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Dems Give MSNCB Exclusive Rights to Convention Coverage

Dems Give MSNCB Exclusive Rights to Convention Coverage

The South Carolina Democratic Party (SCDP) has decided to give liberal network MSNBC exclusive rights to air live coverage of the state’s 2019 Democratic convention.

The event will feature 21 of the party’s 24 presidential hopefuls, including high-profile candidates Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders.

Other networks are permitted to bring cameras to the event, but are prohibited from broadcasting until three hours after the convention ends. The embargo includes live-streaming through social media.

According to inside sources, MSNBC did not pay for exclusive rights but will be covering production costs.

“We spoke to several networks about this, and MSNBC was the network that decided they wanted to move forward,” says SCDP Chair Trav Robertson. “The fact is that the Joy Reid Show as well as the Rev. Al Sharpton Show have a significantly higher African-American viewership or audience, so it seemed to be a fit for this specific convention.”

Fox News and CNN immediately filed complaints.

“This leaves a bad taste in our mouths,” says Steve Scully, a political editor at C-SPAN. “Our disappointment is that we intended to cover this, we had laid the groundwork and started to promote it. It’s disappointing all the way around. We hope this isn’t an ongoing pattern.”

MSNBC might decide to skip over remarks from lesser-known candidates, added Scully. “They’re shooting themselves in the foot.”

In addition, the embargo is likely to affect future coverage of Democratic events in South Carolina.

“We will not be coming, absolutely not…I also told them in no uncertain terms you better think long and hard before you reach out to us to cover something else,” continued Scully. “We will deal with 49 other state Democratic Parties. It’s ridiculous. It’s an open event.”

Conservative strategist Chris Barron mocked the embargo, suggesting it was intended to cover up Democratic candidates’ radical comments. 

“Frankly, if I were the Democratic Party, I would want to limit access to the convention, too. Nothing will turn off critical swing voters like a look at the radicals firmly in charge of the Democratic Party.”

Author’s Note:

This is an unprecedented effort to control the narrative of a key political event. Since when does a political party pick and chose which organizations are allowed to cover their events?

Maybe Barron is right, and the Dems want the ability to keep radical comments out of the news; or maybe Scully is right, and the network will intentionally cut out candidates the DNC doesn’t like.

Either way, the decision is not in line with Democrats’ longstanding cooperation with the media and is sure to cause fights with other networks (not to mention MSNBC doesn’t have the biggest audience).

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  1. Bill

    And after all of that, they still are not fooling anyone but themselves. It’s a weasel convention just like it was before last election.

  2. 1American1st

    I live in SC & I have no plans of ever watching a bunch of hateful, vile, radical Democrats, Socialists & Communists bash our President with LIES, PROPAGANDA & FAKE CONSPIRACY THEORIES!

    Democrats have no plans to make America better. Their 2020 slogan should be MAPA…. Make America Poor again

    • DAV

      Who GIVES A DAMN what DEMONocrats are going to say?! It’s going to be a hate pep rally with massive amounts of bullshit spit out !!!

  3. John

    Why does George Orwell’s book “Animal Farm” come to mind? Is this Newspeak coming to fruition???

  4. Mike

    The Democrats are the only party that wants to keep any minority in the dark about what they are doing. I think our citizens are way smarter than the Democrats give them credit. They will lie to you just to get you to vote for them.

  5. Connie

    This is great! It shows them for who they are…censor mongers. Do you think the rest of the MSM is thinking, “So this is how it feels”??? I don’t watch MSNBC so that leaves all my options open for what I want to watch during the debacle…oh I mean debate.

  6. Shuttle Guy

    Democrat’s: The Party That Can’t Help But Eat Their Own!

  7. Brian


  8. DAV

    Which political party do you associate with fake, hate, negate and dominate?
    Which party is known for disrespect and derelict; delusion and genuine collusion?
    Which party has left-handed statements and selective blindness?…..the no-see-ums, no-hear-ums, no-investigate-ums!?
    (DEMONocrats will not investigate DEMONocrats….Soros won’t allow it.)

    Definition of Re: concerning, regarding
    Definition of Public: ordinary people in general; the community
    Definition of An: of or relating to

    Definition of Demo: a meeting or march PROTESTING AGAINST SOMETHING or expressing views on a political issue.
    Definition of Crat: denoting a member or supporter of a PARTICULAR form of government.

  9. Errol Atkinson

    I have no idea what ever happened to the Democrats, they are turning out to be DemoRats. What makes them so Hateful? I think they want to take over America, and all the people can go to Hell. They only want power. But this is going to Blow up in there face, and I hope it Does!

  10. Stanley Steamer

    This is so ridiculous.

    Most people from BOTH parties don’t even know how to find MSNBC, as they used to say, on the TV dial.

  11. Audrey M Turner

    I would not watch that Crap anyway! Reminds me of a side show at a Circus!!!