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Democrats Wanted the Capitol Riot

Democrats Wanted the Capitol Riot

There has been much debate surrounding the Capitol Police’s abject failure to prepare for the January 6th riot despite having advanced knowledge of the attack. 

In the days leading up to January 6th, intelligence offices throughout the country flagged an increasing number of conversations about weapons. On January 4th, an FBI office in Virginia confirmed that people were sharing maps of the Capitol complex online.

They called an emergency meeting to discuss the likelihood that protestors would bring weapons to the Capitol. 

And yet, in its January 5th update to law enforcement officers, the DHS office responsible for monitoring online threats wrote, “Nothing significant to report.” 

In addition, Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf decided not to declare January 6th a “national special security event.”

Doing so is common for large gatherings such as political conventions and Super Bowls.

When the Pentagon offered to send reinforcements to the Capitol in advance, the local police refused. DC Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) even told federal agencies not to send additional troops to the Capitol.

Despite all of this information, the US Capitol suffered what has been described as the worse security breach since 9/11. 

“The issue here was not the lack of intelligence or the lack of information,” laments Christopher Rodriguez, head of an intelligence hub in DC. “The issue here was the inability, or the unwillingness, to act on the intelligence.” 

As I wrote in a previous article, Capitol Police Chief Yogananda D. Pittman knew as early as January 4th that “militia and white supremacist organizations would be attending” the Trump rally on January 6th. He also knew that there “was a strong potential for violence and that Congress was the target” (read more here).

When asked why they did not prepare local police for the expected chaos, both the DHS and the FBI cited a ‘lack of specific threats and credible proof.’

At least one DHS official blamed the attack on President Trump.

“There’s no explanation that I can give for the failure to produce analytical products that would have predicted what was going to happen. You could see it building,” says Frank Taylor, former head of intelligence at the DHS. “And the fact that we didn’t means that we failed, along with several other agencies. This was a systemic failure.”

A number of congressional committes and government watchdogs are now investigating this “systemic failure.”

“The inability of law enforcement to fully mobilize demonstrates how a system chiefly designed to protect against terrorist attacks emanating from abroad struggles to control violent domestic extremism,” notes Wall Street Journal contributor Rachael Levy.

This may be true, but I think the January 6th Capitol riot represents something far more insidious. It proves the intentional and coordinated refusal to act by Democrats in order to strengthen impeachment charges against President Trump. 

To compare, officials prepared for Joe Biden’s inauguration by calling in more than 20,000 troops, erecting miles of hard fencing, and designating a “national special security event.”

Editor’s Note: I believe that Nancy Pelosi WANTED violence at the Capitol. That is why there was no increase in security there. She wanted an uncontrolled mob to blame on President Trump. It didn’t matter that the crowd was peaceful; it was a case of (per Hearst), “You furnish the pictures, I’ll furnish the war.”

The minimal violence that did occur at the Capitol was way overblown by the media and exacerbated by Antifa infiltrators. This was the plan all along. January 6th represents the latest example in a string of cynical abuses of power by Pelosi. In this case, it caused the deaths of five Americans. 


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