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DeSantis Will Not Get Back In Race No Matter What Happens to Trump

DeSantis Will Not Get Back In Race No Matter What Happens to Trump

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis insists there is no way he will get back in the 2024 presidential race, regardless of the outcome of Donald Trump’s mounting legal troubles.

“He is going to have the delegates, and so it will all be in his hands,” DeSantis said Saturday on the Fox News Channel.

DeSantis said he didn’t see “any situation where he would bow out even in the face of criminal convictions,” noting that “voters” had to “make the decision” about whether Trump’s legal woes meant to them.

“I raised that as a concern when I was running and, you know, not enough voters thought that that was something that they were concerned about at least,” DeSantis told Fox host Brian Kilmeade.

The Governor, who endorsed Trump when he got out of the race before the New Hampshire Primary, did his one-time rival a solid by criticizing Nikki Haley’s attacks on Trump ahead of next Saturday’s South Carolina Primary, saying she was playing to “very liberal Democrats” in Iowa, as he claimed to see at the caucuses.

“They had N95 masks on, they had shirts that had liberal slogans on. That was a core part of her strategy: to appeal to those people … people who aren’t kind of stock Republicans, and that’s just not going to work in a Republican primary, but it’s definitely not going to work against somebody who is as well known and has already been President, like Donald Trump,” DeSantis said.

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