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Democrats Stealing Billions in Ukraine Aid?

Democrats Stealing Billions in Ukraine Aid?

When the Republicans recently called for an audit of the billions of dollars approved by the government as an aid for Ukraine, Democrats were quick to oppose and vote down the proposal.

This reaction raises the question: what are the Democrats hiding here?

Since Russia started its military operation in Ukraine in February this year, the Biden administration has taken over $67 billion of taxpayer money to send to Ukraine in its fight against Russia.

The majority of Republican lawmakers have agreed with the Biden administration on providing Ukraine with heavy economic and military aid. But that agreement was not reciprocated by the Democrats when it came to checking where and how that money was spent.

On Tuesday (December 6), the Democrat-controlled House Foreign Affairs Committee voted on Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene’s proposal to audit the Ukraine aid.

The proposal was voted down 26–22 with every single Democrat voting against it, fueling the suspicion about the potential abuse of the money by the left-aligned establishment.

It didn’t take skeptics to question the rushed aid to Ukraine worth billions of dollars almost immediately after the Russia-Ukraine military conflict started.

In May, geopolitical analyst Paul Antonopoulos wrote in BLiTZ that the aid money sent to a corrupt country like Ukraine would likely be stolen in corruption schemes orchestrated by Ukraine’s military, oligarchs, and government officials. While American conservatives continued to question the transparency of the Ukraine aid, mainstream media largely ignored them.

Last month, however, The Gateway Pundit published an explosive story about billions of dollars transferred to Ukraine in aid and then laundered back to Democrats in the U.S. via the FTX Crypto Currency system.

The story reported:

The FTX crypto company gave at least $40 million to Democrat candidates and causes in the midterms.

The story caused mainstream media and Democrats to quickly step forward in denial. But the questions and suspicion surrounding the Ukraine aid remained, leading to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s proposal for an official audit.

Commenting on her proposal’s rejection by the Democrats, Marjorie Taylor Greene said that the vote makes it official that the Democrats are against transparency for the American people for an audit of Ukraine.

She expressed her determination to pursue the audit under a Republican-controlled House in January 2023:

“But we take over in January! This audit will happen!”

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  1. R. Hamilton

    Big government politicians of either party are stealing insofar as they want to buy votes with government spending that goes well beyond Constitutionally enumerated federal powers.

    And while politicians in general of both parties are not immune to the temptations of corruption, the side most affiliated with “the end justifies the means” (the left) is not likely to be the more trustworthy.

  2. Gary

    Lets go Brandon

  3. Denise

    If the democrats r soooo trustworthy and always doing what’s right – then why are they always against us seeing the FACTS? Always the same old story – hide the hunter story – hide the Twitter story – hide the sickening Biden story -hide the Ukraine story ……..oh don’t forget hide the Covid story!

  4. Frank stetson

    This has bee fact checked as cant be proved.

    Of course, so was Hunter’s laptop.

    It should be thoroughly investigated. Promptly, before the missing evidence goes away.

    Need a benghazi style committee.

    • Larry kuhn

      Ain’t you glad nobody can prove wrongful actions by the Biden crime family?

      • Jcat


  5. Andy

    We are now in the age of bloc voting. Each party only votes as a bloc, nobody wants to vote outside the bloc. So Republicans always vote down Democrats, and Democrats always vote down Republicans. Why is anyone surprised at gridlock?

    There are a few, very rare exceptions to this, such as the recent Marriage act.

  6. MSGLeo

    Why do the Democrats have so much money to spend on elections? They outspend every Republican by at least 3 to 1 and right now they are not getting nearly the donations as Republicans but seem to have a limitless budget.

  7. Dillip Patnaik

    Billions dollars USA aid to Ukraine is going to pockets of generals, Biden and his trashy son, contractors and Ukraine corrupt government and some NATO members. It is draining of US resources. US is in real trouble. US is governed by a racist corrupt person and he has left border open to the world and draining money to Ukraine. This trash must be dumped someways and somewhere. He is disgrace for the country. The country needs an intelligent quality personality for the president.

  1. Horist: makes you wonder what Reagan did so poorly that moved him behind a couple of racists. Twas 154 scholars…

  2. Joseph S Bruder..... LMAO. Your list has the two most racist presidents of the 20th Century ahead of Reagan. FDR…