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Denmark Takes Action with Border Checks to Regulate the Migrant Influx

Denmark Takes Action with Border Checks to Regulate the Migrant Influx

With the excess of migrants fleeing from the hostile Middle East, Sweden, Norway and Denmark are certainly feeling the growing pains. So much so that these countries have been forced to step up border controls.

Denmark is following suit after its Scandinavian neighbor Sweden started enforcing that all passengers traveling from Denmark on train show ID. This move, started by the country on Monday, caused a rapid domino effect. Just a few hours later, Denmark announced that they too would be stepping up controls at their German border. This precaution was put in place to limit the number of refugees that would start getting trapped in Denmark.

“You will see more and more countries forced to introduce temporary border controls,” said Lars Loekke Rasmussen, the Prime Minister of Denmark. Denmark has continued to defend its decision. “The government doesn’t want Denmark to become a new big destination for refugees.”

With the spike of refugees in Sweden, the country’s crime rate is the highest it has ever been. So, it was time for the country to start regulating the mass immigration more seriously. The Swedish Justice and Migration Minister, Morgan Johansson has reported that 115,000 asylum seekers have arrived in the country from September through December. “If we hadn’t introduced ID controls, I’m worried we’d soon have the same situation again, with about 100,000 people in just a few months in the spring, and that’s something our reception system couldn’t handle,” said Johansson.

These new border control rules have been effective. On the first day that they were implemented, only one asylum seeker had arrived across the bridge by train. To put things in perspective, a few months ago it was reported that more than 1,000 asylum seekers were crossing the bridge daily.

However, Denmark’s border controls are not going to be as rigorous. The country will be doing ID spot checks versus all riders being stopped. Ordinary Danes and Germans will have no problem crossing the border.

But what will the effect be on the Denmark and Sweden economic relations? Well, from what we can tell, not a good one. Denmark has started to see a decline of business from traveling. Less travelers are using the train. Not to mention the influx in costs from Danish officials checking IDs on the Danish side.  

So, the result of the mass immigration from the Middle-East is proving to be detrimental to European economy. 

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