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Dennis Lynch Proves How Corrupt the Clinton Campaign is

The former host of the DML Report on Newsmax, Dennis Michael Lynch has been extensively investigating the Clinton campaign and the DNC.

“For months I have been on here fighting for Trump, but for the remaining time leading up to the election I will be fighting against Hillary,” said Lynch on the DML Report.

In August 8th, he reported that he had discovered that 5 deaths had connections to the Clinton and the DNC. Watch the video here.

However, on August 10, he was informed by a Newsmax executive that he no longer would be able to select his show topic. Instead, these topics would be fed directly to him from the CEO, Chris Ruddy, and a team in Florida.

The reason for this wasn’t explained. Not to mention, the DENNIS MICHAEL LYNCH: UNFILTERED program was the highest rated one on the network for the eight months it has aired.  

Then something strange happened.

“During my LIVE broadcast on Wednesday night, I voiced frustration over being restricted in my ability to inform people about Hillary Clinton.  But before I could finish the segment I was unplugged.  Meaning, the audience was left with blackness for the 2-minutes leading to a commercial break,” said Lynch.  

When the show did return, it was replaced by a rerun episode with a different host. Then the next day, Lynch was fired.

The former hosr has a theory why he was abruptly let go.

“Ruddy is a 7-figure donor to the Clinton Foundation. Aside from Ruddy being the founder of a self-proclaimed conservative network, what makes the donation strange is that years ago Ruddy investigated the death of a Clinton staffer named Vince Foster.  The death was classified as a suicide, but Ruddy believed Foster was murdered and that foul play stemmed back to the Clintons and the Whitewater scandal,” said Lynch. “Today, Ruddy is lunch buddies with Bill Clinton.  How he went from attack dog to mega donor I’ll never know, but I’ve always suspected the sudden censorship of my content, and my immediate firing, stemmed to my investigation into the 5 deaths, and my vow to dig deep into Hillary’s past. There are other events that support my opinion, but I’ll save those for another time.”

Evidence about Lynch’s speculations about Puddy was found in the recent Wikileaks release. Apparently, Ruddy was providing information to Clinton’s Campaign Chairman John Podesta he learned from Republican lawmakers. These emails were then forward to the White House and were marked “priority.” 

Then Rudy sent an email to Podesta about an article he wrote “Defending the Clinton Foundation.” 

This leaked email proves that Clinton has control over the media. Lynch was just one of the many who has been censored because of the Clinton campaign.  

The Clinton Foundation only donates 6% to charity, instead most of the money goes elsewhere, like to foreign governments. As Lynch says, “the hacked emails suggests that Hillary uses the Clinton Foundation as a Pay For Play scheme — she gets rich and powerful by selling access to her donors.”

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