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Dems Afraid Trump Could Retake the White House in 2024! 

Dems Afraid Trump Could Retake the White House in 2024! 

Despite his apparent mounting legal woes, Democratic leaders have warned their Party that a Trump victory in 2024 remains a very real threat!

The fear comes from a recently released NBC poll which showed Biden with a relatively narrow 49% to 45% lead over Trump — which falls within the survey’s margin of error and is far lower than the 10-percentage point edge Biden held in NBC’s last poll before the 2020 election. The new survey shows DeSantis, who is less known than Trump, tied with Biden at 47% each.

Despite a perhaps misplaced air of confidence from Biden and his team, there are some leading Democrats who say they believe Trump has a very serious shot at winning back the Oval Office.

“If you think otherwise, you have literally had your head buried in the sand,” said former Rep. Tim Ryan, Democrat of Ohio, who fell short in his bid to woo Trump-friendly voters to his side in a 2022 Senate race against JD Vance. “You’re living in a world of delusion. And it’s dangerous.”

Mandela Barnes, who lost by 25,000 votes to Sen. Ron Johnson, Republican of Wisconsin, in 2022 and has since launched a political action committee, said he’d like to see Democrats in battleground states “go on the offensive” and tout Biden’s accomplishments.

“The president has a done a lot to help working people, and the threat of a Donald Trump presidency is very real,” he said, adding, “It was Wisconsin that put Trump over the top in 2016. … We take the threat very seriously.”

Most of the Democrats who spoke to NBC News said they believe Trump is an easier draw for Biden than some of the other Republican challengers — if only because Trump is a known quantity.

Faiz Shakir, who ran Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign, said the familiarity factor means it’s easier for Biden to remind voters of the reasons they rejected Trump three years ago than it is to build a new argument against DeSantis or another lesser-known candidate.

But, he said, Trump’s strengths and proven political agility should not be overlooked.

Shakir pointed specifically to Trump’s maneuvering on abortion rights after the GOP’s disappointing results in the 2022 midterm elections. Trump once said women should be punished for having abortions and appointed three of the Supreme Court justices who voted to overturn federal abortion protections. But now, Trump says Republicans should ensure abortion prohibitions include exemptions in cases of rape, incest, or threat to the life of the pregnant person.

While Dems are banking on Trump’s legal troubles to put them over the finish line, in reality, Trump’s trials and tribulations have only served to have solidified his position as the favorite for the Republican nomination. The NBC News poll shows his lead over DeSantis has expanded from 15 points to 29 points since April. Trump support is now at 51%, compared with 46% then, while DeSantis’ support among Republicans has fallen from 31% to 22%. Former Vice President Mike Pence leads the rest of the crowded field with 7% in the latest survey.

On the other hand, Biden’s approval rating, which fell to 35% in a Pew Research survey released last week, has been in the same territory as Trump’s during the run-up to the 2020 election. Coupled with a series of head-to-head polls that show Biden and Trump within the margin of error, that has given some Democratic strategists reason to believe Trump remains a very viable challenger to Biden.

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  1. Dan tyree

    The commiecrats are afraid of Trump

  2. frank stetson

    Why? He lost the popular vote against Hillary in 2016, he lost the entire vote against Joe in 2020, his red wave never hit the beach in 2022. He lost over 60 court cases about The Big Lie in 2020; He lost a half dozen recounts over the 2020. His followers lost their freedom over 1.6.2021.

    But yes, we fear Trump in 2024 and yet would rather face him than DeSanctimonious. IMO

    • JBD

      Everything you said is pure BS. You are drinking the koolaid my friend…

      • frank stetson

        JBP: nope — it’s all spot on correct. And you have proved none of it as being factually incorrect. You may not like it, but you better learn to live with it. Delusion should not be your epitaph. Learn the truth, live well, prosper. Do not follow Trump. know him for the liar he is. Or like Icarus, fly too close and be doomed……

        Hillary won the popular vote in 2016, Biden won the popular and electoral vote in 2020, most of Trump’s candidates lost in 2022. Trump lost 63 court cases over 2020 vote, lost a half dozen recounts — his own people doing the count often.

        At this point: More than 1,000 of the rioters have been arrested, with over 480 federal defendants receiving sentences. About 275 defendants have been sentenced jail time and over 110 have been sentenced to home detention. Some of the top sentences equaling about 90 years in jail for listening to Trump at a rally:
        Stewart Rhodes — 18 years
        Thomas Webster —- 10 years
        Jessica Watkins 8.5 years
        Patrick McCaughey: 7.5 years
        Kyle Young: More than 7 years
        Albuquerque Cosper Head: 7.5 years
        Guy Reffitt: More than 7 years
        Thomas Robertson: More than 7 years
        Julian Khater: More than 6 years
        Robert Palmer: More than 5 years
        Richard “Bigo” Barnett: 4.5 years

        Yes, we fear Trump in 2024 and yet would rather face him than DeSanctimonious. IMO. Frankly Trump supporters should fear Trump too.

  3. JoeyP

    HOW could ANYONE vote for an EMPTY clown suit like “Beijing Joe” Biden?!? . . . Just ASKIN”.

  4. Doris

    With honest voting, Trump wins hands down.

  5. Octavia

    If 2020 hadn’t been rigged Xiden would be in a rest home by now.

  6. frank stetson

    You guys are suckers listening to a huckster trying to milk every last dollar from you before he reaches the end of his reign and either goes to jail or retires as a hermit in infamy.

    I just can’t believe you still think the election was stolen via cheating. You can’t prove anything significant and continue to get shot down like the Hindenburg living Ground Hog Day: big, fiery gas ball, over and over, again and again.

    You pitched your woe and lost in over 60 separate court cases with judges selected from both sides of the aisle.

    You pitched your woe and lost a half dozens times, often using your own people to do the counting.

    You tried fake electoral college judges in seven different States and lost.

    You tried to pressure Georgia to fake the count and make Trump win
    You tried to pressure the VOP to fake the count and make Trump win
    You tried to corruptly replace the AJ so you could fake the count and make Trump win

    You stormed the Capitol and lost. And as the windows were broken, Republicans stormed the Capitol looking for Pence and Pelosi, gallows and ropes awaiting, they were pissed and shit in our Capitol, while Trump watched all on TV, cackling, eating burgers and tossing em at the wall when upset. “I guess these people are more upset about the election than you are,” Caligula tells Kevin McCarthy as Rome burns……..

    I really don’t understand your ludicrous conclusions that somehow the man you feel is incompetent to the nth degree pulled this off. And every fact there is sheds light on the fact, at this point, in 2023, your opinion on the The Big Lie pretty much says: you are a dumb as a brick, all apologies to the brick

    • Justanamerican

      OMG, Frank, you are still at it and gotten worse. Your language is atrocious. You deliberately point your fingers at every Republican and Conservative with your hate. You even want the greatest criminal of all time to remain as POTUS. I swear you are an AI bot or you would talk much nicer than you did and do. If you do not like any of us, get the hell out of America and stay out. America does not need sick puppies like you here. We are ALL fighting for our lives and that means you – IF you are a human being. You certainly do not come across as human. No one else speaks with such Satanic language on this site or any other we read and comment on.

  7. frank stetson

    Justanamerican: My family has fought in almost every war, for America, since before the Revolution. While some branches came after the civil war, others in the early 1900’s, we have a leg that came before the Revolution. We deserve to be here; we have paid for that right in blood. Apparently, America does need the puppies like me, my family, and the giant slice of America that thinks as I do. I have some ideas and I am free to speak them here, so far. It’s up to you to deal with it. We are not leaving as you request.

    You say Biden is the biggest criminal of all time: prove it.
    Show me the “satanic language” here.

    Let’s see if we can work together to come to common consensus on Biden as criminal and WTF “satanic language” means.

  8. Mike f

    Any patriotic American should be terrified that trump might win back the WH, but that doesn’t include most readers of these blogs. Trump was a disaster as President the first time, and most likely would be much worse the second time due to his authoritarian tendencies. Biden has done a good job in most areas, the economy is humming along despite all the discussion about recession, our farmers are making money (no bailouts required to buy their votes under this president) and we are respected as world leader again. Of course, most who read the bilge presented in these posts believe trump has done nothing wrong, all political nonsense per his supporters. Amazes me that his supporters can honestly figure out how to get out of bed in the morning…

    • Richard

      And Joe Biden has done nothing wrong as it pertains to China and his son? He hasn’t lied about knowing what Hunter was up to? C’mon man! They (the Biden criminal gang) have made millions selling out America, but I guess that’s OK; at least we don’t have mean tweets coming out of the WH.

      • Mike f

        I am still waiting for proof that Biden has done something wrong with regards to China-I would have to say that is highly doubtful that he has, because he certainly hasn’t sucked up to their leaders (unlike the way trump sucked up to Putin). Trump was a horrible president, should have been removed from office for pressuring Zelensky to start an investigation to help him win the WH. Of course then there are the attempts to overturn an election where there was no proof of fraud and stealing all those highly classified documents? Sorry, if you support trump over Biden at this point you are an idiot, but I realize there are a lot of you out there..

      • frank stetson

        Richard. Legally, probably not, or at least not indictable. Ethically — oh crap, Hunter is an ethics nightmare just knowing him. And to figure Joe didn’t know he had Chinese and Ukrainian clients is only believable if they are estranged —- which they could have been.

        Hunter did not sell out America; Hunter scammed the Chinese and Ukrainians. Joe, so far, is not involved, legally. Ethically, that’s a foggy area but probably not good and probably Joe knew something was wrong with his son. But did he know about the money? Still need the evidence, does not look likely.