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Dems Announce Fundraising Totals (Trump Beats them by a Mile)

Dems Announce Fundraising Totals (Trump Beats them by a Mile)

Democratic candidates have until October 15th (the next debate) to release their fundraising totals for the third quarter (July-September) to the FEC.

Bernie Sanders is in the lead with $25.3 million, followed by Elizabeth Warren with $24.6 million, Joe Biden with $15.2 million, Pete Buttigieg with $19.1 million, and Kamala Harris with $11.6 million.

These numbers don’t quite line up with nationwide polling data, which shows Biden still in the lead, followed very closely by Elizabeth Warren. Grandpa Sanders is in third place with 16.8% and Buttigieg is in fourth place with 5.5%.

As we move closer to the Iowa caucus in February, there is a growing realization among candidates that cash on hand will make or break a campaign.

“If you are being outraised 3 to 1 by Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, or Joe Biden, you have no viable path to victory,” says Rufus Gifford, former finance director for Barack Obama. “Even if you can compete in the early states…shortly thereafter you will run out of money.”

Cory Booker recently reached his goal of $1.7 million after asking Hillary Clinton for help and Steve Bullock has applied for public financing to support his campaign.

And then you have President Trump and the RNC, which pulled in a whopping $15 million during the three days following the announcement of the impeachment probe. Trump and the RNC had previously announced donations totaling more than $135 million for the quarter, and over $300 million for the year.

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  1. Scott

    He conspired against the US government -deserves the maximum penalty .

    • Fire21

      Who he?

  2. Russ

    Adam Schiff, Pelosi, Nadler, Hillary, Obama and all dems, including the far left involved need to be in prison for years and years, not a few days or weeks, but years. Take their retirement and health care away. They are a joke and make this country look bad.

    • Fire21

      I absolutely agree Russ, but your comment has nothing to do with fundraising totals. Perhaps we should add some of the socialist candidates to your list!! 🙂

    • tess


  3. DyckRider21

    Money cannot buy brains…

  4. Knock Knock

    For those of you who are not aware… this ‘endless scrolling’ new website has issues with the reCaptcha not showing up all the time, so somebody tries to post, it tells them they can’t because of the reCaptcha and when you reload and go back to your post all too often it has moved you to a different page and you post in the wrong story string. Has happened to me at least three times – very problematic even when you’re aware it’s happening.

    So – those posts were obviously for the ‘Arrest Shift’ story.

    And that’s the truth, honey.

  5. Mary

    Most Americans will vote for President Trump. He is the only viable candidate. No one wants to vote for a president who will tax the poor and middle class only to use that money to pay for illegal aliens healthcare, food, housing, schooling and on and on and on.
    TRUMP is the man to lead this nation.

  6. Mary

    Old man Bernie Sanders will never willingly go away. But his body is busted down, his heart if giving out, his voice and hands are shaking and weak – and the wheels are falling off the old Bernie bus.
    Old man Bernie needs to GO!
    He will be cold, dead and rigored before the election. A vote for Bernie is a vote for a dead man. Old Bernie is going to croak on the national stage at the next debate!
    Everyone wants to tune in to see this spectacle. Old Bernie just refuses to listen to reason,
    which is why he is unfit for the presidency.
    It’s high time for the old man to leave. Once and for all Bernie. GO!
    You have zero chance of becoming president of the good old USA.

  1. Frank and Larry, I agree with both of you! Just another trifecta of joy and harmony! I do think Frank…