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DeSantis Continues to Plunge As Nikki Haley Surges!    

DeSantis Continues to Plunge As Nikki Haley Surges!    

Former UN ambassador Nikki Haley has surged nationally in a new exclusive USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll, challenging a faltering Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as the top alternative to Donald Trump for the GOP presidential nomination.

Haley’s support has risen to 11% of registered voters who plan to vote in GOP primaries or caucuses, up from 4% in the USA TODAY/Suffolk poll taken in June and just 1 percentage point below DeSantis. His 12% standing was a steep fall from his 23% support four months ago.

However, despite the battle between DeSantis and Haley for a dismal second place, Trump continues to dominate the field, now at 58%, up another 10 points since the last USA TODAY poll.

The survey of 309 Republican and Republican-leaning voters, taken Tuesday through Friday by landline and cellphone, has a margin of error of plus or minus 5.6 percentage points.

Haley already has edged narrowly ahead of DeSantis In New Hampshire and South Carolina, which hold early contests on the primary calendar.

The two contenders have been targeting each other, sparring in public over Mideast policy and competing in private with appeals to major Republican donors.

DeSantis did not pull any punches jabbing at his now direct rival, suggesting himself and in attack ads by a PAC that a “President Haley” would allow refugees from war-torn Gaza into the US, and by implication, Hamas terrorists along with them.

Haley said she didn’t support any such idea and accused DeSantis of distorting her previous remarks.

As to the rest of the contenders, none scored higher than 3% in the new poll, all of them losing modest ground since June. South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott and tech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy were at 3%. Former Vice President Mike Pence, former New Jersey governor Chris Christie, North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum, and talk show host Larry Elder were at 1%.

In this new poll, which had Haley gaining significant ground, she did better among men than women, and she showed particular strength in the Midwest and the Northeast. She drew more support than DeSantis among college graduates and among political independents. He was somewhat stronger among Republicans.

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  1. Dan tyree

    Someday we will have our first woman president. I hope it’s not one of the bimbos on the left. Niki would be great for America

    • Jude

      I do not think Haley would be a good President. She was in government previously and of course, Governor of SC. I am sick to death of all of these women in government. I am a woman (82 years old) so I have seen how far this country has come over the decades and most of it has not been good. Could it be because God has been removed from everything?

    • ross

      Incredible…The women who advocates for unlimited Pali refugees to the US? That one?? The rank and file of the GOP is a waste of carbon. We never learn.

  2. Elizabeth A Conley

    I do not understand the appeal of this warmongering neocon. Many young people seem infatuated with her, and yet she’s a total disaster geopolitically. Is it that they just want an attractive young woman on the ballot, to score points off Democrats? It sure isn’t Nikki’s proposed platform.

  3. Mad Celt

    Why the obsession with losers?

  4. frank stetson

    MC — good point.

    Then again, why be obsessed with the leader anymore either?

    Republicans need a bigger, better boat, and the current slate does not cut it as noted by the new Speaker. Innocent until proven guilty and I will not condemn him on record yet (20 weeks for abortion seems fair as long as a life–of-either exceptions built in), so I will wait and see how the gavel bangs.

    But it does look ever more like the Trumplicant party —- up to the House.

    • Tom

      The only Repub that seemed to speak the truth and have some sense was Doug Burgum. But right now, the party of Trump is not interested in truth. They are interested in revenge power politics. But I would take Nikki or Ron over another term of Joe or Trump. Then I would limit her by voting Dems for the House. I do not mind if the GOP needs a bigger boat. What bothers me is that the Dems have such a tiny boat. It reminds me of the old Tidy Bowl commercial with that guy (Joe) sitting solo in a tiny row boat in a toilet tank.

      20 weeks for abortion is fair for who? Mother? Fetus? I guess in Heaven the big talk from fetus spirit to fetus spirit goes like this, “Well at least you got to live 20 weeks, I only got to live 6 weeks in Texas. Hell, they scraped me before I could grow a penis!”

      As far as the new speaker, seems to far right for me but I will wait and watch as I cringe. Independents / Unaffiliated voters like moderates but we also like results and good functioning government without the layers of bullshit. I will wait and see because he may only be in the position a year.

      • Frank stetson

        Tom, you and I are never going to agree on the topic of abortion. However, my point was that to set an interval, that is so short that most people find out they’re pregnant after that interval is stupid. A lot of people have problem with late term abortions and so an interval is suggested. if there is to be an interval, I think it needs to be realistic.. I would hope that most to choose this path would do so well before 20 weeks.

        Again, as I have said to you in the past, the actual time. Should be left up to the experts. In this case, I would gather the speaker of the house conferred with the experts. It’s his number, not mine.

        • Tom

          I agree, let it up to the experts. I have already offered them 12 weeks but would agree up to 15 based on the development of the fetus not feeling pain. 20 weeks the nervous system is fairly developed and pain would exist. Also, what is real troubling is we have no laws to guide failed abortions. You know, when the chemical abortion does not work and the baby is born anyway. Yes it is a mess. We will maybe never totally agree but I do not think we are that far apart.

          • Frank stetson

            Tom, never knew that happened. What’s the stats on that?

            15 weeks, sure, if expert confirmed. The 20 weeks is just whatvthe speaker voted for. 16 better for easy figuring in whole months. But let the flippin doctors decide IMO.

  5. nic bargo


    • Dan tyree

      Yes. I believe that

    • spaceman spiff

      Me too… This would be a great platform for evangelism. Nowhere else needs it more than the Government.

      • Tom

        A government with evangelism is called a “Theocracy”. That is what the Iranian people have. They have a supreme leader and a council of 12 evangelists called mullahs. If we are not careful the AOC’s and Tlaibs of the world will be our government. Our government is actually set up that it cannot be a theocracy. That is sort of what they had (a mix of parliament and Church of England) when our revolutionary war broke out.

        • Dan tyrer

          People should choose what to believe or not believe. It’s called free will. I believe in the Bible as truth but I understand that some people don’t or see things differently.

        • Frank stetson

          Having just brushed up on Iran, you are correct but the actual workings on who’s who in the zoo and associated power is complex. Plus, outside your comments, we used to think the Iranian people were pretty well educated, only in the middle today, and leaned West. Not sure of the later given all this time under authoritarian theocracy. The internet is a great assimilator, but did it penetrate the curtain?

          Personally, either bring then to the table, reinstall the agreement with much more on top or turn Israel loose to deal with them and we can pick up any spillage. Enough!

          • Frank stetson

            Fyi: China gets most of iranian oil so doin them means goodbye oil fields first for the win-win.

  6. JoeyP

    Neither one is winning against POTUS Trump . . . So, WHAT’s the POINT?!? They’re both good candidates (better than ANYTHING the Democrats have to offer), but Trump is the MAN to beat. I don’t care HOW good you are!

    • Tom

      The point is that there needs to be a plan B incase Trump has to campaign from jail.

  7. Just Sayin'

    TC,,,there’s no bigger loser than our current Manchurian President.

  8. Tom

    Convict Trump. Send him to jail to look at a wall he did not build. Clear the slate for someone new.

    • Frank stetson

      Tom, I do not think that Trump should end up in jail. At most, give the man house arrest. He was president of our country. I want to respect that accomplishment and, more important, the office. Frankly, the way things are going, there’s a good chance he will lose his business, lose his name and fame, and pretty much be in a prison of his own mind anyway. If the rabid right, finally dumps on Trump, it will be worse than prison.

      • Tom

        Ok Frank. See, we can agree. Hey if its worse for Trump, good. I think part of his sentence should be a ban where he cannot use social media or be interviewed by or give opinion to anyone for them to publish on social media. And he should get a minimum of 1000 hourse of community service somewhere. :>)

  9. ross

    Most of the GOP rank and file want sound bites, ‘owning the libs’ and memes. Little wonder that we lose on every issue.

  10. Frank stetson

    Community service? Trump? Definition of oxymoron? 😁

    • Joe lucas

      Neither of you idiots are good enough to kiss Trump’s ass

      • frank stetson

        You know Joe —– we come here to share ideas, like the thought of Trump doing community service is a bit ironic, but perhaps I WAS a bit over the name calling ad hominem line, and if you think so, I apologize to you and am sorry.

        But if we are here to call each other names, let’s get down to it so fire away

        • Joe lucas

          Stupid asshole. Ok your turn

  11. Frank stetson

    Nope. I can’t sink to that level at the present time. Feel free to continue though. You win!