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Democrats in Panic Mode Over Media Portrayal of Biden

Democrats in Panic Mode Over Media Portrayal of Biden

The White House and the Biden campaign are growing increasingly frustrated over how the President is being portrayed in the media, and the anger is starting to show.

Biden’s camp appears to be livid and is taking swings over press coverage of the incumbent as his reelection bid fends off persistent concerns about whether the 81-year-old is fit for another four years in the Oval Office.

Democrats have been sensitive to media coverage of former President Donald Trump compared to their own candidates dating back to the 2016 campaign when critics argued the press overhyped the controversy around then-Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s private email server while giving Trump significant, unfiltered airtime.

Now, Biden and his closest allies are seeing a similar pattern playing out where they say that reporters fixate on the President’s periodic verbal slips and questions about his age while his likely November opponent faces dozens of felonies and suggests he would undermine international alliances, crackdown on immigrants and abortion access.

The President’s personal attorney this week penned an op-ed criticizing coverage of a special counsel report that commented on Biden’s recall, and The New York Times publisher said in a recent interview that the White House is “extremely upset” about reporting on Biden’s age.

“The more this campaign and the more this White House takes the gloves off and gets aggressive, the better off they are,” said Democratic strategist Jon Reinish.

“There have been many instances on many tough issues where they’ve been behind the ball and have not been nearly as sharp, nearly as persuasive, or nearly as aggressive as they could have been.”

In the face of devastatingly low approval numbers and worries about whether Biden could serve another term, more direct pushback from the President’s camp against coverage and critiques could help build up a sense of Biden’s strength, Reinish said, adding that he hopes “it’s not too late” to make more of those kinds of moves. 

Special counsel Robert Hur released a lengthy report earlier this month that concluded Biden would not face any charges for his handling of classified documents from his time as vice president and senator. But, much to the White House’s chagrin, a significant amount of coverage was devoted to passages that called into question Biden’s ability to remember when his son died or when he served as vice president. Several media outlets also directly quoted Hur’s executive summary, which said Biden “willfully retained” classified documents — a point the White House took issue with, as Hur also determined there wasn’t enough evidence to bring any charges against the President.

In a Feb. 12 statement, TJ Ducklo, a senior adviser for the Biden campaign, knocked the media for “gratuitous and sensationalist attacks on the President’s age” after Trump suggested he’d let Russia invade NATO allies who hadn’t contributed enough to defense spending. Americans deserve “a press corps who cover his candidacy, his comments, and his policy positions with the seriousness and ferocity this moment requires,” Ducklo said. 

The gripes with the press have continued beyond the Hur report, though. 

The campaign sent out a press release criticizing The New York Times for “quibbling over” Biden’s statements about the economy, and several Democrats rolled their eyes at a Times headline on Biden’s efforts to forgive student loan debt that described the President as “beleaguered,” only for it to be changed hours later.

The Biden campaign has sent letters and made statements all in attempts to get the press to treat the President more kindly, but the simple fact is that Biden’s age is his own worst enemy, and as the days inch closer to Election Day, Biden only gets older, and there is nothing the campaign nor Biden himself can do about that.

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  1. Jim wampler

    The media reports that Biden is retarded. No shit

  2. Joe

    He belongs in a secure, nursing home, not the white house. He is a danger, to our country,senile,feeble,frail,,old,puppet,fool,egotistical,delusional,incompetent,embarrassment,to our country and the world.He leads a criminal cartel family,destroying our country,is in bed with china,iran,russia,terrorists,funding them all.Joe needs to go.


      I believe Mr Joe here has written the quinesential health break announcment. TMI, Joe. TMI.

      • Tom

        Thanks for clarifying! I thought he was self-identifying. Many of those words fit Trump and the reason the GOP is sweating bullets that Haley is getting large chunks of GOP votes.

        Amazing, both parties are sweating out their candidates. Seems like one of them would make a change and go for the gold!

  3. Darren

    Well at least Biden’s Portrayal is Based on facts of what the people are seeing.
    When there were and still are crapping on Trump it is JUST there ” Opinion ” and based on Nothing!

  4. Darren

    Better yet, this is all Russian Disinformation produced by the Trump campaign making Biden act like a Dumb Ass.
    Yea, that fits the Narrative!

  5. Mike f

    There definitely is a much greater focus by the media on Biden’s occasional gaffes than on the equally numerous ‘gaffes’ by trump Ben Hur did a hit job on Biden with his BS commentary as to why he wasn’t filing charges-no other reason than an attempt to lower Biden’s poll numbers-the fact of the matter being he simply didn’t have a case, but felt he needed to make something up so the maggots didn’t crucify him. Was his BS called out as BS in the mainstream media? No. So much for the liberal bias in MSM. The bottom line is that both candidates are elderly and I personally worry about the age of both. The difference is that one (our current president Biden) has experience and intelligence to make up for occasional lapses, while the other is a failed entrepreneur who is dumb as shit and has only been successful at running his mouth off convincing the rubes that he was successful…..

    • frank Stetson

      Gaffs? I dun’t care bout no stupid gaffs……

      By the time of the election, Trump will be so broke one can only imagine which devil he will sell his soul to. That’s one reason he’s screwing up his rants, he’s under a lot of financial pressure. A lot. Unless the “deals,” fall right, he will lose some or all his business. And even IF the deals fall right, the cost will be so high he will continue to be at a high risk of default for everything.

      He recently restructed his Douche-Bank loans and somehow found a buyer when no bank will touch him. God knows the rate he’s ponied up for, but it’s got to be YUGE. The investors are in an investment shop connected to former Major League Baseball star Alex Rodriguez and retired boxing champion Floyd Mayweather. Dell and some other silver spoon helped too. Trump also refinanced $125 million of debt against a Miami golf resort and reworked a $100 million mortgage at Trump Tower. They immediately ripped his name off and went with the Waldorf brand. Trump Co did not even get the hotel management deal, another real hotel chain got that.

      Bottom line, he slipped the debt noose, an amazing feat, and has no real debt issues until 2028 to be in bed with a invisible investment firm called CGI Merchant Group. They specialize in distressed hospitality situations so you know Trump’s “deal” has got to be a killer. But he’s alive.

      Next, he is trying to hit a homer by selling his media company as in his website which is nothing without him. In this goes through, it could bail him out on his court fines, penalities, and massive interest. It’s right up his alley to sell nothing but hot air to rubes for big bucks. Story of his life. His “magic” is to find rich folk stupid enough to gamble on his ever more risky business ventures. The banks won’t touch him. Finance houses won’t touch him. And now he deals with guys who feed off the corpses of bad business. Better off with a loan shark I think. Watch this deal. It’s his lifeline and without, he’s a dead man walking.

      However, like I said, if the media buyers are extra stupid, he could pull this out of the fire at a much better deal than he got for re-financing his loan and pawning off the failed Washington Trump Hotel.