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Dems to Control State Elections with John Lewis Bill

Dems to Control State Elections with John Lewis Bill

House Democrats are moving forward with an election bill that would give the federal government increased control over states’ voting procedures. Republicans view the bill as federal overreach, while Democrats say it is necessary to protect minority voters’ access to polls amid GOP efforts to tighten election security. 

The proposal is named after John Lewis, a Martin Luther King aide, congressman, and champion of civil rights for Black Americans whose severe beating at the hands of Alabama police in 1965 led to the passage of the Voting Rights Act. Lewis died from pancreatic cancer in 2020. 

The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act is a redrafting of the For the People Act, which was approved by House lawmakers earlier this year. The original proposal, which required states to allow mail-in and absentee voting for any reason, failed in the Senate after receiving support from just one Republican. 

The revised legislation takes a different approach, instead requiring states to obtain federal approval before implementing changes to voting procedure. In addition, states “with a history of voter discrimination” would be subject to federal supervision while introducing changes to voting procedure. 

Based on an analysis of voting-rights violations reported by The Wall Street Journal, the following states are likely to fall under this category: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas. 

The proposal also directs courts to consider the extent to which voting in a given jurisdiction has been racially polarized and the extent to which people in a demographic to be protected by a proposed election change have been elected to public office in that jurisdiction.

The John Lewis bill is a direct response to the dozens of voting measures passed by GOP-led states to enhance security following the 2020 election. Democrats claim these measures are somehow racist and say people should be able to vote without restrictions (unless of course you’re a Republican). 

“Democrats continue to claim that our current system suppresses minority voters, and that new legislation is needed that provides the federal government with even more expansive powers over state authorities. But this is just false,” argues Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY) in a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

“[The bill] would federalize our election system, give more power to unelected career bureaucrats in Washington, and unconstitutionally erode the ability of states to oversee elections,” she continues. “[It would] unconstitutionally expand the federal government’s ability to reject commonsense reforms enacted at the state level related to things like voter ID laws, absentee voting, maintenance of voter rolls, the location of polling places, and the hours of operation.”

As noted in Tenney’s letter, the 2020 election saw a record turnout for minority voters.  

Author’s Note: The John Lewis bill is clearly a power grab by the Democrats so they can control elections in GOP states and therefore win those elections.


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  1. fleck ian

    dems will do anything to cheat

  2. Brian

    The federal government has no say in the rights of states to govern their own elections. That is provided for by the Constitution.

    • The Redhawk


    • Anonymous

      I’ll be sure to let them know. Thanks.

  3. Onisha

    Same song, different name. They know they cant win without fixing elections. The want to nationalize cheating.

    • The Redhawk


    • Mike

      You of course are referring to the Republican initiatives to “enhance” voter security when you mention ‘fixing elections’?

  4. Ben

    Meanwhile, Republicans continue to claim that the current system allows to many Democrats to vote.

    • Dan Tyree

      There’s evidence that some states had more people voting than was registered. Nevada and Wisconsin to name 2. But what the hell. Lowlife commiecrats will still spin lies. Only the scum of the earth vote for commiecrats A sticker on the rear window of my truck says that and I know it’s only a matter of time before I have an insurance claim. But hey!! Don’t screw with my truck with me in it. Our state’s castle doctrine covers vehicles

      • Joseph S. Bruder

        According to the Nevada SOS website, 484K people voted, out of 762K registered in November. That’s a 63% turnout. On the day of the voting, they also had 30,000 new registrations, and 36,000 people updated theirs. You may be referring to a report in the Tennessee Star (yeah, I know, it’s a MAJOR news outlet) that claimed an 9000 vote difference between “votes cast” and something like “those (?) marked as having participated in the election”. Biden won by 34,000 votes in the state, so if there was a discrepancy, it makes no difference. The explanation from Nevada officials is essentially this: voter registrations change all the time. If a registration is cancelled, or someone dies, or someone moves to another voting district or state, the voter history essentially goes away. The more time between the election and checking the numbers, the bigger the discrepancy will be. Data is constantly fed to the state system by local voting districts, and that takes time, so even if you looked at the numbers the day after the election, you’d be wrong. If you want to look up the official Nevada explanation, go here:

        Wisconsin had 3.2M votes, and 3.7M registered, for 86% turnout. Wisconsin also deleted 200,000 voter registrations just before the election, so that may have messed with the registration count (which would have been 3.9M before the deletions). The discrepancy that was originally reported came from a generic data gathering website called the World Population Review, which had old information.

        In any case, you were sucked in by two conspiracy theories of voter fraud, which were both easily debunked with a 10 minute internet search. You’re too lazy to check, and happy to spread the conspiracy because it fits your mistaken world view. This is why all of Trump’s court cases got rejected. If you were even half as smart as you claim to be, you wouldn’t spread rumors like this.

  5. Michael J O'Connor

    To all Republicans and Democrats, If you don’t want communism in the United States, you better wake up and start getting rid of the President, Vice President, Pelosi and Schumer.

    • Dan Tyree

      Michael the problem is that the commiecrats are in lock step with the White House and the so called leadership in the house and senate. Take notice of the trolls spouting communism on this site. And we the people might have to take a stand to save our country

    • Joseph S. Bruder

      So, what did you think of Trump’s connections to Putin? Inviting the Russian foriegn minister into the Oval Office? All of Trump’s campaign donations and support from Russia? Boosting Putin on the world stage, trying to get Russia into the G8? Meetings held with Putin and notes destroyed?

      It’s not Communism you have to be concerned about, it’s Totalitarianism. Trump wanted to rule like Putin or Kim – A Judiciary that would approve anything he did or overturn elections for him, and wouldn’t allow questioning of his siphoning of taxpayer dollars into his own pockets; his own personal (unmarked) military force that he could send in to disrupt protests and take over elections; A Congress that would roll over and pass anything he wanted. He came close to turning the US into another shit-hole third-world country. He tried, and got scary far… it’s only because he’s an inept idiot that he didn’t destroy the whole government.

  6. Mike

    Perhaps all of you that say the constitution prevents congress from overseeing voting in the states need to read the constitution (I know, it is so much more fun to spout off what you have heard on newsmax). The Congress specifically has authority to regulate the election of congress. Elections rules should be consistent from state to state, so a federal code is a good idea. Pass the voting rights acts. End of story.

  7. Joseph S. Bruder

    Alice, you are nothing if not predictable…

    – Scary headline, biased, and sure to pull in Conservatives.

    – 4-5 paragraphs, just the facts, written like a normal news article…

    – Then you start interjecting some Conservative bias, taking a page from Larry Horist, stating (erroneously) what Democrats want. Followed up by opinion-based statements from the Republican side, but nothing from the Democrat side.

    – And finally, your (in)famous “Author’s note”, usually reserved for corrections in most news pieces, but you always inject a big old syringe full of hydroxychloroquine, bleach, and horse dewormers – i.e. more scary Republican lies.

  8. Dan Tyree

    Alice you should say steal elections

  9. Donald Cook

    MLK is spinning in His grave, this is not what He fought for.

  10. Good Luck luck

    Lewis will do anything to win, — Lie , Cheat, Steal , He has NO MORALS

  11. Anonymous

    Good luck luck….uh, Lewis is doing anything to win? Uh, keep up with American news much? Stop drinking the bleach to wash down the horse working pills.

    I think Lewis has his Big win and now sits at the right hand of the almighty dealer in the sky.

    Don’t get the vaccine if liberals want you to. It might change your vote.

    • Dan Tyree

      Nothing would change my vote. And I promise that I will never get Covid. And if I did I would get well and be ok. Don’t doubt me. My family and I have a secret

  12. frank stetson

    Brian says: “The federal government has no say in the rights of states to govern their own elections. That is provided for by the Constitution.”
    I am not sure what Constitution he is reading….. Nor that fact that most of these laws concern Federal elections…

    So what have we learned about voting fraud, voter identification fraud, and the rest:

    Over 60 court cases, five states, all tossed, most for lack of evidence. When it comes to the press, you all got the mouths, when it comes to court, you ain’t got the goods.

    AZ 3-week expert recount now at month FIVE and asking for a 3-week hold because 3 out of 5 people on oversight board have covid. Leading Republican says: “what oversight board,” and wonders if this 3-week hold will last another FIVE months? This is all about raising funds through donations to Donald J. Trump, and very little to do with voter fraud or the results of a recount changing anything. Follow the money,.

    All Trump lawyers, like nine of them, sanctioned, made to pay court cases, made to go back to school, referred to states for disciplinary or loss of license to practice like Giuliani lost his. The case, and those that done brought it, is a giant looser. There will be repercussions for their unprofessional behavior. Like the Judge said: “It is one thing to take on the charge of vindicating rights associated with an
    allegedly fraudulent election,” she wrote. “It is another to take on the charge of deceiving a federal court and the American people into believing that rights were infringed, without regard to whether any laws or rights were in fact violated. This is what happened here.” The Big Lie uncovered in court.

    Somewhere a man is crying in his pillow as another card in the Republican house of voter fraud. It appears the major voting fraud has been launched in defamation cases, libel cases, sanctions and fines against legal support of fabricated, frivolous, cases, that’s where the real voter fraud is.

    Undaunted by the truth, Republicans battle on to restrict voting. To date, over 17 states have enacted 28 voter suppression laws. In total, over 380 bills are in front of 48 state legislatures. Targeting this mythical voter fraud that they can’t prove in court, targeting id verification that they have had their legal licenses yanked, sanctions, etc. for attempting these frivolous accusations without substantiation, there is no doubt that each of these laws restrict access to voting and therefore suppress voting.

    Democrats too have laws pending for expanding voter access, 45 of which have passed in one chamber of some state.

    Whether you believe we need expansion or restriction of voter access, there is no crime in setting a national standard, a bench mark, a bar, for voting rights. It is our right to call for a level playing field where all citizens can easily, and safely, cast their vote. We need a system that encourages voting, enables voting, and removes barriers to voting, not raise barriers. Voting should not be a privilege, it is one of our fundamental rights.

    The John Lewis act restores the Voting Rights Act of 1965, legally working through what the Supreme Court has ruled against. All it does is set a national bar for what is fair and just in providing as much voter access as possible while reducing voter suppressions and restrictions. That seems fair and balanced to me.

    • Dan Tyree

      Judges were bribed and threatened. Now we are paying the price with new threats to Americans. All because a moron was allowed to steal the election

      • Joseph S. Bruder

        So, this is your fall-back excuse for Trump losing some 60 court cases about the elections? Many of those judges were appointed by Republicans or even Trump himself. And you think they’re such wimps that they would let someone intimidate them? Or bribe them? At the level of those judges, bribes wouldn’t stay hidden for very long, and very few judges would throw away their careers for a bribe.

  13. frank stetson

    “Judges were bribed and threatened” Ah, now we know the answer. Aren’t most of these judges Trump appointees?

    When searching for the truth is inconvenient, better to just fabricate another conspiracy theory. Delusional, fact less, feckless. Where’s the beef.

    Dan got nothing but ugly rumors to keep his reality alive.

    • Dan Tyree

      Frankie you know that you enjoy my posts. It’s funny seeing how upset you people get because that we real patriots don’t fall in line with you Marxist sheep. So tell me what part of your parties agenda that you believe in. I think that I know most of it. You scream racism a lot. Slavery and Jim Crow for us whites? Reparations? Voting with no proof of citizenship or if we really are whom we say we are? Ok. You and I agree that voting is a constitutional right. No argument there. So is the right to keep and bear arms. But I have to show ID and go through a background check to exercise that right. I’m not trying to drum up a debate on gun control. I think that I probably know where you stand on that issue. I’m just comparing oranges and apples when it comes to our rights. And nobody questions my right to legal council if needed. Voting should not be infringed but with cheating by both parties over the years, we have a lot riding on our elections. Notice that I said both parties. But I’m sure that your party has done more of it. Let’s go back before the Mayor Dailey days in Chicago and take a look at Tammany hall. The left is pissed because that we aren’t going to take it anymore. So tell me. Why was the laws broken in several states by not allowing poll observers to come in. Yes, it blows my mind that the obvious violations didn’t get a second look from several of the judges. But money, threats and intimidation goes a long way. Justice Scalia was murdered so that killery could get her dirty hands on the scotus. But it didn’t work out.

  14. frank stetson

    Which states?

    Maybe you need to go to court.

    What threats and intimidations scared you patriots?

    Can you prove Scalia was murdered?

    Maybe you need to go to court.

    I am always amazed at how powerful we are, how afraid you are of us, how we are able to control you, make you do our bidding. We control the government, the press, the mob, the people, the money, big business, we control it all and we are becoming less White every day. You have no control. Is that what you are saying? That you losing to our power? So sad that all of your problems are caused by us. You can’t control us, you keep losing and losing and losing. We are locking up your patriots, we are stifling your social media accounts, you can’t stop us, we are all powerful.

    We are OZ.

    • Dan Tyree

      Frankie thanks for the enlightening post. It proves what we are saying. You commie bastards want to turn America into a socialist shit hole and do it by force. Lol. We will meet you assholes anywhere and anytime. It’s clear that you lefties want a civil war. Who’s going to lead you? The demented old bastard in the White House? What a joke. Everyone is entitled to a mistake. You commie bastards go ahead and make yours. You people would start it and we would finish it. Not threatening. You people make the first move. Oh I forgot. You already have with antifa. There’s a reason that firearms are selling off the shelves. And they aren’t being bought to turn in to the government

  15. fr

    My post proves what you are saying? Do you even read what you write because it doesn’t make much sense. Lots of name calling though, the last bastion of those of low-esteem, the weapon of the brainless ones without an argument. And you you threaten, with firearms, to finish it although it’s not a threat because you just say you talk big, but will wait until the attack of the snowflakes. Last I checked, you have been throwing blows, you are arrested, and many of you are in jail, getting ready to stay there for awhile.

    But your name calling drivel diversion does allow you to not answer the questions:
    Which states?
    What threats and intimidations scared you patriots?
    Can you prove Scalia was murdered?

    Of course not. Your response is to bay at the moon, scream names, threaten violence, and then duck for cover by saying “violence only after you Alfonse.” Shameful. But I understand that you don’t have arguments, don’t have facts.

    “I know that the vitriol and hyperbole that exists online, and the anonymity, can be deadly because it’s cloaked in negativity and it’s brutal sometimes.” (Pasdar) And that’s all you gots.

    • Dan Tyree

      Frank your retard president called one of his black advisors “boy “. Isn’t that special?