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DeSantis Will Not Drop Out and Endorse Trump!

DeSantis Will Not Drop Out and Endorse Trump!

Recently, giving his most definitive answer yet, a defiant Ron DeSantis said he would not drop out of the race nor offer his endorsement to Donald Trump.

In an interview with ABC News, despite his low poll numbers, the Florida governor said that regardless of what happens in Iowa next week, he is staying in the race.

DeSantis said he plans to do “well” in the caucuses but promised to stay in the primary for the “long haul” regardless of the results.

“We’ve done everything we need to do,” he said.

About a week after the caucuses, DeSantis will compete in the New Hampshire primary but has lost substantial ground there, per polls, and now trails rival Nikki Haley.

“I like to be written off. I like to be the underdog,” he told Scott.

Trump has said on the campaign trail that DeSantis is going to leave the race right after Iowa and endorse him.

“That’s a lie, totally fabricated,” DeSantis told ABC News. “But, you know, they do that because they want some of the caucusgoers to think, well, I’ll do it.”

However, as further evidence of his failed candidacy, DeSantis has shown an increased willingness to attack Trump directly. In the same ABC News interview, he challenged Trump’s recent comment about “negotiating” a settlement to the Civil War.

“I don’t even know what he’s talking about,” DeSantis told ABC’s Rachel Scott of Trump’s remarks. “I mean, Lincoln did what he had to do. He ended up ushering in the abolition of slavery, and he saved the Union. That’s a huge victory for the Republican Party.”

Among other remarks about the “War Between the States,” Trump said that had Lincoln negotiated the issues rather than fought a war over them, “nobody would have even heard of Abraham Lincoln.”

“So, I don’t know. Relitigating that doesn’t make much sense to me,” DeSantis added. In a statement, a Trump spokesperson slammed critics of what he said about the Civil War, blaming “elitists” for “spew[ing] their hatred.”

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  1. MikefromTexas

    Another back stabber. Got Trumps backing when he ran for governor but now he says heck with him.

  2. Darren

    DeSantis is still a Politician, Trump was NOT!

  3. rick

    DeSantis is the better man, but I do not want to lose him in FL. Trump still pushing the poison dart has turned me off on him, and I now believe he is working for the dark side along with Frank Stetson and the demoncrats.


    Rick, are you alluding to the covid vaccine, or something else? Cuz if it’s covid, the numbers point in another direction as to safety and efficacy. You have to avoid belief in the experts, the data, science, and the government all as liars to come up with your emotional conclusion.

    Ten Thousand died from covid last month world-wide and we call that “better.” We in the US are losing 1,500 a week versus around 150 for flu. Do the math to realize versus the world, we still suck at covid. We seem comfortable about that, still reject the vaccines, mask’s, distancing, even meds when we contract it. I question why so many die from the flu so you know where I stand on covid, and while I understand the misinformed, like you, my cake is really frosted at the government taking it’s hand off the tiller and not even giving us relevant information to protect our families. Sure, it’s mostly just the old folk and the unvaccinated folks, but mostly old — so who cares about wiping a generation out before their time to the point of lowering our life expectancy in the US by 2.4 years although we have gained some of that back, but not all. We basically lost 20 years of progress due to people not taking appropriate actions re: covid. Hopefully, the current surge will be just that and we will cycle back to lower trends. Cause sure as fuck we ain’t doing much about it. We can’t even give you fresher data than a week or two back, wouldn’t want to excite anyone……….

    Funny, you think I am from the Dark Side just for having different ideas. Trust me, if you met me, you would not even notice my liberal political stance. Generally, never comes up in day-to-day dealings with folks. And I am just a lonesome Jersey cowboy with guns, horses, and a pick me up. I hunt, I fish, no much anymore, but did a lot pre Jersey. Spent a lot of time in and around WV, seem to get along with most in coal country too.

    Just don’t know why it’s so important for you to have anonymous villains in your life to point fingers at for your own problems. I mean I don’t like Trump the man, or Trumpism the policies, but they really don’t affect my day to day that much and I rarely conclude all Republicans mimic Trump.

    • rick

      If you took the mRNA darts, I think you are living on borrowed time. Of course we are all living on borrowed time, but it is dumb to hurry it along unless you just want to check out. Obviously you trust the drug companies and CNN. If you could not see that something was and is horribly wrong with the whole coofid fiasco, then I don’t think you have very good judgment about you Frank, and being a liberal shows your bad judgment too. You must be getting your numbers from the very ones that are wanting to maim and kill you. I have seen several people get turbo cancer and die fast, and they were healthy before they got the darts. There are many other strange illnesses , blood clots and deaths happening to those that trusted the evil behind this whole thing too. I have never seen the powers that should not be (uncle joe and the demoncrats) , the president of the USA go on television and tell the American people, ” We have been patient, but our patience is wearing thin.”) If you cannot see it Frank, there is no amount of explaining it to you that will help.

      I do not feel like you are completely anonymous other than your real name and address. I have read many of your comments. I used to read more of them until I realized that you are hopeless, so now I only read them once in a while. I do not wish you any harm and I do not hate you or anything like that. I hope you will be alright. I do know a couple of people (coworkers) that got the pokes and they seem to be OK although they have some strange things such as a lot of goo in their eyes and an odd odor emitting from them. One co worker had to quit working because this persons feet broke out in a terrible rash (I mean bad) and were very painful after getting the jabs. This very person took photos of their feet and knows that it was from being the pin cushion and will never take another. It ruined the persons life. The evil ruined many peoples lives and took their jobs and businesses away because they have common sense. It is just a bad flu. I had it and it was the first time in twenty five years that I had to call in sick at work. I got over it and now I have far better immunity than those who were pin cushions and now have lost much of their immune system. My dad 90 had the flu too, and he was very sick, but he recovered at home. If he would have gone to the hospital, they would have killed him with resveritrol and a ventilator. The thousands you say have died from the coofid actually died from the pokes because their immune systems are shot because of the shots. If you believe that people should be forced submit to experimental treatments against their will, you are a communist! If the shots you believe in are so weak that it does not work unless I get one too, that is not a very good shot.

      Did you get a free hamburger and fries, or a free beer, or a free lottery ticket?

      Anyway Frank, I do not think there is much hope for our country. It is being destroyed on purpose. I don’t know how you cannot see that.
      I’m glad you are a cowboy though and you have good writing skills. Better than mine for sure.


        Rick believes “If you took the mRNA darts, I think you are living on borrowed time.” The borrowed time includes: “turbo cancer” of which Rick has seen “several people” get after the jab and die fast. I am sorry for your extreme loss since the statistical chance of this happening to you is extremely rare. However, it is an anecdote, and anecdote are stories, not statistical truths. In this case, turbo cancer is a piece of seemingly misinformation that has be shot down consistently since 2020 when it was “invented.” IOW, you have no proof and I am guessing can’t even come up with several death certificates for people you know with turbo cancer caused by an MRNA jab. Rick also states: “There are many other strange illnesses, blood clots and deaths happening to those that trusted.” Of course, no proof, evidence, facts, or sources, much less that the vaccine actually caused it.

        Similar shit was smeared on the flu vaccine decades ago, none proved true.

        MRNA technology, discovered in the 60’s, first deployed in the 70’s, and first tested in humans in the 2010’s. It’s taken it’s time to be developed but has been around for a long time and while not deployed widely, it has been studied and was our best bet for the fastest development ever. One study estimated 2.4M lives saved in first 8 months of jabs, over 14 million in the first year. We lose 600K to cancer every year. Even if vaccine causes cancer, looks like a fair exchange. But it does not.

        It works and, yes, we could still find problems. But we haven’t yet and today we have 5.5B people across the globe, over 72% of the world, with the jab. Over 5B, 67% have gotten multiple jabs. Turbo cancer has not been evidenced as a significant outcome. Nor any other of the imagined evils of mrna vaccines that you have proposed. I am not saying you are wrong, I am saying there is much proof that you are not right and cannot prove that you are.

        I may be going to hell in a handbasket, but at least I am in good company of 5.5B and enjoying the ride. IF, and when, something comes up, I feel we will address it given the numbers of people having gotten the jab and, so far, have not suffered any of this crap that looks like misinformation.

        In total, vaccines are one of the safest medical procedures we have. The safety record is extremely good. Testing is rigorous and as safe as a NASA space shot. Yes, issues have arisen, but they are rare and they are very transparent about it. Since the 1901 contamination, the government stepped in with testing regulations, the manufacturers embrace them as a profit generator, and the safety results have been extraordinary. Research vaccine safety record and be impressed. Safe as a NASA space shot.

        I name your belief as misinformation in that you cannot prove it. It is not opinion, it is wrong. A few anecdotal pieces of data, as sad as I am for you for that, do not change the statistical proof that you are wrong. You can read WIKI for the debunk efforts, many experts, you can see the world count of vaccinated people if you JFGI, and same for studies of demographics of severe covid outcomes showing that, statistically, Trumpers in red areas are at higher risk of serve covid outcome due to smaller rates of vaccination. Lack of vaccination is a statistical marker for higher risk of severe outcome. At 1,500 dead a week still, that’s 30 people per state, per week, IMO this is a significant reason to get the jab, especially if either over 65 or in a high-risk group.

        You might be right, but the data says you are wrong and there’s over 70% of the world that proves you wrong, and it’s been over four years now. You may believe they are all liars, all protecting their place and profits, so doctors, scientists, government – state and fed, everyone is complicit in this great fraud. That is your right.

        If you generically feel all liberals exercise poor judgement, generically feel everyone is lying to make some money, hold power, whatever, I am pretty sure facts will not be your friends and your mind will not be changed. You will continue to skip the vaccine and proclaim you are right because you are still standing. But you cannot prove all that you claim, and each claim might be explained as pure bunk without any facts to support, evidence to prove, or even many experts on your side, except the Surgeon General of Florida. That’s a small crowd for support.

        • Dan tyree

          Unvaccinated and proud of it.

          • FRANK STETSON

            What’s to be proud of? What did you prove? That you beat the average statistics? You showed the doctors? You outsmarted the scientists? You beat back government intrusion into you life? Heck, there’s people out there, unvaccinated, that have lived with folks with covid and not gotten it.

            Have you skipped all your other vaccines?
            Did your kids opt out?

            Are you totally off all medicines or just the ones Trump created?

            You may have great genes, pure dumb luck, or a unnecessary tragedy waiting to happen all over something that mitigates a great risk at a minimal risk.

            Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall. P16:18 KJV
            Go in peace.

  5. Dan tyree

    My otherwise healthy brother almost died from blood clots in his lungs after getting the jab. And others I know are suffering because of it. I’ll be fine. If it’s not my time to go I’ll be okay


    I am so sorry for your brother and glad he made it. And I am glad you have made it and expect if you keep on doing what you are doing, you will be fine. I honestly could care less about individual decisions until you make stupid decisions that affect others that you take with you.

    Re covid vaccines and blood clots, the science currently says mrna vaccines are low risk but J&J does have some risk, but less than the risk of getting clots after contracting covid. Here’s the J&J link and the mrna link. Glad that your bro made it and maybe, just maybe, it was better than the covid clot route.



    • Dan tyree

      Thank Frank

  7. Frank stetson

    No problem Dan and trust me when I say I don’t 100% trust the medical community. I think CDC is lost in politics, the govt gets lost especially in the election cycle, and drug pushers are that. Plus we keep treating it like a typical market when it is uniquely different. If any other market engaged in these practices, especially the pricing, we would cut all that crap with regulations.

    What other market establishes a retail price that most consumers pay a minor fraction off but the poorest pay full retail which is covered by the ones who got the discount. It’s crazy and broken.

    Vaccines are the new gold mine for sure. I’m on generation 2 for shingles and pneumonia cuz new and improved. Used to be one n done. Crazy.

    Plus, we are the greatest nation with the best science in the world and we made up the 6ft rule? I can blow pot smoke 20 feet and see it hovering. We never tested since 2020. The touch crap was based on another disease from like 2016 and we couldn’t update? Today we get data standardly once a week back covering data a week old meaning we ate two weeks behind something that can surge in days. Maybe fast is overkilled, but slow gwts people killed. I understand everyone wants to move on but is ignoring really a dmart idea?

    IMO, the US failed miserably on covid. Trump failed, Biden has failed so he can have a better chance to be elected, and we the people have failed to hold them to account. There are so many better examples that we should all be ashamed.

    Thanks Dan, I needed that 😁