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Dems Ramp up Trump Investigations

Dems Ramp up Trump Investigations

Democratic lawmakers are requesting documents from more than 60 people including Administration officials and Trump’s family members as they continue to search for evidence of collusion between Trump’s campaign and Moscow.

There are now six House committees investigating more than 80 topics related to Trump including his 2016 presidential campaign, his tax returns, his foreign financial interests, his family businesses, his travel ban, and his payment to Stormy Daniels.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) says it is “very clear” Trump obstructed justice and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) insists “there is direct evidence” of collusion with Moscow. 

Trump shot back against these claims Sunday, accusing Democrats of “presidential harassment” and claiming he is “an innocent man being persecuted by some very bad, conflicted, and corrupt people in a Witch Hunt that is illegal and should never have been allowed to start.”

The partisan bickering follows a series of explosive testimonies from Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen, who recently told lawmakers:

  • Trump had previous knowledge about WikiLeaks’ plans to release emails hacked from the DNC
  • Trump participated in a scheme to silence women who claimed to have had affairs with him
  • Trump asked Cohen to mislead Congress in regards to the Trump Tower Moscow project

Cohen also pleaded guilty to lying to Congress during a previous testimony and said he had “suspicions” about collusion between Trump aides and Russia.

Cohen’s claims give Democrats ammunition to continue their exhaustive probes into every aspect of Trump’s life and to push for impeachment.

“We are going to initiate investigations into abuses of power, into corruption, and into obstruction of justice,” said Nadler, whose committee would oversee impeachment proceedings.

“We have to do the investigations and get all this,” he added. “We do not now have the evidence sorted out and everything to do an impeachment. Before you impeach somebody, you have to persuade the American public that it ought to happen.”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) on Sunday called Nadler out on his efforts to impeach Trump without evidence of wrongdoing:

“I think Congressman Nadler decided to impeach the president the day the president won the election,” said McCarthy. “Listen to exactly what he said. He talks about impeachment before he even became chairman and then he says, ‘you’ve got to persuade people to get there.’ There’s nothing that the president did wrong.”

In his defense, Nadler claimed Democrats are ‘just doing their job after the GOP shielded Trump from accountability for two years.’

In the meantime, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has advised lawmakers to keep quiet about impeachment until Robert Mueller finishes his Russia investigation.

Here’s what’s really going on: The Democrats are taking advantage of their new majority in the House to ramp up investigations in an attempt to destroy Trump. This has been expected and is starting in earnest now that people are starting to think about the 2020 elections; but as Trump suggested on Sunday, without evidence of crimes the Dems’ behavior is pure harassment.

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  1. Knobby

    If you want to know why Putin made it his mission to make sure Hillary was not elected in 2016, watch the 2-part Frontline documentary (by PBS) from 2017 entitled “Putin’s Revenge”. The GOP could have run any candidate, and the Russian meddling would have been no different.

    Putin’s Revenge synopsis: While HRC was SoS, the US government supported Ukrainian revolutionaries and succeeded in ousting a duly elected President and installing a pro-Western revolution leader as the new president. The Dept of State also stirred up protests in Moscow as well. Ukraine is (was) as connected to Russia as Canada is connected to the USA. This caused enormous problems for Russia.

    I don’t doubt that people connected to and employed by Trump’s campaign had some kind of contact with some Russians at some point, but as to Trump actually ordering someone to engage the Russians to execute a smear campaign, I think he is too smart to do that, and Trump getting Russia to act was not necessary. They had their own reasons.

    This is my interpretation of the show. Don’t take my word for it. Go to and watch for yourself.

  2. Terry Lamont

    The fact there were leaked e -mails in the first place, were the makings of Hillary , why is that information not more vital , than the possibility that the president had any knowledge of her hiding e-mails in the first place!, why are the Democrats trying soo hard to dig evidence up , and wasting taxpayers money, PUT HILLARY IN JAIL. ALREADY!!!!

  3. Ann

    I think the Dems need to ramp up working for WE THE PEOPLE if they want to continue drawing a paycheck from US. So far they have done nothing to continue receiving monetary payment for service rendered to WE THE PEOPLE and are total wastes. I am sick of these time and my money investigations. Hope ya’ll lose your asses next election.


      I agree with Ann above, but I think that the Democrats leader Nancy Pelosi should get her crazy elected braindead elected new members together and act like a leader that should know something about how to educate her staff. They definitely need some leadership, but so does Nancy she apparently doesn’t know how to lead these idiots because she is one of the biggest dummies I have seen in my 62 years of voting. GOD I BEG YOU TO HELP GET THESE PEOPLE IN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY TO PLEASE HELP THE ….UNITED STATES OF AMERICA LEAD US I PRAY.

  4. gary johnson

    these dems are the most corrupt, lying group ever. this is a abuse o power and the dems should all be locked up. to all these people that will go in front of congress I have 3 ideas for you 1 take the 5th like that ahole from the IRS did every time just take the 5th. 2 say I dont know or dont remember, thats what lynch does. 3 tell them you dont know, somebody else did it , dont you know who you are talking to, then act like a stupid fool like killery

  5. Charles George

    Why don’t these Democrats concentrate on conducting the business they were sent to Congress to do instead of wasting tax payer money. I would like to see the same investigative effort looking into each one if their tax returns, businesses and personal activities back to when they were in the third grade.

  6. gary johnson

    the dems have sunk to a new low. this is a abuse of power, I bet not one dem could handle what there doing to President Trump. the dems are the most corrupt, lying bunch of aholes all the people that have to go in front of congress I thought of 3 things, 1 just take the 5th on everything that what the ahole from the IRS did, lerner. 2 tell them you dont know or cant remember. thats what lynch does. 3 tell them you dont know, somebody did it. or do you know who you are talking too, then just act like a stupid fool like killery

  7. Keith Grayson

    These investigations were going to happen unless Mueller had something huge on President Trump, after Comey investigating and finding zero, Mueller 2 years and finding nothing, now the socialist libs are saying there is clear evidence of crimes , we just dont have any proof yet, as if they are better at getting facts than the FBI, the libs are KGB internal subversives. The investigations will never end, who is there to stop it?
    The libs ALWAYS blame the other guys for what they are doing or did! it never fails and its here once more, Trump sold no uranium or received $145,000,000 in “dough nations” from Rusians !

  8. Mary

    Dems stop spending our tax dollars on a witch hunt for President Trump. You won’t give up because you are such poor losers. You better get working on that wall deal that’s what the majority of the people want.

  9. Rodger Shull

    Time to put the demo-donkeys on the RAMP UP INVESTIGATIONS, and at FULL SPEED AHEAD and so what if they fire torpedos , we fire BOMBS .

  10. Gene Hudson

    If these desperate Dimocrats want to guarantee President Trumps reelection then by all means they should start this blatant harrassment all over again.Theyre just too stupid to realize the American people are sick and tired of their bias. Why dont they spend a little time doing work for the voters that put them in office, or better yet, look in to Bidens crooked shenanigans.By all means,start another impeachment. TRUMP, 4 more years.