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Democrats’ “good news gospel” doomed to failure

Democrats’ “good news gospel” doomed to failure

Watching the Biden administration – and the collection of left-wing activists – issue what I can only describe as their “good news gospel,” I am reminded of that line for the Marx Brothers movie, “Duck Soup,” in which the Chico character asks, “Well, who ya gonna believe me or your own eyes?”

Because Democrats fear that the people of America might believe what they see with their own eyes, there is a strategic effort by the politicians and the left-wing media to conceal and distract from the real situations in favor of the political “good news gospel.”

Democrats — and the left-leaning press — essentially give the Biden Administration an “A” for handling the economy.  Their message is that things are really great for the American people – just in case you did not notice.

Not only do they claim that the inflation that is hitting hard on the American pocketbook – especially the low income, retired or unemployed folks – is a good thing.  It is a sign that the economy is pulling out of the Covid Pandemic recession.  It is minor … temporary … transitory problem.

We should ignore what we see.  The highest rate of inflation since the 1970s.  They claim that they expected a dose of inflation – although it is difficult to hear that before the inflation actually hit.  They did say it would be very minor – before it became a big problem that we the people see every time we shop or pump gas.

The “good news” Democrats are telling us that more goods are flowing through our seaports than ever before – even as we see with our own eyes the hundreds of thousands of containers of consumer goods and manufacturing parts bobbing up and down in the Pacific Ocean day-after-day.  Just don’t look.  They say that people are buying more than ever.  So, do not look at all those empty shelves.

They say that unemployment is going down and wages are going up.  (This is the point where we should be standing and shouting “ALLELUIA!!!”).   Ignore all those ubiquitous “Help Wanted” signs we see, the shorter hours – and the record gap between open job offers and millions of available people preferring to stay at home.

They do not want us to notice that the increase in wages – due to a shortage of willing workers – is falling behind the inflationary rise in prices.  Do not look at your declining purchasing power.

Democrats say that all that stimulus money was to help overcome inflation.  We should be thankful to have that extra dough to partially compensate for the increased costs.  But do not look at the actual economics – which show that all that money being given away is CAUSING the inflation.  And all that money given away is CAUSING people to stay home and not seek jobs.

Then there is the crime issue.  Democrat prosecutors and city councils across the country are decriminalizing such crimes as battery – unless there is permanent injury – and looting, and calling it “good news.”  Did you know that New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio happily announced that crime is down in the Big Apple?  So do not allow your eyes to deceive you in seeing increases in the most serious crimes.  Those gangs that descend on stores and looted in broad daylight are just a figment of your imagination – your lying eyes.

More “good news” from Democrats.  They are reducing police enforcement with “reforms” and “defunding” – making us safe from police brutality.  They say they are not defunding — so you should not look at the actual defunding and reduced funding for police protective services across the nation.

They say that the rise in crimes is because the taxpayers have not given people enough unearned income.  The “good news” is that they – the Democrats and left-wing socialists – will give people money for anything and everything.  That will stop crime according to the “good news gospel.”

Some of the “good news” is increased funding for education.  (More alleluias, please).  So do not look at the fact that all those generations of politicians putting “more money into education” has not produced any improvement in the quality of public education – especially in the segregated school systems in our major cities.  In fact, the quality of education has declined despite the “good news” of more and more money.  And do not look at the test scores that show failing students in separate and unequal schools throughout the national K-12 public school systems.  Look way from the studies that show American students falling further and further behind other nations.

Biden and the Democrats peddle the surrender in Afghanistan as more “good news.”  They even claim that it has made America stronger, more respected and safer.  So do not allow your eyes tell you differently.  Blind yourself to the increased terrorism activity in Afghanistan – and the tragedy of those thousands of friends and citizens we left behind.  Shield your eyes from the increasing aggressiveness of Russia, China, Iran, North Korea in the wake of Afghanistan.

Nowhere is this more notable than in terms of the growing crisis on the southern border.  It is getting worse and will continue to get worse under the Democrats’ open border policies.  They even lie about that – claiming the “good news” of the border being “secure” or that there is a “problem” but not a “crisis.”  

More “good news.”  There are not criminals or undesirables among the millions crossing the border unvetted.  Look away from those reports you see of MS13 terrorism, crimes perpetrated by illegal aliens and the increased impact of the drug lords on communities throughout the country.

Democrats want you to believe that the solution is to give the Mexico and Central American nations lots of money to ease the economic hardships and crime that they claim is driving the unprecedented level of illegal border crossing.  That is why Vice President Kamala Harris spends more time visiting those nations than she does at the border.  That IS “good News” for the authoritarian leaders of those countries, however.

The Biden administration is following the left’s universal solution to all things.  Throw more money at the problem.  Even if their idea of spending billions on those failed economies was not doomed to fail – as it most surely is – it would take years before the economic or crime conditions in those nations would change sufficiently to stop the migration.

And where does all this money come from?  More “good news.”  It mostly comes from increased corporate taxes.  Democrats do not want us to look at the increase on all those price tags.  We should not see that WE are paying for those corporate taxes – hitting hardest on the poorest.

“Good news.”   The Biden welfare Reconciliation Bill is all paid for.  Do not look at the report of the Congressional Budget office that says it is billions of dollars short of being fully paid. 

The examples of the “good news gospel” being preached by Democrats and their media allies can go on and on.  Far too many for one commentary.  But maybe we the people are not as blind and gullible as Biden & Co. believe.

Judging from Biden’s tanking popularity rating, it would appear that the folks back home are believing what they are seeing with their very own eyes.

So, there ‘tis.

About The Author

Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. AC

    You give a laundry list naming your so called “Good News” and the “good news gospel” coming from Biden and the Democrats as evidence for your on going negative hypothesis , Biden, Democrats, and the left leaning Media are a scourge on America.
    We the people, if seeing is believing, see your depiction of America and are lead to believe no real good is out there. In your opinion, failure is everywhere in this country. And, Biden with the Democrats in the majority are directly responsible.
    Considering the state of the Republican Party at present and if Trump had actually become President, then would our country see real good in all the issues you see Biden failing miserably?
    As always, your opinions ignore relive my context. Truly you are a dyed in the wool Republican with nothin positive in the world and always disbursing fear.
    Therefore, Republicans and your contributions are largely the problem in this picture, surely not coming forward with workable solutions.

  2. Ben

    There is a huge difference between antidotal evidence you provide and the facts.

    I understand that you have a vested interest in proclaiming how bad everything is, maybe your ivory tower is getting a little dingy lately, but your narrative is not supported by facts.

    The fact that you site a movie from 1933 gives us clues as to why you feel the way you do. It’s as if the gave the old guy that yelled “get off my lawn” a platform that has the potential to reach the whole world… although thankfully, your readership seems to be limited.

    Nonfarm payrolls increased by 850,000 in June versus the estimate for 706,000.

    Wages were up 0.3% for the month and 3.6% year over year, both in line with expectations.

    • Joseph S. Bruder

      You mean, of course, “anecdote”, not “antidote”.

      • frank stetson

        Larry is hoping for it to be the antidote for the antichrist he calls the liberal :>) Has to be the antichrist, who else could have put us in Hell in less than 11 months; even Donald J. Trump couldn’t move that fast.

        I know the feeling, you can tell when I phone in the posts.
        Like why is my smart phone so stupid?
        Why does it hate me for loving it?
        Why does spell correct always make things incorrect?

        It’s like bees in my bonnet, it just keeps buzzing.

  3. Joseph S. Bruder

    I’m not going to comment on your entire list, because some of the items are just made up… but the Good News is that the economy has rebounded since Biden took over. As opposed to how many times that Trump claimed he had “THE BEST” economy, while it was slowly declining… And look at Biden’s handling of the COVID pandemic compared to Trump’s disaster – that certainly qualifies as Good News too. Biden managed to get 70% vaccinated, while Trump was up to about 2% – and only 1% of the money that Trump claimed he “invested” in vaccines actually went for that, the rest disappeared.

    We’ve got our European allies back – that’s good news, and our current President is not bowing and scraping to Putin. You appear to think that pulling out of Afghanistan was bad news – but we’re saving about $300 Billion per year, and are not mired in a no-win war anymore. I think that qualifies as Good News.

    If you look back at the last 50 years of Administrations, you will find that the accumulation of debt slows, deficit spending is reduced, and the economy improves more under Democrats in every case. Debt increases faster and the deficit gets worse under Republicans. Investing money in infrastructure and people and jobs works, giving handouts to the rich doesn’t. You can spout off all you want about the future impact of Biden’s programs, but history has shown that he’s following the most productive course. You’ve chosen Democrat-bashing over your supposedly Conservative ideals.

    The rest of your diatribe is just a handful of random spins of the wheel on Republicans Greatest Hits, the kind of stuff that Dan regurgitates.

    • Dan Tyree

      You’re such a damned fool and a liar. Retard joe is killing this country. And many of us aren’t going to be governed by the demented old bastard. Someone said that God put him in office. Maybe to punish America. But this too will pass. By the way, I can prove that God is white.

      • Joseph S. Bruder

        “Proving God is white” would be proving that you’re an idiot. But you’ve already provided enough evidence of that.

    • Dan don’t

      Your idiot president is kissing china’s ass

  4. frank stetson

    Talk about putting ten pounds in a 8 pound bag….. the theory is “too much good news must be fake,” and I agree. However, I think positive spin falls on both sides of the aisle and to say it’s a Democrat thing is bogus. In October of 2020, Trump once again told us Covid is going away. October of 2020. He had said that repeatedly for over ten months. “But maybe we the people are not as blind and gullible as Biden & Co. believe.” I think you need to start farther back and compare to the other side. Biden’s positive spin has not killed anyone, Trump’s lies and policies did.

    From 2017-2020, you seemed as gullible as you can get. Did you not invent The Big Lie? What giant percentage of the Republican party still thinks it’s true that the election was rigged. I think I saw a lot of them on 1/6. How many of his 30,000 documented lies did you swallow? Did you not believe anything wrong with hundreds of Team Trump and Team Russia meetings before the election? Or did you just buy “I have no dealings in Russia” as Trump Co. tried to secure a business there, during the election season. That a Presidential call to garner 11,780 votes in Georgia was OK as Trump told you. Or the call to Ukraine to “get a favor” called in against Joe Biden as patriotic? That a guy who boasts he can grab all the pussy he wants, pays hush money to hookers, has a lifetime of tax issues, tax fraud is coming next, and a few lies from the guy who defrauded hundreds at his fake University deserved to be President? Right before you voted for him..

    You bought that one. Who’s gullible for good news stories now?

    I am sorry, but hearing you complain Democrats are sucking up to a good news story is pretty funny, considering the source. Meanwhile, yeah, we got troubles, right here in river city. And you and I agree that too much spending often results in too much money which results in everyone wanting everything and willing to pay more to get it. Inflation.

    Is it bad, yes? Is it going to get worse, who knows? Same with duration, who knows. Will the infrastructure bill increase it, it should. Will the BBB increase it, it should. But the devilish part is whether this is new money, as in that which we create from loans, or is it diverting existing money to other places. In the former, probable inflation, in the later, not necessarily.

    But to totally blame the guy on the scene for 11 months, offering a single stimulus while discounting the guy there for the previous 48 months, who offered two stimuli, one on the eve of his successor, the biggest stimulus ever in history, plus a huge tax cut, mostly to the rich, but nonetheless a lot of “free money” injected into the system targeting consumer purchases, a guy with the biggest deficits and debt ever in America’s history, seems economically shortsighted. Apparently you’ve been swilling good news lies for four years and now are upset after only 11 months.

    In a worse case scenario, this is all based on Trump economics. Timing and spending wise, that is possible. Then we have even more inflationary effects of the Biden stimulus yet to come. As in it’s even worse than you depict.

    • Dan Tyree

      Your retarded so called president was expected to heal everybody and everything. What a joke. I love to watch you brain washed libturds trying to put out the commiecrats fires. Slow joe’s numbers are falling among the commiecrats. But that’s ok. Idiots like you and Ben have got his back.

  5. Frank stetson

    Who really cares about the whims of a racist who thinks it relevant that he can prove God’s white. You have little to say but cheap name calling. No ideas, no facts, just baying at the moon like a dog.

    “And many of us aren’t going to be governed by the demented old bastard.” Wow, such a fantasy you live. We’re all governed by him, just like we’re still getting over Trump governance and he’s in hiding. You’re just being stupid again to say different. Delusional thought. Goes right with God is white concept. Who cares about that delusion except a racist. But you enjoy it cuz you’re tweaking folks pleases you. You like the effect of being a racist .Anonymously. Behind the keyboard. Hidden.

    • Dan Tyree

      In the Bible God said I am who I am. Not I is who I is

      • Joseph S. Bruder

        How many translations do you think it had before it got to English? And while we’re at it, who wrote it down? Did he hear God in a dream? Did God appear before him? Did God write it down and hand it to someone who could personally verify that God wrote it? Or did someone find a piece of paper in the desert that said “I am who I am” (in whatever language) and decide it came from God? And how old is the original? Do you think a book of fiction, or poetry, or the writings of L. Ron Hubbard, or even a stray newspaper article would be accepted as the Word Of God if it was accidentally found intact after 2000 years?

        • Dan Tyree

          I don’t know. I didn’t write the book

          • Joseph S. Bruder

            And yet you believe every fucking word unconditionally, without thought, because someone told you that you should when you were a little kid. You explain away the contradictions, you cherry pick things to match what you want to believe, and when it’s flat-out wrong, you just claim not to understand everything about it. Religion or cult, not too much difference.

  6. Frank stetson

    You share that with God when you meet him.

  7. frank stetson

    I don’t see how that “prove that God is white?” It just sound to me that it proves that God is not a racist from Virginia. My grandparents coming over would not fit your profile of “God’s image” as well since their English was far from perfect so I get where you’re coming from and feel you’re FoS.

    You do this to get a rise and don’t care who and how you offend. You apparently need to prove your worth by demeaning others and it’s easier for you to pick lower income groups to do this. Just another nazi cloaked in red, white, and blue.

    • Dan Tyree

      Gotcha. It was all in fun. And it worked.

  8. Frank stetson

    Yes, if you wanted to tweak me because you demean people who speak the language with some difficulty, you achieved your goal. If your thought was that was fun, I feel sorry for you.

    Your thought was to do the same for Blacks who had to overcome some real language barriers starting with white slavers, well that’s racism, you are a racist, and that’s never funny.

    At what point does pretending to be a racist because it’s fun for you for some strange reason become problematic? Because I can’t see the pretending. You are a racist pig that pumps himself up by demeaning others as inferior because of race alone.

    What’s funny is you picking on Blacks for language given the spelling, grammar, and such that you use.

    • Harold blankenship

      Boo hoo. Maybe they should learn to speak English

      • Dan Tyree

        Racist? I saw an article about the BLM walking shit wants white owned businesses boycotted. But that’s ok. There would be less shoplifting. You Marxist bastards cry racism if it fits your needs. I don’t give a fuck what white slave owners did. I wasn’t around to see it. And it’s not my fault that dumb asses in Africa were captured and sold into slavery by their own kind. So I don’t apologize for that. And nobody should. If that’s all that the blacks have to bitch about they should rise above it or stfu. I’m damned tired of hearing about slavery and Jim Crow. People who still hang on to that shit are weak ass idiots Word???????

      • Frank sterson

        No, we should make fun of them like Dan; and I guess we can include you too.

        I didn’t ask you to feel sorry, what’s the point of being mean? Need it to feel better about your pitiful life?

  9. Frank stetson


    Did you just call me a bastard? Freakin pygmy prick pencilled neck redneck pos.

    You being a racist pig has nothing to do with slavery. It’s a weakness exhibited by those who need to pick themselves up by putting others down. You’re probably just compensating for your own shortcomings. Your miserable redneck racist life. But racism is unforgivable and you love being a racist to the point of thinking racism is the targets fault as you noted above. You revel in it while blaming others. Because that’s the point, blaming others to feel better about yourself .You are no better than a nazi, similar actually. First the pick targets, then they blame, then they harm and steal their stuff, and their lives. Racist pigs all.

    And I don’t drop the race card with you. YOU DO. And then you applaud yourself, blame others, and defend your racism, like you did above and you’ve done before..

    • Dan Tyree

      Did you have to study a dictionary to make your speech? You still haven’t addressed the issue of BLM wanting white businesses boycotted. Now who’s racist?

      • Joseph S. Bruder

        Frank and I don’t need a dictionary to write well. We’re both well educated and intelligent. Compared to your back-water high school drop-out writing…

        I see nothing wrong with boycotting businesses that support racists. YOU put in the part about them being white-owned. Most of them are multinational corporations with literally 10’s or 100’s of thousands of owner/investors. But the management of those corporations, whether all white or all black or a mix of ethnicities, has chosen to endorse racism in one form or another. They may not even be aware of it, just doing business as usual, until they are called out for it by a protest or a boycott..

        • Joe dixon

          Listen to the black looney tunes and everyone is racist. They are nothing but whiny ass punks.

  10. frank stetson

    You are the racist. Why would I address anything for you, much less something completely off Larry’s topic. Are you really this stupid to think you can bait me into responding to your request when you can’t come up with diddly squat on any topic, subject, or anything requiring an actual fact based in reality. You’re just another stupid conservative cracker hoping to return to the days of white supremacy when you could get more by keeping those who look different down. Of course BLM, or even a stupid dumb ass racist cracker like you, can call for a boycott on just about anything. Why, are you against the Unions for their boycott request too? How about the Seniors requesting a boycott. No, you just hate Black people and have to spew your racist crap lies because you just don’t know any other way to feel better about yourself.; probably had your woman leave you for a Black guy. Or another woman which would be more in character to a homophobe like you.

    Having fun yet? There’s certainly some tension release in acting like you, like a little boy, just another shock snot on the web hiding behind his keyboard pretending to be a man.

    • Dan Tyree

      Wrong. I don’t hate black people. And I am a college graduate. I can even read music. I’m a damned good fiddle player and guitar picker. You idiots can’t pick your noses

      • frank stetson

        Watta softball….
        Dan laments: “Wrong. I don’t hate black people. And I am a college graduate.” A man who “don’t hate black people, he tries to mask his racism as a healthy liberal cattle prod to show us those liberal hypocritical attitudes versus policies for the Black community. Of course, Dan does not use facts, just allegations to rationalize his pretend racism. It’s all surreal.

        Scott27 summarizes this fractured fairy tale as: “And no, Dan isn’t a racist. He’s just frustrated with the left using the race card to bully people. Sometimes I wonder if he makes some statements just to rile the liberals who post on the blogs. Real racists are normally not so open about it.” Ah, so being a racist for the right reasons, eh? And real racists hide. Even in Charlotte? So, let me understand…. if something says something racist, because they said it openly, they are not racists? Isn’t that the bizzaro world version of: “if a tree falls in a forest and no one is there……”

        Dan himself backs this up with: “Tom are you sure that I’m a racist? Or do I post bullshit to piss off the left that stands behind teaching white kids in some schools that being white is evil? (this is a lie, fyi). Or kids being kicked out of school for believing that there are only two genders? Blacks are not always right and neither are white people. But commiecrats do more to hinder race relations than to help. You probably won’t respond but that’s ok. I just believe that teaching that blacks are underprivileged is racist. But trolling for victims help keep getting commiecrats elected.” This is the crux. The “kids” in this case might be one kid, case is still pending in court. The point of that case is that he is cancelling gay, lesbian, bi, trans, —– a whole fleet of real life, living, American citizens that he feels does not even exist even apparently in front of his very own eyes. Well, now he does not exist, he’s off the football team.

        But the point is that Dan blames his racism on the left because he has to be racist to prove their hypocrisy which he can’t prove beyond Democrats securing the Black vote versus Republican tokenism due to bad policies and he concludes there must be something wrong with that: must be racism! So, to combat racism, Dan pretends to be a racist to make a point and the fact that no one can tell means it’s working and the fact he speaks all the words of a racist, that alone proves he’s not. Not to mention he says he doesn’t hate Black people. Note how he does not mention that he likes them either. Probably thinks they are subhuman and therefore there are no Black people really, just “hood rats.” After all, he is a racist.

        But let’s hear from Dan: “BLM walking shit wants white owned businesses boycotted” So, if you are Black and you boycott, you are “BLM walking shit.” It’s important for racists to generalize so that the entire race gets included.

        “I can prove that God is white.” Because that’s proof positive of white supremacy if the supreme God is YOUR race. (do you really think God has a race, I mean if man’s created in God’s image and man is made up of many races, why would God be white, he would be going against his own “in my image” thing. Or perhaps was Dan is saying is non-whites are not “man.” Think about it. Insidious these racists are.

        “She got to be the head token today. She should have had to clean retard joe’s toilet.” Nah, Dan does not hate people just because they are Black.

        “The hood rats are obstructing justice by trying to threaten and bully the courts.” He doesn’t hate them, they’re not even human. He thinks most are “hood rats,” his favorite descriptor.

        “Not guilty!!!!!!! Praise God. Let the BLM thugs take notice.” (this was for Kyle getting off for killing two white guys and blowing the arm off another white guy, now that’s a hatred hard-on where the white guys get shot and BLM takes his wrath)

        “But if a hood rat had shot him and were convicted you would be raising hell about it.” (and the “hood rats” get special treatment too; Dan is such a victim.)

        “Racism is ok if it’s blacks attacking the businesses of honest white people.” (and he has cases where “racism is ok.)

        “the real possibility of the fires that the hood rats start could spread beyond believe and kill lots of people.” (and it’s worse than reported, could spill over any moment; at least in Dan’s racist mind)

        “the bastards have blood in their eyes and they aren’t finished yet” (because Dan tells us they are coming for us, better lock n load)

        “Joe and ho should be ok. She got to be HNIC for awhile” for the uninitiated, that’s racist code including the n-word. Dan likes Blacks, he likes to use the n-word too. But he’s not a racist and will probably lecture us on Black comedians paving the way for Dan use of one of the most racist words a white could use.

        “Who cares what the mulatto from Kenya said?” (and he’s a birther to boot.)

        So, it appears Dan pretends to be a racist to make the point that liberals are racists while not being a racist because he speaks like a racist and racists don’t speak openly. As a true patriot, he is lying for the greater good even going as far as using the N-word. He has fooled many who believe he is a racist, including other racists and wannabe racists, who continue their racism with Dan’s words in mind. Dan sure looks like a racist, acts like a racist, uses coded racist language, says racist things, he never backs down, walks em back, and only when cornered like a racist rat, does he falter and say he’s lying to make a point about liberals. Not any actual facts, just that Democrats are bad, bad, people doing bad things to get Black votes and then Dan adds his own set of demeaning names and childish descriptions because like Archie Bunker, when you call everybody demeaning names, it must be OK.

        Sorry Dan, but if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then you’re a racist dick and the moderators should cancel that trash. Why they would allow the n-word to be posted, even in abbreviation, or remain on their site is beyond me. No profit motive should rationalize that.

        • Dan Tyree

          Go take a pill. Yes, I’ve known many black people that I like. And some I despise. Same for white people. Boycott away. It usually backfired. And let them keep burning cities. Sooner or later they will kill several people. Fires do sometimes get beyond control. My message to people of all races. Don’t bother me or mine. I won’t bother you. Here’s a deal for you. I’ll only criticize people that deserve it. White or black. Or whatever. But it’s still game on for retard joe. And when I posted HNIC I meant her nose is crooked. From brown nosing.

          • frank stetson

            “Yes, I’ve known many black people that I like.” Ah, you like many Blacks therefore you can’t be a racist. Of course, you use “known” as in maybe you presently don’t like any. “I’ll only criticize people that deserve it. White or black. Or whatever.” The ole Archie Bunker “I hate everyone on an equal opportunity basis” defense for the racist.

            “And when I posted HNIC I meant her nose is crooked. From brown nosing.” Then you are stupid. What did you think HNIC meant? “Her nose is crooked?” Boy, are you dumb. There are a number of known meanings for hnic, like hockey night in Canada, but in the US, the top meaning is Head N-word In Charge which is exactly how you meant it.

            More telling is your lie to hide. You say it’s Her Nose Is Crooked, as in “Joe and ho should be ok. She got to be HNIC for awhile” or “Joe and ho should be ok. She got to be Her Noose Is Crooked for awhile.” You are no a lying racist. Too bad, you could have punted with Head Nut In Charge, but you are a stupid lying racist.

            That’s one time you used the N-word. I am betting I can find more. Why? Because you are a stupid lying racist and you can’t help yourself. Turned loose, anonymous, no moderation, and you just have to be you.

            Can you change? Only if you change. Until then, NO DEAL. Stop now and that’s a different deal. But face it, you can’t.

            Oh yeah, boycotts and blockades rarely work, but they can. Witness the woke nature of American business, they got it. And with millennials coming to bat, there will be more. I even am moving to woke-investing, something I would have never thought I would even think about only 6 months ago. Times change. You can too. And yes, people will get hurt by fires, violence, etc. And no harm is the rule, I agree.

            But sorry, you are still a racist, a stupid lying one based on your own posts. I would suggest letting it drop and seeing if you can muster some change. Cuz the more you dig, the deeper it gets.

            Now let’s talk issues, supported by facts, have some patriot opinion differences and join together in Democracy.

        • Dan Tyree

          Anyone who burns peoples property are hood rats. Black or white. And when did I ever post the N word.?

          • Joseph S. Bruder

            You mean like the KKK?

        • Martha sizemore

          Earlier this year the police shot a guy. The friendly neighborhood arsonists went to protest and do what they do. After finding out that the guy was white they stood down and left. True story. Racist? You decide. So ease up on the race card. It goes both ways

          • frank stetson

            Good point Martha in that, yes, racists come in all colors.

            But finding a racist of another color does not absolve Dan from his racist comments, his lying to hide them, or his incredible stupidity in thinking he could breeze this one by in saying HNIC really means Her Nose Is Crooked when it is painfully obvious, even to the casual observer, what this racist cracker from Virginia really meant.

            As to his true feelings, he says it just to make a point, he does not feel or act that way, he has Black friends he lets out of the closet to defend his stand on equal rights under the law. Don’t matter: talk like a racist is racism no matter what your true beliefs are. Remember, after WWII, there were no nazi’s in Germany, just good Germans. You know, they really just didn’t mean it, they all had Jews who used to be their friends. When they were alive. Before they got gassed. But after they were enslaved. Yup, good Germans just like Dan is a good man in favor of civil rights. Right after he gets pegged as a stupid lying racist from Virgina.

  11. frank stetson

    “Yes, I’ve known many black people that I like” says Dan who feels that racists can’t like any Black people and if they do like some Black they can’t be racist. He must know that’s not true. He can’t be that stupid. Uses the word “known” which could make one wonder if it’s all in the past… But he keeps digging. Next he tries the ole Archie Bunker argument: “I am an equal opportunity asshole, therefore not a racist” when he says: “Here’s a deal for you. I’ll only criticize people that deserve it. White or black. Or whatever.” Why would you make a deal for me? There is no DEAL that absolves you from being a racist; you are either a racist or not a racist. It’s your actions that define you, not making deals about future possibilities.

    But Dan’s funniest shot right into his own foot is when he says: “And when I posted HNIC I meant her nose is crooked. From brown nosing.” In defending himself not as a racist, he has written clearly how he is actually a lying racist who is really stupid. How could you use this acronym? Are you brain dead? While in Canada it can mean Hockey Night in Canada, in America the main meaning is Head N-word In Charge. But wait — there’s more.

    Let’s take Dan at his word, which do you think he meant?

    Dans version: “Joe and ho should be ok. She got to be Her Nose Is Crooked for awhile”
    Dan’s real version “Joe and ho should be ok. She got to be Head N-word In Charge for awhile”

    Here’s the funny part. Over time, HNIC also meant Head Nurse in Charge or Head Nut in Charge. If the stupid lying racist actually had looked it up, the escape of Head Nut in Charge would have been perfect. But no, this smart guy decided to wing in, make something up that makes no sense whatsoever and fling those feces at the pbp wall. So, he lied about what he really said, he is too stupid to look it up, and since he is a stupid liar, chances are he is still a racist too.

    Time will tell, we’re watching Dan, good luck. Criticize away, any race is target, but exhibit racism again and it shows. Every time.

    I am pretty sure that even an all-white jury in Florida might not agree with Dan’s newest explanation. And Dan, I am sure I can find other times you used that, or worse, too.

    • larry Horist

      Frank … I have not been paying attention to the ongoing pee-ing contest going on between you and Dan. I was shocked to see how far you — and others — have descended into the gutter of ugly discord. Dan seems to have set the hook in you. I suspect he is getting a lot of satisfaction watch you splashing and thrashing in the water. I recall you as the guy would admonished everyone to act in a civil manner without the childish name calling. That happened? Try reading what you have been writing as if it were someone else’s words and see how Frank would react. This repetitious, irrelevant and off-subject verbal barroom brawling reaffirms my decision to refrain from participating.

    • Dan Tyree

      The nose thing was posted for humor. But you know what they say about people who can’t take a joke. Fuck em. As for liking or disliking people of any race, I connect with people based on their actions. I’m not obligated to like someone who I think is an asshole. Black, white or whatever. Yes, I despise the low life bastards that burn people’s property and attack the police. The people who they harmed physically and financially have done nothing to the so called protesters. And idiots on the news talk about peaceful protests with fire and smoke in the background. I don’t sanction bothering anyone unless they bring the shit to me. If that makes me a racist I don’t care. Posts have mentioned insurance. Many policies doesn’t cover civil unrest. Just accidents, acts of God, so called or slight vandalism connected to a burglary. Ect. I noticed that others don’t back me up on this site but I guess that they think I’m racist. I’ll form my own opinions about wokeness and all of that bull shit. And I can honestly say that I’ve never wronged anyone of color in my life. And yes, I will defend me and mine if necessary

      • Dan Tyree

        Enough about racism. I’m tired of it. Let’s talk about the weakness of retard joe. He’s about to be punked by Russia. Duly elected or not, America has made a huge mistake. Let’s talk issues. I’m staying away from black and white situations. So pointing fingers at trump means nothing. He isn’t in the White House now.

        • Joseph S. Bruder

          Like it or not, Trump is still pulling the strings in the Republican Party. 90% of the elected Republicans in Congress refuse to say that Trump lost and Biden won, still repeating the Big Lie of vote-counting fraud. Any Republican who wants to keep his job in Congress (and it’s a pretty cushy job with great benefits) is scared to death of getting on Trump’s bad side. So, as long as Republicans have no balls, Trump is still relevant. Until he goes to jail.

      • Joseph S. Bruder

        Dan, using a supposed joke as your defense is a tried and true tactic of racists, bullies, misogynists and just plain jerks everywhere. It allows them to say whatever mean and nasty things about people that they want, and when they get challenged they say “oh, it was just a joke, lighten up”. And if they’re not challenged on their speech, they up their game. It’s a relatively safe (and cowardly) way of finding people that agree with your racist views.

        The Proud Boys used frat-boy humor to draw more racists into their ranks. The KKK started with skits and silly songs and called themselves wizards and dragons to defuse the seriousness of their attacked.

        If you’re really tired of being called a racist, then stop writing like one. I suspect you’ve got more smarts than the high-school dropout racist women-hating anti-gay bully that you show yourself to be hetre.

  12. frank stetson

    Larry, feel free not to participate; if you don’t think racists comments on your threads worthy of comment for fear of getting into an off-topic pissing match, that’s you.

    I was pretty clear in asking pbp to moderate against racism; racism is not free speech, it is racist. Like you, they do not engage, nor moderate.

    I was pretty clear that I will respond if pbp continues to opt out.

    How far will I go; I have descended into the gutter of name calling just like Dan, and often you as well, but think you are more on my plane. The difference is when I call Dan “a lying stupid racist” I provided factual support as to his lying, his stupidity, and his racism. So, like I said to Dan: NO DEAL. Sorry. For there to be change, something must change. I have changed for this, for Dan, for pbp for Dan for racism.

    “The nose thing was posted for humor. But you know what they say about people who can’t take a joke. Fuck em.” It wasn’t funny, it was racist, you used the n-word even. And then you lied about it, was too stupid to figure it out, and continue to not only post racist comments, but to defend your actions as appropriate. I will move on when you change. I would love to talk issues, but unlike Larry, no, I do not condone nor overlook racism when I see it. And I see it here, with you, all the time.

    • Dan Tyree

      Ok. So go get therapy And build a bridge and get over it. You and your party are racist. Do you people not preach that blacks can’t get voter ID? Why not? That’s just an example. Your crowd has policies that keep minority neighborhoods just what they are. Crime ridden drug infested shit holes. If republicans ran all of the large cities and most heavily populated states you would see a world of difference. Trump had the unemployment numbers for minorities falling beyond expectations. But your crowd stole the election and killed the deal. The blood is on the hands of the commiecrats

    • Dan Tyree

      Frank, Larry,, Joseph and Ben. It’s been fun. But I’m done posting. And by the way, I have African in my blood. That’s why I love watermelon. Had to get that last shot in. Mercy Christmas y’all. Happy hunnaka, kwanza or whatever.

      • larry Horist

        I can understand. The dialogue here has never been anything but ugly spleen venting. I have never approved of your proactive approach, but I am a First Amendment extremists. I stick with Voltaire who said (paraphrasing) “I may disagree with what you say (or how you say it) but will defend your RIGHT to say it.” That applies to the crude language championed by the Berkley Free Speech Movement or objectionable opinions. I also believe that people who express ugly opinions are the best source of rebuttal and rejection. In many ways, I find others on this sight as objectionable in style and name-calling as you, but that is THEIR right. They think the site should have censored you … but maybe they should be censored for their outrageous accusations and insults. I have a long and provable reputations for fighting on the ground for civil rights — and have thee friends and awards to prove it. But … they say I am racist, or at least tolerate racism. That is a lie … period … advanced by people who know nothing about me.. But, I must respect their uninformed and ill-motivated opinions as their right. I will be interested to see how the replies go after you are gone. They may have to wind up shadow boxing — or in the case of Bruder, he always has the mythical straw man Larry Horist of his imagination. Good luck to you.

        • frank stetson

          “I have never approved of your proactive approach” (heh, heh, I first read this as provocative….still works!)
          I hope you mean in this case because if you mean in general, you are not only deluded, but you fall prey to a lot of snarky-ism’s too. Sucks being sarcastic, so misunderstood :>) But also, in this caser, “approach” does sound a little contrived —- this is not a tactic, a ploy — it’s just me having enough, after giving due warning to my wrath, after asking for pbp support, asking you and other writers for support.

          I know you push back on this at times but really — does your support of the first amendment mean you have to just let this shit slide? Of course not ——– YOU made a choice. And so did I. I choose to stand up while you sit down.

          You are acting like between you and I, I am the name caller. Larry, I am no more a name caller than you. Rare, it does happen, and I do apologize, walk back, etc. when called upon. This is not that. I did NOT name call here, you can check me on it. I factually proved Dan is a liar, a racist, and stupid. In this case, based on his actions, based on his responses. His responses. Multiple times. After my pushback he continued.

          And I am sorry. FY and free speech for racists. That’s just bullshit. There are restrictions, as you well know, on free speech. This is a private web site, pbp can do whatever it likes regarding messaging; it is their right, it is their ownership, it is their responsibility. It is their choice as to what type of messaging to allow. IT is NOT a first amendment right, it is not a public forum, t is the PBP’s ownership right that trumps. Just issue a code of conduct and moderate. Or continue to be a fountainhead for racism. Shall we try lewd curse words as a matter of routine discourse next? Maybe some child porn code words? Of course not. At least I hope so.

          From Britannica: “Second, a few narrow categories of speech are not protected from government restrictions. The main such categories are incitement, defamation, fraud, obscenity, child pornography, fighting words, and threats. As the Supreme Court held in Brandenburg v. Ohio (1969), the government may forbid “incitement”—speech “directed at inciting or producing imminent lawless action” and “likely to incite or produce such action” (such as a speech to a mob urging it to attack a nearby building). But speech urging action at some unspecified future time may not be forbidden.

          Defamatory lies (which are called “libel” if written and “slander” if spoken), lying under oath, and fraud may also be punished. In some instances, even negligent factual errors may lead to lawsuits. Such exceptions, however, extend only to factual falsehoods; expression of opinion may not be punished even if the opinion is broadly seen as morally wrong.

          Certain types of hard-core pornography, labeled obscenity by the law, may also be punished, as the Supreme Court held in Miller v. California (1973). Exactly what constitutes obscenity is not clear, but since the 1980s the definition has been quite narrow. Also, obscenities in the sense of merely vulgar words may not be punished (Cohen v. California [1971]).

          Material depicting actual children engaging in sex, or being naked in a sexually suggestive context, is called child pornography and may be punished. Sexually themed material that uses adults who look like children or features hand-drawn or computer-generated pictures of fictional children does not fall within this exception, though some such material might still be punishable as obscenity.

          Fighting words—defined as insults of the kind likely to provoke a physical fight—may also be punished, though general commentary on political, religious, or social matters may not be punished, even if some people are so upset by it that they want to attack the speaker. Personalized threats of illegal conduct, such as death threats, may also be punished.

          No exception exists for so-called hate speech (see also hate crime). Racist threats are unprotected by the First Amendment alongside other threats, and personally addressed racist insults might be punishable alongside other fighting words. But such speech may not be specially punished because it is racist, sexist, antigay, or hostile to some religion.”

          I think it’s whether you think it a threat or not and I see it as a threat to our culture, our Constitution (all men are created equal you know, a racism says that’s not true and racists want to do something about it), and our commitment (I lost so many over this in my family). The Greatest Generation fought for our Bill of Rights, including the 1st, but they also fought against racism on a grand scale as well. It is wrong, it harms, it is not protected as noted by Britannica and others.

          More important, it just is stupid and it sucks.

          And since I said The Greatest Generation —- my condolences to all those personally affected by 12.7, that day of infamy. I do genealogy when not posting here :>) and discovered my Slavic ancestors were warriors. On 12.7, one was one his ship in San Diego for repairs; they immediately went to sea. Three others signed up on 12.7, 30% of our incredibly large family ultimately 12 out of 19 served. One fell in Italy, others wounded, decorated, advanced. Three became “lifers” serving in multiple wars. One was lost in Panama after taking someone else’s duty as his sub was rammed by a friendly. Numerous war brides basically served too. One died while husband was in service while carrying unborn child. My feelings towards racism come from my parents who instilled in me where the line is and what it means. My father was on the team that opened a number of camps…… He never forgave the Germans. All of them. He just couldn’t. I can, but not racists. Nor those that turn the blind eye no matter how they rationalize their lack of action or their compensation over said lack of action. Yes, Larry, you can have children of color and still look past racism. Is that what you tell them when someone calls them the n-word and tells them to look elsewhere for a job? First amendment makes it allowable? I trust not. I hope not.

          Don’t respond, I won’t reply to this one anyway. I don’t think you a racist, not even one that condones it, but think you may have mixed your priorities and the big picture for the first amendment and restrictions, rightfully, therein.

        • Frank stetson

          Ooops. Thought it twas me, pls leave those retorts out in my response; I retract all that was said AS IF you were talkin to me. The rest seems OK. Especialky the 1st amend. stuff.

          My bad, sorry.

        • Joseph S. Bruder

          Always on your mind, aren’t I?

          Larry, you almost always start your replies with an insult. That’s what sets the tone for most of the posts. You say you’re “shocked” to see how far down in the gutter that Frank and Dan have gotten… ugly discord… childish…uninformed and ill-motivated opinions… And that’s not even counting the tone of your articles – for a supposedly conservative columnist, you don’t seem to care much about Conservativism, you only care about attacking Democrats.

          Dan never writes a post without an insult to someone. Yes, some of it is bullshitting just to get a reaction, but some of his language and posts show some serious mental problems too. You and Dan both are reaping what you sow – it’s just that Dan is a bit more of a man about taking one on the chin than you are. And he clearly understands when we’re being sarcastic or even teasing him, which you clearly do not.

          Unlike the majority of your columns that start out “All Democrats think Blah Blah Blah”, which become the strawman that you proceed to knock down, my opinion on you is based on your writings. It’s not an argument, strawman or not, to be countered, it’s an opinion of you. If I call you racist, it’s because that’s how you present yourself. If I call you a lousy writer, or an old man yelling “get off my lawn!”, or a political hack, or a Democrat hater, it’s because that’s what you’re telling us that you are. Either you’re not being truthful to your readers, or not being truthful to yourself, or you don’t have the ability to write an article without showing your own biases.

          In this column, for example, your first three paragraphs all start out with what all Democrats think or are doing (and no, you don’t write “ALL DEMOCRATS” but your tone implies it, in all-caps letters). The Biden Administration and “the collection of left-wing advocates” issue a “good news gospel” – like that’s a bad thing, since Biden is fixing Trump’s problems – but what’s the alternative? His administration gets defined by lies from Republicans and Conservatives. You talk about “Democrats fear” some nonsense… and then “Democrats — and the left-leaning press”, one of your favorite tropes, completely ignoring the likes of FOX and Newsmax and OANN, and as tiny as your voice is, PBP. But clearly, all Democrats don’t think the same thing, and only the Biden Administration is out there cheerleading his works, not all Democrats. Democrats, almost by definition, never agree on anything – it’s a big tent, and Dems don’t have enforcers like the Republicans.

          The economy has started to recover the ground it lost under Trump, and that is good news. Biden and his administration deserve credit and should be able to communicate that to the American people. Nobody has said that inflation is a good thing, you’re just making that up. Inflation is, however, a consequence of Trump’s failed COVID policies and the supply chain disruptions it caused, and Biden is working hard to bring it under control.

          Your article jumps all over many topics – Afghanistan, inflation, Mexico, even Reagan’s favorite, welfare. No serious analysis of any one topic, just throwing out Fox News buzzwords. Schools and something about test scores, and criminals at the borders, and a dozen other topics. Why don’t you pick one and analyze it? There’s good and bad in every topic – yes, there are people at the southern border, but doesn’t catching more at the border mean that Biden is stopping them when Trump didn’t?

          Your mention of “criminals at the border” is just more of Trump’s racist rhetoric meant to demonize immigrants and divide people. It’s a mirror of Hitler’s favorite methods – attack Jews, blame them for society’s ills, demean them, dehumanize them, split them from society, make it “us versus them”… then attack the gays… then attack Catholics… always splitting some segment of society off from the main. Trump mastered this almost as well as Hitler, which is why we have 30% of the population who think COVID is a government plot and JFK is going to show up in Texas to proclaim Trump President again.

          if you want serious discussion, you have to do some serious research. Real facts to back up your opinions. Limit the subject, tame your tangents. I can’t guarantee that Dan and Harold will write anything but racist gibberish and insults, but you already get a lot of facts and research and honest rebuttal from the liberal/progressive respondents here.

      • Dan Tyree

        Meant to say merry

        • Jim Mcgrady

          White power

      • Joseph S. Bruder

        Dan, just let us know if you catch the COVID… then we’ll know the cause if you stop posting altogether.

  13. frank stetson

    I am sorry you decided not to follow up on your: “Here’s a deal for you. I’ll only criticize people that deserve it. White or black. Or whatever” that seemed to signal that you were going to drop the racist language. Then you said: “Let’s talk issues. I’m staying away from black and white situations” brining more hope of change.

    Be that as it is, perhaps for the better, but still in trust but verify mode as to your follow-through or whether you just hit the ole name-change, I do have to push back on Trump’s massive record of lifting Black out of unemployment. For Larry, and amazingly bringing us back on topic, Trump’s Black employment record is a prime example of the great grifter pulling that wool one more time or Republicans generally believing Trump’s good word gospel even when he lies, spins, exaggerates, but never walks back.

    Facts are:
    – Black unemployment was trending downward starting way back with Obama.
    – To his credit, Trump continued the trend making low records for all unemployment, including Blacks.
    – He also was there for the one of the worst spikes, if not the all time worst, in Black unemployment, and unemployment, in our history
    – Coronavirus unemployment spikes were far worse for Blacks than Whites —- under Trump

    As one would expect, Black poverty levels follow the same trajectory, down and up.

    Interestingly, and hats off to BBC for adding in the crime line which shows how a rising tide lifts all boats — as in if their economy is better, OK, then less crime. Go figure.

    One other thing to note is the even with these great numbers, statistically, Blacks make less for the same work, they are still unemployed much more than Whites, and everything down stream from a lowering tide lowering all boats…..

    Bottom line: Trump continued the trends taking them to record levels, that’s great. It can be done. Trump also blew the pandemic and Blacks suffered more than Whites. Somehow, the word systemic racism comes to mind.

    Speaking of pandemic, I wonder if this will affect the midterms? Appears that Trumpers really believed Trump’s good word gospel about the covid pandemic even when he lies, spins, exaggerates, but never walks back. NPR factually reports the trend and then summarizes that misinformation is the root cause. Whatever you think, the numbers are there. They die more from covid in Trump country. A lot more.

    That’s why I earlier said: “However, I think positive spin falls on both sides of the aisle and to say it’s a Democrat thing is bogus” since, even if true, pinning it to one party without acknowledging the fault is universal is bipartisan and misleading.

    “So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is…fear itself.” It was 1933; did he know? Spin, truth, or faith? You just gotta love it when a plan comes together :>) Although The Great Depression lasted until about 1939 so……I am betting there was some push back on this after it was said.