little snipe. I didn’t know the marines taught that. But you do realizen this is an anonymous website with virtual people and physical threats probably don’t have much effect except for folks to realize you have emotionally lost it being so defensive over some comments. My God, it’s the internet, you don’t stand a chance if you breakdown that fast.

          But, if that’s how marines do it, go for it. 401 Prospect Street, East Orange, NJ — the apartments. I will be there at 7pm tonight before I get my worlds-best Pizza at Star Tavern. I’m sure you won’t slow me down for the za. It’s East Orange dresscode, good luck with that. No marine I have ever have that kind of emotional breakdown. Usually can hold it together better than useless physical threats on a anonymous website. What are you going to do, snipe me? And once again, glad you would be “delighted,” like a real Marine. And re: my parents —- least I knew them…… Oh yeah, one was in a real war too.

          OK — seriously —- sorry if you be offended over the name dig. just tweaked me a bit with your bullshit about michelle being a gender bender. Just figured no real marine would sink so low so I figurred your name was a fabrication like everything else you said. Sorry, I apologize, and I will not make fun of your name anymore. Still getting that pizza though.

  6. Robin W Boyd

    More liberal minded American citizens who are so easily deceived by Progressive/Communist rhetoric may believe they have to vote for anyone but Trump, but they are also in a bind as to also preferring to support anyone but Biden to go up against Trump. It is a shame our more liberal minded American brothers and sisters do not understand that Trump will do more for them as American citizens than any Progressive Democrat will do for them as special interest groups.

    • Gerald Mann

      Truer words where never spoken , If we all remember right , before the Dimocraps got crazy and took President Trump out of his position as president ( I for the life of me cannot understand why the Dimorats were so hot to put an idiot into the Presidency! Biden has done absolutely nothing for our country or our people except having millions into our country causing Americans the loss of homes and rental apartments , not to mention jobs lots of our citizens lost jobs because the illegals work for chump change and they certainly have caused millions of citizens to stay in their houses to avoid being raped, robed , or otherwise killed ! Lets get Trump back in office hopefully four years will be enough to get our country back on our feet !!!

    • Mike f

      And right here-you have the difference between republicans and democrats. Republicans look at a candidate and try to figure out what they will do for them personally-democrats look at how the country will benefit. Unfortunately, those voting Republican think they are getting something (measly tax breaks under trump-massive tax breaks for the rich and corporations). Oh but the inflation-better than the rest of the world under Biden, different place after Covid than before. Oh but the immigrants-then tell your representatives to do something about it and vote for the bill the border patrol endorsed. Trump is batshit crazy and stupid, but still you folks think he is the messiah-he is a crook, zero morals, total narcissist, wannabe dictator-voted worst president ever. And yet that is who you people want to represent us on the world stage? Deplorable…

      • Richard

        Mike F as in fag at least we have a candidate that has the smarts to MAGA. Not a retarded old man to stupid to wipe his ass

  7. John d cole

    Mike hasn’t had a job since 1993 and has zero work ethics.