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DeSantis Says Trump Lost in 2020! 

DeSantis Says Trump Lost in 2020! 

With few exceptions, such as Chris Christie, none of the other candidates vying for the GOP nomination have disputed President Trump’s continued view that the White House was stolen from him. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, whose distant second-place campaign has been floundering, is hoping to get some media oxygen by recently saying, “Of course Trump Lost.”

DeSantis made the comments in an interview with NBC News airing on the “NBC Nightly News.” The Florida governor said, “Whoever puts their hand on the Bible on Jan. 20 every four years is the winner,” while mentioning several concerns with how the 2020 presidential election was administered. Pressed for an answer on whether Trump lost, DeSantis responded, “No, of course, he lost.”

“Joe Biden’s the president,” he said.

In response to that interview, Trump spokesperson Steve Cheung told NBC News that DeSantis “should really stop being Joe Biden’s biggest cheerleader.”

DeSantis’s admission represents his first major break from Trump, who did support DeSantis’s reelection for governor, and Trump’s support was largely responsible for DeSantis’s victory. His apparent acceptance of the outcome of the 2020 election is also a break from the majority of GOP voters. A CBS News/YouGov poll in May found that 69% of likely Republican primary voters said they don’t consider President Biden to be the legitimate winner of the 2020 election. That denial has held firm despite the insistence from the left that the 2020 election was the most secure in history.

Meanwhile, in the wake of his floundering presidential bid, DeSantis fired his campaign manager. Earlier this week, the Florida governor replaced Generra Peck in what is the third major reshuffling of his operations. Peck will be shifted to the role of chief strategist as part of the new order. Taking her place at the top of the campaign will be James Uthmeier, who has served as chief of staff in DeSantis’ governor’s office.

One person close to the campaign, who spoke to Politico anonymously and so was free to discuss the issue, said that Peck’s removal was “no surprise. Should have happened a few weeks ago.”

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  1. Dan tyree

    Trump did lose. Thanks to voter fraud

  2. frank stetson

    Soon, one more time, we will prove, The Big Lie is aptly named. This time adjudicated in a court of law, that you have been completely bamboozled and have your head firmly implanted up your ass. Or you will have to decide the DOJ, FBI, courts, Trump’s associates, friends, and family all all in on the 2020 Greatest Con of All Time because the truth is:


    Donald J. Trump and his supplicants have lied to you, many will be punished as they should be IF proven guilty, and some will be.
    You supporters of Trump have gone to jail, been injured, even died fighting for his lie
    You define insanity continuing to repeat the same stupidity over and over and over.

    Wake up and smell the coffee.

    He lost over 61 court cases trying to prove voter fraud. Apparently he did WIN one case in PA where the judge ruled voters had 3 days after the election to provide proper ID and “cure” their ballots which changed absolutely NOTHING.

    His court cases did prove one thing: DONALD J TRUMP IS A TOTAL LOSER

    Then there were a half dozen recounts at the State level, mostly by Trump people. He LOST every one.

    His recounts did confirm one thing: DONALD J TRUMP IS STILL A TOTAL LOSER

    Then he went twice went to the TRUMP Supreme Court and Trump was turned away by the Trump Supreme Court proving DONALD J TRUMP is a supreme loser too. His own hand-picked court would not even lower themselves for these lies.

    This is not a new story for Trump who has claimed that over 6 different elections were “rigged,” and each time — he lost again.

    On election day in 2012, Trump tweeted that there were “reports of voting machines switching Romney votes to Obama.”

    “Pay close attention to the machines, don’t let your vote be stolen,” he said.

    In 2016, Cruz crushed Trump in Iowa and Trump tweeted, “Ted Cruz didn’t win Iowa, he stole it. That is why all of the polls were so wrong and why he got far more votes than anticipated. Bad!”

    Trump said the 2016 Democratic primary was “rigged” against Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., before the vote. He did that again in 2020 —- before the freakin vote. In 2020, Trump created his task force to investigate election fraud which disbanded without finding any evidence to support the president’s claims. He LOST again. Trump alleged “fraud” in the 2018 midterm elections, fraud against Sanders, again, in 2020. Lost, lost, and lost again.

    The man lies. The man cheats. The man defrauds. The man defames. The one thing he does well: LOSE. As these multiple trials begin in the Spring we will adjudicate the big lie one more time. Hopefully, you can put this incredible fabrication in your flat Earth lock box and throw away the key.

    • Paul

      Says who? You , please .

      • Frank stetson

        Paul: the facts.

        62 courts said Trump’s big lie is a lie; many times with Trump judges. A half dozen recounts with Trump counters could not prove the lie was anything but Trump’s lie . The Trump Supreme Court didn’t even want to wade in on lie and said so. .

        He does not even spend his own money on this, it’s all borne by believers like you.

        Why can’t you see that instead of listening to Rudy, Sydney, Clarke, and Trump? Disbarred, defeated, and indicted, the only thing propping them up is you. If the money goes thin, he will plead.

        Not only would only an idiot believe Trump on this one, at this time but that proof is in the pudding of every dollar you send the guy which he then spends to defend the lie which gets him more money. You’re not supporting a campaign, you’re supporting a lie. It’s the circle of grift with you suckers in the middle.

  3. Tom

    Yes, this Independent/Unaffiliated voter did observe that Trump lost. And so did Barr his DOJ head. All Bill’s article did was to show that the Trump base still resides in an alternate reality!