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Dems Aghast That Biden Won’t Step Aside

Dems Aghast That Biden Won’t Step Aside

Top Democrats are aghast at Joe Biden’s refusal to resign after his dismal debate performance.

Panic is setting in among top-ranking Democrats who feel that the Biden campaign is not taking the President’s demented debate debacle seriously enough. DNC Chairman Jaime Harrison and Biden campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez held a Saturday afternoon call with dozens of committee members across the country, a group of some of the most influential members of the party. The two campaign officials largely ignored Biden’s weak showing Thursday night or the avalanche of criticism that followed. A move that many on the call felt was perilous.

Multiple committee members on the call, most granted anonymity to talk about the private discussion, described feeling like they were being gaslighted — that they were being asked to ignore the dire nature of the party’s predicament. The call, they said, may have worsened a widespread sense of panic among elected officials, donors and other stakeholders.

Instead, the lawmakers and DNC members on the call said, Harrison offered what they described as a rosy assessment of Biden’s path forward. The chat function was disabled and there were no questions allowed.

“I was hoping for more of a substantive conversation instead of, ‘Hey, let’s go out there and just be cheerleaders,’ without actually addressing a very serious issue that unfolded on American television for millions of people to see,” said Joe Salazar, an elected DNC member from Colorado, who was on the call. “There were a number of things that could have been said in addressing the situation. But we didn’t get that. We were being gaslit.”

Many donors, party strategists, and rank-and-file DNC members are publicly and privately saying they want the 81-year-old Biden to step aside to allow the party to select a younger replacement at the Democratic National Convention in August. As of now, though, Biden’s closest allies insist he remains well-positioned to compete against Republican Donald Trump and have given no indication they will push him to end his campaign.

Those best positioned to replace him — Vice President Kamala Harris, California Gov. Gavin Newsom, and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer among them — reiterated their support for Biden after the debate.

Many are anxiously awaiting the first major round of post-debate public polling to determine their next steps.

Polls from CNN and 538/Ipsos conducted soon after the debate found that most debate watchers thought Trump outperformed Biden. But the two men’s favorability ratings remained largely unchanged, just as they did in the aftermath of Trump’s conviction on charges in New York that he illegally participated in a hush-money scheme to influence the 2016 election.

Biden and his campaign have sought to project confidence in the days since Thursday’s trainwreck of a debate in which the president, who already faced serious concerns about his physical and mental stamina, offered a performance punctuated by repeated stumbles, uncomfortable pauses, and often incoherent statement that were often difficult if not impossible to understand.

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  1. Hammon

    Biden needs to stand his ground and finish the race. Then he can retire to a rest home and we will have Trump back.

  2. James Goodnow

    Joe Biden is doing what Jill Biden tells him to do. She likes being in the limelight and the First Lady. Damn the Nation, damn her husband, damn the legacy of Joe, it’s all about Jill. She is a selfish individual.

  3. Tom

    As an Independent, I would really have to hold my nose and vote for any of these — Vice President Kamala Harris, California Gov. Gavin Newsom, and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. Surely the Dem party has someone a little more moderate?

    Truth is that the Dem Party has to begin to realize that this is a battle to: 1) Stop Executive abuse of the new SCOTUS ruling, 2) stop Project 25; 3) Keep Trump and MAGA nuts as far away from the WH as possible. They must be purged from all levels so that the moderate GOP can come back. The reality is that Biden may be best positioned and maybe a replacement for Harris might be more appropriate.

    We Independents like to see to robust parties. Right now both parties look sick. GOP is mentally ill. Dems are a mix of demented and frail. Neither is good for the USA!

  4. frank stetson

    Yeah, you got my answer. Put Obama in as VP. But between Obama not wanting to work and Joe too proud to back down, probably not going to happen. Joe lied to himself that he could run, he’s lying to himself that he can stay in the race. My solution does allow that and pretty sure anyone else who runs will lose.

    Might as well exhume Eugene McCarthy and start from there.

    Might as well give Hillary one more shot; at least I would enjoy the talk tracks.

    My God do Democrats have issues with pulling together as a team. Team clusterfuck is more like it.

    My apparent dream of Biden being one and done, but anointing his successor a few years in, grooming, and giving Democrats 12 years of power seems dashed. He has to realize that 2020’s Carolina come-back was a miracle not to be repeated and that he is much farther in the hole now. He’s bleeding from all sides: outside, inside, top to bottom. When I saw the Harris appointment, that was my first hint he was going to hold on even if his nails tore out. I has hoping Washington, but got something less noble. He could have lived my dream and left, head high, quoting noble quotes like Washington. Their is no win in what he is doing; he’s just in denial believing he can pull it out again. At his age, he can’t even put it in to pull it out :>( Not funny, but probably true.

    We are in deep kimchee.


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