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Democrats Love to Virtue Signal over the Border Crisis, But They Don’t Actually Do Anything to Fix It

Democrats Love to Virtue Signal over the Border Crisis, But They Don’t Actually Do Anything to Fix It

Believe it or not – and it brings me no particular pride to say so – once upon a time in 2008, a young adolescent and idealistic Ryan was a Barrack Obama supporter.

After all, how could this eloquent, charming man, with his utopian ideas and grandiose plans, not be the shining future of our country? How could the Democrats he led not bring the ‘hope and change’ they so vocally declared to have ready? How could this *not* be the path to progress?

It didn’t take many months of the Obama administration to deal that blissful youthful ignorance a painful – but vitally necessary – permanent blow.

The lesson the abysmal performance that would characterize the next 8 years (especially the initial few of total Democrat political control) was profound but simple; Democrats make beautiful promises, promises they’re wholly incapable of delivering.

In short, it was a bunch of hot air; an illusion of glossy assurances and pretty words. And the reality was anything but beautiful.

The border crisis – the existence of which those same Democrats have been in abject denial of – is incredibly real. The numbers of not only net immigrants, but full-fledged families, overrunning the south en masse are now becoming empirically unprecedented. As in the US has never had to cope with such pressure.

That’s not an opinion, it’s a factual reality. And to any rational person it requires action.

Every aspect of the security apparatus in charge of both guarding our southern border with Mexico and with processing the countless asylum-seeking migrants is wholly overwhelmed.

There’s not enough border agents.

There’s not enough border fortifications.

There’s not enough staff able to process asylum requests.

There’s not enough immigration lawyers

There’s not enough immigration courts

There’s not enough places to put the immigrants.

There’s not enough Doctors to treat the immigrants.

There’s not enough resources to provide basic services to the immigrants.

And you can most assuredly bet there’s not enough money to take care of all or any of this.

Border agents can’t conjure money from thin air. Immigration courts don’t multiply by budding. Asylum processing capacity isn’t based on the magic in our hearts and the buildings to house them don’t increase when people change their Facebook profile pictures for the latest cause.

These problems won’t go away, not with time, not with Trump, not if every Republican in Congress is replaced with a shiny new Democrat; these problems require attention, funding, and action.

Democrats and their echo chamberesque media outlets as of late have made it a habit to turn any sad affair on the border into a political opportunity. Immigrant woes from lack of facilities to illness and even deaths (children sell especially well) are all fodder for the political war that rages 24/7 over the airwaves and digitally.

The glaring, confounding – almost infuriating – issue with all this constant virtue signaling is that the same people of power that will splay the death of a migrant child everywhere for as many likes and retweets as possible will turn around and do literally nothing to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Funding for the border with a blue held House has been incredibly painfully slow and miserly. Agencies keep begging for money as the system is inundated with factually more people than ever before. But every request is met with hyper-partisan squabbles and holier than thou punditry.

The border desperately needs more funding for housing? Congress with refuse on the basis of the abysmal state of the housing… It’s the epitome of insane.

If you casually follow my writings, you’ll note I’m usually not one for opinionated rants such as this, but frankly, I’m fed up with it.

Fed up with the refusal to address an issue relevant specialists from all sides of the aisle have been adamant needs addressing. Fed up with the failure to fund the border paired with endless nauseating virtue signaling over the abysmal state of affairs there caused by that very lack of funding.

Most of all fed up with Democrats and their crocodile tears; just like I was with the utter fakeness of it all those many years ago.

Editor’s note:  For a while I was thinking the DACA recipients were the most important issue for the Democrats. Then President Trump actually had permanent residency as part of a greater deal. In other words, the Democrats had the solution to their greatest problem for what it turns out is a minor trade. Yet they refused it.  It was more important to them to have a club to beat up Trump than it was to protect the people that they loudly proclaimed as their constituents.

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  1. Ron

    Democrats are nothing more than ORDINARY NUGGETS in the TOILET BOWL ! WE THE PEOPLE need to FLUSH these DEPLORABLE NUGGETS DOWN the TOILET ..

  2. DAV

    Ryan, the mentally, morally and spiritually deficient Lie-beral DEMONocrats are suffering from the insanity of satanity whose only expertise is bullshitology masked under the cloak of self righteousness. They have the Look-At-Me-See-How-Nice-I-Am Syndrome AND ARE FUGITIVES FROM TRUTH !

  3. DAV

    The DEMONocrat Manifesto stipulates to its fellow comrades/socialistos, strict adherence to its belief that the Party is the source of Truth, NOT OBJECTIVE REALITY. Compliance is demanded or we will cut off all of your trickle-down financial perks and you will be whipped like a red-headed stepchild and persecuted like a conservative.

  4. Garza strong

    Once again, you, like many Americans, lump people who choose to vote differently from them into one big pot! We are people, not all of us are Democrats or Republicans. But my question to you is: what exactly have the Republican members of the legislative body done for middle America??? Really??? Your entire aim and goal seems to be destructive rhetoric. I’d like to see them all wear jackets like race drivers with their “sponsors/lobbyists” names on patches showing us whose interests they truly serve! I am voting for ELIZABETH WARREN! TAKE ME OFF YOUR CONTACT LIST — PLEASE!!

    • Stanley Steamer


      (Get it?)

  5. NavyPO

    The Demoncrats are just talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, They should be run out town on a rail!

    • Joe

      Why do you make my posts wait for moderation! NavyPO

      • Joe Gilbertson

        Because if we don’t then Hillary Clinton trolls us all freakin’ day. She is certainly annoying…

  6. Dennis

    Garza’s gonna vote for the fake indian!!!- WHAT A FOOL HE IS!! BOTH losers!!