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Democrats drag out Michael Moore to expand SCOTUS

Democrats drag out Michael Moore to expand SCOTUS

If you think that the Democrats have abandoned – or at least forgotten – their plan to expand the Supreme Court, you are wrong.

Democrats are proposing four new justices appointed at the same time by the same Democrat President … Biden.  They are fundraising on the promise to expand the United States Supreme Court.  No proposed change in the Court has been so audacious – and so politically motivated – since Democrat President Franklin Roosevelt tried to do the same thing in the 1930s.

When they cannot win according to the rules, those on the left like to change the rules.  They operate under the assumption that they must always win.

In promoting packing the Court, Democrats have resurrected their crankiest radical leftwinger as their salesman – propaganda movie producer Michael Moore.  (Hmm??  Are you still a movie producer if you are no longer producing any movies?  Just asking.)

Moore accuses Republican presidents of appointing justices who make decisions with which the American public does not agree.  It does not matter that every justice on the Supreme Court has been both nominated by the duly elected President of the United States and confirmed by senators elected by  the people.

In the past, it took two-thirds of the Senate to approve justice.  But true to form, many of the Democrats more radical nominations could not achieve confirmation.  So, Democrats did what they do.  They changed the rules to a simple majority for all federal judges, except the Supreme Court.  Having broken precedent, Republican Mitch McConnell extended the simple majority rule to cover Supreme Court justices.

The result of all that was the emergence of a conservative majority on the high Court for the first time since President Hoover.  That’s right.  The left has controlled the Supreme Court for almost 100 years.  And the only time they squealed about the philosophic bent of the Court was when  those on the left supported FDR’s attempt to add more progressive justices. 

For all the years since Roosevelt’s failed attempt, there was no serious discussion about expanding the Court – not even by the underrepresented conservatives.  No sooner did the Court attain a conservative majority than did those on the left started screaming to expand the court.

They had their chance to add justices in the two years that Biden and Democrats controlled both houses.  But the idea was not well received even by some Democrats – as was the case with FDR’s scheme.  The only difference was that Roosevelt tried and failed.  Biden – seeing the writing on the wall – dropped the idea.  Or so we thought.

It appears, however, that the idea is not dead.  If you send money to the National Democratic Training Committee, they promise to fight to have the court expanded – and they have Moore as their fundraising poster child.  The fundraising email calls for the passage of the Liberty Act, that would give Biden the opportunity to nominate four additional justices.

In an example of monumental irony and hypocrisy in the fundraising email claim, they say that “Republicans will do ANYTHING to ensure they OWN the Supreme Court.”  Methinks that the sentence would be more accurate if the first word was “Democrats.”    

The Democrats make no effort to conceal their motivation behind flowery language like “for the good of the people” or “to make the Court more efficient.”  No. No. No.  Their fundraiser says, “Expanding the Supreme Court would be a HUGE win for Democrats.” 

They admit that they are not looking to appoint the best and the brightest, but rather justices predisposed to their leftwing agenda.  The fundraising email assures recipients (Boldface added), “If Democrats pass the Judiciary Act, President Biden can appoint 4 NEW liberal Supreme Court justices.”

According to the solicitation, “… Michael Moore just declared an UNDENIABLE call to action!” The action they claim the propose is the passage of the Liberty Act.  But the only action they call for in the email is … a donation.  Not even a request to contact members of Congress.  Perhaps that is because they know the so-called Liberty Act is dead … dead … dead in Congress.  They are not only beating a dead horse, but they are also trying to sell it.   That is fraudulent.  And using the name and image of Michael Moore to sell it is … well … laughable.

So, there ‘tis.

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Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. Jim wampler

    Hopefully that fat commie bastard will keel over. We’ve had a nine person scotus since the 19fh century and along came FDR pouting about the court. Now these communists cocksuckers wants a court full of dictators. We are one election away from losing our country. Hopefully people would stand and fight.

    • Nemo227

      Jim Wampler makes a point, a good point. So many leftists have been calling for “change” but I’ve never heard them give us a list of improvements.


    What other Americans do you wish DEAD, Mr. Wampler?

    • Jim wampler

      Any that supports trampling on our rights and changing long established opinions just because they can. When it’s finally established that anyone can come into the country and vote no questions asked we are screwed. When it’s ruled by a rogue court that borders don’t have to be secure we are screwed. We as a country will come under the rules of cartels and mob rule with the average person not being allowed to have means to protect themselves. Yes, I’m speaking of guns being outlawed. Just like Mexico. Our constitution would become a relic of the pass. When older people speak to grandkids about when America was free they would be hoping that they weren’t reported. Yes, I strongly agree that our good old USA could become another N Korea. Don’t never say never. People are being distracted by the war on Donald Trump and being herded like cattle into supporting the commiecrats. Does anyone see what’s happening? Look at the shit that’s allowed to happen in major cities. Who wants to live like that? Some do. Some don’t. But the Biden administration is a fucking joke. His own party realizes that he’s a fucking retard and don’t have a clue. I know that in his younger years he wasn’t like that. Just didn’t have any common sense. And he’s a racist as senator Robert Byrd. So if we want fat communists like Michael Moore trying to influencing the SCOTUS then go vote for every goddamned democrat on the ballot. Knock yourself out Frank. Maybe you’ll get what you want with a big red bow on it

      • John sloan

        Frank is still sucking Biden’s balls


          Very mature, Mr. Sloan. I am guessing that you must be a Gay Jewish man, right?


        Wow, that’s a long list of innocents you want to murder, Mr. Wampler. Sounds like a mental health issue waiting to happen. Even wants to kill for opinion changing. oh my, I must be on the list!!!! Coooool.

        Nice screed. Leave it on your PC before you go a stalking.

        • Jim wampler

          I was referring to the fact that someday we might have to stand and fight. I’m not stalking anyone. I just realize that civil war will happen if and when the left tries to tread on us. But there’s nothing patriotic about you. So you support trampling our rights? Bring it on asshole. You people will start it We would finish it. Why do you think that some asshole lawmakers introduced a bill that would outlaw forming a citizen militia? Not that we would comply. But that could include hunting clubs or shooting competitions. Not gonna happen. No mental health problems here Just looking out for freedom

          • Frank stetson

            Hmm, ok. Just don’t know why you just say that instead of of long list of types os citizens you hate.

            As to the bill, that’s not what it does. It would not end militias.

            I don’t think I suggested trampling any rights.

            I have a lot of patriotism from a long line of folks who fought and died for your rights. I have family in almost every war, wife’s side all, my side post civil war. While I have not served, I have served those who did starting with handicapped from Nam. So, with all due respect, fuck off dick-breadth squibbo. And your stupid little dog, Toenail..

    • Rand

      Perhaps YOU , if you processed a single salient synapse that could process intelligent thought in a logical and cohesive manner , your life would be worth two rather rotund pseudo-intellect Michael[a] Moores Alas. The kool-aide is flowing freely and you are copiously partaking.


        Rand, wtf does that even mean besides you no-likey me?

        Did not wampler have a long list of hated citizens: “Any that supports trampling on our rights and changing long established opinions just because they can” should keel over was the comment.

        Does the bill end militias, it does not.

        Did I suggest trampling rights?

        Pretty sure I know my family history and that you do not.

        So, RAND, I leave you with my wampler closing: “So, with all due respect, fuck off dick-breadth squibbo.”

        Love to have a discussion if you come up with something mature to say.

  3. Jim wampler

    Face it Frank. We have been under attack by the left for many years including the 1920’s with communist trying to overthrow the government. Call it what you will. I don’t care. J Edgar Hoover had many of them prosecuted and/or deported. And senator McCarthy was damned right and we have a great need for a resurrection of a committee to investigate unamerican activities. I admit that he was a little overkill sometimes. But even most democrats were on board. So why should our SCOTUS be packed? A damned good question. Could it be that they would probably legislate from the bench? Leftist don’t like the fact that the constitution doesn’t allow the government to do with us as they please. They want subjects. Not citizens. And I saw a report that stated that they want us to house illegal immigrants. I haven’t determined if that’s true. I know that propaganda comes in many forms. You might want to check it out.

    • Joseph S. Bruder

      First of all, Michael Moore does not represent Liberals or Democrats or anyone but himself. If he makes a documentary which may or may not include his opinions, and it becomes widely viewed, it’s because some people agree with its statements. No Liberals or Democrats hired him to make his movies. His first movies were independent low-budget deals, and after he was successful and established, he got all the funding he needed.

      Nor does the right-wing media’s favorite boogey-man Soros support the Left. He funds democracy-related issues, like ensuring that everyone has the right to vote and freedom of speech, things that were taken away from the people during WW2. I’ve been a Democrat for a long time, have never gotten a call or a check from Soros, and jeez, can’t even remember the last time George called a meeting of the Left Wing World Domination Club.

      What I have a question about is your (and many of the right-winged writers on this website) calling all the left-wing writers Communists. Trump has been close to Putin since the 1990’s, when most say he was recruited by the then-KGB. During his time in office, Trump praised Putin and Kim Jong Un, and he and Trump Inc. were doing business with the Chinese. Without Russia’s help in the 2016 election, Trump probably wouldn’t have made it to office. That’s a pretty close Communist connection, and it has been mirrored by the far right Trump supporters in their opinions about the Russian war on Ukraine, where Republicans are more and more siding with Russia. The Ukrainians have been decimating the Russian army and have already depleted (conservatively) about 40% of Russia’s military assets. That is nothing but good for the US and Europe, and a Putin win in Ukraine would just encourage him to go after Poland and other neighboring countries, and certainly spark WW3. So, what gives? Has the Republican Party gone soft of Communism? Reagan must be spinning in his grave.

      My other question is, can’t you people see what Trump really is? He uses his bully-pulpit to target individuals – judges he doesn’t like, poll workers who have called him out, Republicans who dared to speak out against him. He lies constantly. Anyone who accuses him of wrong-doing (and there are a lot) gets targeted, and he can count stochastically on his faithful brownshirts to terrorize anyone who crosses him. Have you not heard Trump say he will be a dictator on Day One? (He actually says “only on Day 1”, but what does that mean? Dissolve Congress, put all his supporters into positions of power, and arrest all the opposition on Day 1? Bad news, folks, that’s still being a dictator.).

      Trump has used Nazi-era speech (mirrored by writers to this column) calling immigrants filth and scum and vermin, “poisoning the blood” of our country (a direct reference to Hitler speeches). He’s done the same in the past, with “filthy rapist Mexicans” and “Muslim terrorists”, while the Republicans are currently going after gay and trans people. Trump has promised retribution against his political enemies, and promises to use the Justice department to go after Democrats. He thinks the President should have ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY, which to him apparently includes assassinating his political rivals. If you think that’s a good idea, do you think Biden should be able to send Seal Team Six to assassinate Trump? When he kills his first political rival, do you think any Republicans will be brave enough to vote to impeach him, much less convict him?

      Do you really think that Trump will stop with his political enemies? What if your taxes suddenly rise at the same time Trump signs a sweetheart hotel deal with China? And you decide to complain here in the virtual pages of PBP, and Trump denounces you publicly and waits for his brownshirts to notice you? Or worse, he just has you arrested and put into jail? Doesn’t that scare the shit out of you? And just yesterday, Trump offered up Sammy the Bull to vouch for him? Are Republicans so far gone from reality that accept when their Presidential candidate seriously offers the endorsement of the mob as a campaign tactic?

      I know you’re going to come back with “Biden is far worse” (with no evidence for why you believe that), but Biden has passed a major infrastructure bill, got 100’s of millions of vaccines out to the American people (even if you were too stupid to take it, and lucky enough not to need it), brought unemployment to its lowest level in 50 years, got inflation under control and managed a soft recovery from Trump’s recession.That’s only a tenth of Biden’s accomplishments so far in his term. Despite attacks on Hunter Biden as an attempt to take down Joe Biden, Republicans have offered zero evidence of either’s wrongdoing. Trump, on the other hand, was impeached twice (with credible evidence even if the Republicans shielded him), had no positive accomplishments during his term, and he and his family took BILLIONS in payments from China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia).

      What the fuck is wrong with you people?

      • Jim wampler

        What the fuck is wrong with you people? A lot of maybes and speculation. Is something wrong with trying to get along with leaders of other countries? And no, Trump can’t get away with killing anyone. You fucking leftist always throw shit at the wall and see what sticks. Does securing the borders appeal to you at all? You speak highly of Biden but you people should get another candidate. Biden is too old and senile. And I also used to be a democrat. But your party has embraced Marxism more than anything else. It’s blue states and towns that have the highest homeless and crime. The democrats of the Truman and Kennedy days were much better. But the democrats got hijacked by communism. I know you don’t believe that but I’ve found it to be true. And Biden ain’t calling the shots. He’s just a puppet who does what he’s told. Some slip up comments have revealed that. Such as not being allowed to speak about some things that had nothing to do with state secrets. And about George Soros, or soreass. He was in hitler’s youth league. Now there’s a hell of a brown shirt. And his policies are interests have been facists and certainly not in the best interest of America. In the early years he would have been hanged for treason.

        • Frank stetson

          Throwing shit at the wall? That’s what Republicans do in the Nation’s Capitol. Literally pissed and took shits in the place.

          Sure beats tossing burgers at the wall in the White House for over three hours as the mob pillages the Capitol to retain King Trumpo on the throne.

          Asked why he throws food at the wall, King Trump exclaimed: “beats nailing babies to the floor.”

          • Jim wampler

            I’m not aware of any quotes from trump about food or babies. So, as usual, you’re a liar

          • Frank stetson

            Then Trump asked: “how do you find a live baby in a truck full of dead babies?” “Pitchfork”

          • Americafirst

            Well, YOU are King Frank, owner and CEO of the Punching Bag Post. Always have argue with everyone and fight to the death and destroy everyone you can. That was a joke, in case you don’t have the ability to understand that. A joke, just like you are! Why do you hate everyone who comes on here. You are not on any other site; you do now think you own this site. You always have to have the last word. You are not kind to anyone that has expressed their first amendment laws or even if they want to say anything. It’s noticeable that not too any people even comment which I think is due to YOU! Who the Hell are you to do that, King Frank? You scare most people off from here. You need to raise your vibrations and frequency very soon.

        • Joseph S. Bruder

          Democrats have tried to put together legislation for border control, but the far-right Trump Republicans want to shut down the borders completely – at least to brown-skinned people from South America. I have no doubt that they would gladly increase European immigration. But the point is, there is no fixing of anything at the border because Republicans won’t fund anything and won’t do anything.

          How many bills have come out of the House so far since Holy Mike has been in charge? None. Oh, wait, he changed the little lapel pin that House members wear. I guess that counts as “something”, but it’s a pretty small gesture to campaign on. And how much did Kevin get done as speaker? The only thing he managed to do before the Trump Right threw him out was to agree on a general spending plan with Biden. Otherwise, zilch.

          But they’ve spend their entire legislative session trying to come up with dirt on Biden where there is none. Why? Because they’re scared to death of Trump, and he wants it. Trump is so full of shame that he was impeached twice that he wants to make it seem normal. But even without evidence, they keep trying. And they’re directing the whole power of the Legislature to go after one person. Jim Jordan, who refused to sit for a House deposition, is now outraged that Hunter Biden won’t (not to mention Republicans Keniv McCarthy, Scott Perry, Andy Biggs, and Mo Brooks, who were all implicated in the Jan 6th coup attempt). Biden refuses to sit for a closed door inquisition because he knows that Republicans will lie and spin it however they want.They’ve been spinning “Hunter Biden’s Laptop” for a couple of years now, when it turns out that it was never Biden’s laptop and his data was stolen by the Russians.

          The other crap that comes out of your keyboard is just projection of Republican high crimes and misdemeanors.

          • Jim wampler

            You’re such a lying bastard. Brown people? We want people who are legally documented. We don’t give a fuck if they are brown. Race baiting is low policy. But you leftist cock suckers have no shame. And yes, I support Trump. And I don’t give a cluster fuck what he did or didn’t do. With your retard polling at 37% you people should be picking another candidate.

          • larry Horist

            Joseph S. Bruder … Read above.

      • larry Horist

        Joseph S. Bruder … Welcome back. For the record, I do not gratuitously refer to left wingers as communists as you accused. Also .. my New Year’s resolution was not to engage in long meaningless debates with uneducable spleen-venters. To answer your closing question … nothing.


          Mr. Horist: Romans 2 NIV: “You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge the other, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things.”

          NTW: it’s all OK.

          • larry Horist

            Frank Stetson … From the man who is judgemental of individuals in virtually every posting — even individuals you make up in your mind. Great job of projecting. LMAO

          • Frank stetson

            NTW, it’s all ok. You can reflect on the bible or absolve yourself by blaming me.

            So much for the resolution….welcome back. Maybe thiscyear we can discuss ussues.

          • Americafirst

            Mirror effect: You just described yourself to a tee! We’re glad you see yourself as you really are. There is hope for you yet.

        • Joseph S. Bruder

          Well, the reply was to Jim Wampler, who seems to have taken over for Dan Tyree and a couple of other RWNJs in my absence. This website is not great about putting replies in order or attaching them to the correct comment…

          Don’t worry, it won’t be a habit to bother you, just a little extra time on my hands during the holidays. You may continue debating world issues with Frank. You really should be sharing your byline with him – he writes more than you do and it’s generally better researched.

          • Joe Gilbertson

            You should probably be fixing tractors….

      • Rand

        COMMENTYOUR last sentence says it all. THOSE vaccines are NOT vaccines. The CDC website has shown that the statistics for sudden death in the 15 to 30 year old male population has INCREASED 3900% since these “vaccines came out. A number that had not changed for 75 years. Trumps recession? I guess you forgot about the “necessities” that were on ships and not being unloaded DUE to Old Joe. Gasoline was 1/2 of what Biden’s 6 months AFTER Biden took office. $2.50 verses $5.00 or more under Biden. Really? So Trump “complimented two dictators , he wasn’t in bed with them as Biden[JOE and HUNTER] is . Get your self off self medicating , out of your mom’s basement and wake up. Those “vaccines” has shown a tremendous rise in “Rare Cancers” also. You are delusional at best , “WOKE” to infinity and your scatology reeks of “Her/She” pronouns.


          “The CDC website has shown that the statistics for sudden death in the 15 to 30 year old male population has INCREASED 3900% since these “vaccines came out.”

          rand: I can’t find this, got link?

  4. Joseph S. Bruder

    I don’t see Republicans demanding border protections with Canada…Nor are they complaining about Europeans. Just the immigrants asking for asylum from South American countries. Who all just happen to be dark skinned.

    You are part of Trump’s cult, so (as you say) you don’t care what he’s done. No matter what he’s done or will do, you will support him – the very definition of a cult. And you don’t care if he takes the whole country down. If he walked up to you and said “suck my dick”, you would do it, because he’s your cult leader. If he said, “I want your wife, your kids, and everything you own”, you would do it. It’s so sad to see people under the spell of a cult.

    • larry Horist

      Joseph S. Bruder… LMAO. Are you kidding? That is one of the most stupid responses I have seen in a long time. Have there been millions of Canadians illegally crossing the US border? I know you wanted to throw down the race card, but you played the joker instead. LOL.

      • Joseph S. Bruder

        The King of Stupid Ideas, proposing that Michael Moore was engaged by and represents all Democrats, wants to call my contention that Republican US border policy is racist a stupid idea? This just in – pot calls kettle black! All I have to do is look at the titles of your last 5 columns for stupid ideas – “Social Security falling behind Inflation” – but no mention of Republicans blocking attempts to fix SS funding, or those vowing to cut Social Security altogether. Or “Christy exits ungracefully” – besides the fact that the whole Republican Party is a shit show, and every candidate is “ungraceful”, at least he had the guts to tell people that Trump is a fascist and Republicans should be a little more careful about what they wish for. And “WHAT WILL (SHOULD) THE SUPREME COURT DO ABOUT TRUMP BANS?” – good topic, but you cherry pick a couple of past examples to support your ultimate opinion/conclusion and leave a whole lot of history out of your analysis. And I don’t see much else – I guess you’re slowing down in your advanced age, although you’re well past when you should have quit the business. Every article you write is like listening to your crazy uncle at Thanksgiving.

        It’s pretty obvious that Trump is a racist (besides being a fascist, misogynist, crook, cult leader, and many other bad things), and cowardly Republicans are just doing his bidding because they’re too scared to stand up to him or they’re eager to please him so they can gain more power. There are legitimate reasons for people to ask for asylum, and the country needs additional labor force, but Trump Republicans want to cut immigration on the southern border to ZERO. With no negotiation over policy in Congress. They’re going to hold everything else hostage until they get their way – not because it’s the right thing to do, or it’s good for the country, but because Trump wants to throw red meat at his Nazi racist supporters.

        So, don’t attack your readers for pointing out the obvious when you leave relevant facts out of your hit pieces on Democrats. It just makes you look even more like a Trump hack.


          JSB, great post! Horist in ability to respond with facts, figures, sources or links belies his lack of being able to adequately defend his position which is often demagoguery from the 60’s without even an update. He sums up his inability to respond as the fault of the poster for personal reasons like too many words, or whatever. His “sense” of humor also seems to only go in one direction: mostly demeaning the person with a different idea.

          And yet, beyond Gilbertson and Horist (is that a broadway team or what?), there are no writer here who can even muster a response at all. Many, like Dempsey aka Khan, can’t even use their real names, have no bio’s probably due to lack of anything good to say, etc.

          So, hat’s off to Horsit for putting in his two cents, inferior responses they may be, but at least we know where he stands, fact-less, feckless, but fierce.

          • Joseph S. Bruder

            I don’t use my real name either… partly in deference to the owner of the site who I know very well (though disagree with his politics), and partly because from early on it was pretty clear that some of the commenters here are just plain crazy. There was one RW gun-nut guy who kind of friendlied up to me, and said we should meet for a beer – that’s the most dangerous kind. I don’t need gun-toting idiot Trump supporters stalking me, there’s enough of them in my neighborhood!

            But I agree with you – the other writers are just spouting opinions from Fox News or Newsmax, and can’t write for shit. They recycle articles that they find on the internet, and add nothing. For all I know, Gilbertson is just using AI to create content. One of the writers used to call himself “machine” – maybe we should take that as a hint.

          • Joe Gilbertson

            Machine is an excellent writer, who travels across the country, has written books and published music. He has recently returned and is writing for us again.

          • FRANK STETSON

            JSB — yeah, your name threw me for a bit, thought you were really Joe’s brother. Nicely played madam. While I am brutally frank, I am not Frank Stetson.

            I find machine to be interesting amongst the little people here. He’s unique and seems to write his own. It’s not that Khan using a pen name is wrong, it’s what he’s hiding. His bio speaks of a lad from Pakistan with a family with some weird resumes plus his snowflake aspirations and writing from scripts to books to posts to a complete site I think —- but suddenly changes his name and take a hard, really hard 180 into the radical right. I am not even sure he is a citizen.

            I am pretty sure I am off Horist’s list due to his resolution. I will not try to bait him out of retirement. As you sad, his retorts were mostly without merit and only spoke to his need for an editor (myself included in that, especially when thumb typing).

            As far as the other posters, most would be shut down if Joe was not so cheap as to not hire moderation, but instead plead the 1st, while folks write all sorts of stuff that would not be allowed in any court, forum, or even soapbox in America. Free speech is not the right to curse, threaten, or provide OBVIOUS misinformation as is just hunky dory here. Sure cuts down on the overhead.

        • Joe Gilbertson

          Agreed, the king of stupid ideas to resurrect Michael Moore. Desperate times..?

          • Joseph S. Bruder

            The king of stupid ideas is to actually believe it’s true, which Larry apparently does.

        • larry Horist

          Joseph S. Bruder … Having reading comprehension problems? I referred specifically, by name, to the major national Democrat PAC that is using Moore to raise money for the effort to pack the court. Where did your mind drift? Your comparison between the southern and northern border remains among the most stupid statements. But, considering the source .. Did you and Joe have different fathers??

          • Joseph S. Bruder

            It disturbs me that every time I write, you choose to reveal personal information about me. You only have access to that information because you work for Gilbertson. Do you have any idea how long it would take me to find your home address, phone numbers, wife’s name, how many children you have? It’s literally a matter of minutes… Add an hour and I could probably find your bank account numbers and social security number. How would you like if I dox you every time I write? I know doxxing is a favorite tactic of Republicans, but I choose not to.

            As far as “using Moore to raise money for packing the court”, I rather doubt that. They would certainly ask him to raise money for the Democratic PAC, and his stock in trade is his positions on the court, Trump, assault weapons, and many many other issues. But how much do you think it costs to “pack the court”? Unlike Repubican billionaires, Democrats don’t purchase SCOTUS Justices by buying them motorhomes and gazillion-dollar vacations.


    And here’s another chapter from Tales From The Unknown:

    Unbeknownst to Horist, I am a Democrat who does not want to see packing the court, by any faction, and there are plenty of Democrats like me.

    Unbeknownst to Horist, while America views the current Republican-controlled fake Supreme Court poorly, around 40% approval, the SCOTUS still beats Congress, especially the ridiculous rabid right Republican House of fools, FOX sound bites, and fake legislations in a House with the least productivity, on our tax dollar, in DECADES. While, according to Gallop, only 46% of all Americans want to expand the SCOTUS, that’s 27 on the Republican side and 66 on the Democrat side. There are 44 out of a 100 Democrats agreeing with me. While not a majority, it is a sizeable number and enough to retain the majority as a national average.

    Part of the reason is like the nuclear option; this only leads to further Republican revenge as Horist indicates. They like revenge so if you open the door, they will gladly walk through proclaiming “see, they did it first” as if that makes their deed OK. The nuclear option we pulled for Federal judges was one of our biggest parliamentary mistakes in years for the very reason that it made it easy for McConnell to respond. He started by a slowdown on Federal Judge selection during Obama leaving numerous vacancies for the next President to stack the Federal Court System with right-wing selections from the Heritage Foundation. Three years later, he crapped on and denied Obama’s rightful SCOTUS selection proclaiming God talked to him and it was holy to wait for the next President. So really, did you expect this horseshit war to end because you threw two punches to our one? That’s not how arms escalation ends wars Mr. Horist.

    So there tis. Think about that when you call for an end to the Electoral College, or term limits, or age limits. If you steamroll these things, major structural changes, if it’s considered throwing a punch, there probably will be a response. Especially from Horist.

    Horist says: “When they cannot win according to the rules, those on the left like to change the rules. They operate under the assumption that they must always win.” Like we own this concept. Unbeknownst to Horist, we are not alone as he absolves his party pretending his way of the righteous right is the light, the power, the just. But truth be known(st), his party does it too. And piles this shit higher and deeper than the Democrats. Heck, they even stopped a Presidential vote count for a short time using a very creative process: insurrection. They stopped Congress dead in its tracks. They forced the VP and Speaker to go into hiding and shelter in safety from the Republican Mob of violence. Horist calls them “frisky protestors.”

    Politics is a blood sport. Look at the way Horist plays it. Democrats have certainly made mistakes, IMO, the nuclear option was a massive one. But Republicans do it too. Don’t be fooled that it’s “unbeknownst to Horist.”

    FYI: Unbeknownst to Horist, Moore has made three movies since 2015, the last in 2018. When was the last time Horist had a real job in politics yet he talks as if he is still active in the arena? Recent Moore films, two of which I have not seen:

    2018: Fahrenheit 11/9 fair to good reviews, cost 4-5M, made 6.5M. I liked and can recommend it.
    2016: Michael Moore in Trumpland: meh reviews, piss poor gross
    2015: Where to Invade Next: good reviews, shoe-string budget, made 4.5M

    I dunno Horist, if he’s an ex-movie producer, where does that put you in politics hiding out near Miami writing these articles for your tiny audience…… At least Moore is in politics and still relevant. I may not agree with this one, but I still listen.

    One note to AC’s read: AC noted “, he got all the funding he needed.” I think on the 2016 release, Moore had the Weinsteins for backers, got tangled up in the legal issues, and pretty much ended up begging for private financing, did not get much, and the film suffered. So, not exactly rolling in it all time. Plus, Moore is starting a new film, not sure the plot, but it’s called “Mendacious in Miami.” Sounds like a snore :>)

  6. dominic pasquarosa

    Democrats, the experts at convoluting!

  7. Darren


  8. Max

    Democrats are the party of Hamas……Just like Hamas democrats are also a “Terrorists” organization and should be treated that way under the new Trump presidency…The democrats are now the FASCISTS party trying to do way with their party’s political opponent…This is the third step of Nazi Fascists..First step: do away with free speech our second amendment, Obama said the first amendment was “overrated” and not absolute..The 2020 election was a perfect example of fascists democrats limiting free speech and controlling the media, Hitlers first example. The second is the attack on the second amendment, the only people the fascists nazi democrats want to have guns is people they want to have guns..So obvious Fascists nazi democrats…Now the third step: the only people allowed to run against us ARE PEOPLE WE SAY CAN…..There is no compromising with these fascists and the only way it will be settled is by force…just like WWII…Civil war is coming, why do you think California led the way during the pandemic of new GUN OWNERS…It is better to die on your feet then to live ON YOUR KNEES under this FASCISTS NAZI DEMOCRAP PARTY. Now excuse me I am going to “TARGET” practice


      Phew, and I was worried the inmates were going to run the asylum if Trump gets in again……

      Guess I know who put the target on my ass.

      Good luck, hunting at will, max. We be waiting.

  9. Ac

    Wow, Horist’s Horror group appears to be on a roll. Larry’s topic this time is him coming up with yet another ridiculous installment in his on going anti-Democrat saga. Those he lumps together and calls “the left” and/or Democrats as if the two are interchangeable, are different from one another. The two are not exactly equivalent, Larry, you should know that.
    Similarly, the so called political right are not all Republicans. The MAGA identifying individuals are a majority of the right, but are not actual certifiable conservative Republicans.
    Horist’s general notion that Democrats are bent on expanding SCOTUS to the detriment of us all is as far fetched as it is mendacious. His comrades in arms on the right do not have a righteous leg on which they and Larry can make their stand. Their reputation precedes them.
    Republican record this past year is scandalous. Any corporation would go bankrupt with Republican style management. Because we, the people pay the overhead on buildings where they assemble and cover utilities expense that provide their heat and light, as well as pay their salaries, we expect our representatives do the job we elected them to do. So, the falsely named FREEDOM CAUCUS espouse opinions that defy freedoms and run contrary to the representatives’ oath.

    Larry, you continually thump on Democrats, but Democrats have accomplished more through President Biden’s initiatives than all Republicans could contribute in Trump’s term and the year 2023. And 2024 is starting out looking worse.
    Larry, the Democrat horse is no worse after your post in 2023. In fact the blue team will out last you down the stretch and win.
    Your story has no teeth, it can’t chew solid truth.

    It is a new year and with it, in my case, comes a thick skin. Larry and the rest who imagine comeback insults directed at me will have no impact. Because, I consider who is the source from my experience reading commentaries and individual’s reply comments.
    Larry, the opinion theory you have constructed that targets me happens to be mendacity rooted in prejudice’s dark place, willful uncaring ignorance.
    I have known others who fiercely hang on to their divisive opinionated mental attitude, but I don’t buy into the fear mongering that their nature necessitates. I find that kind are to be pitied, not feared by me.

    My two capital letters showing are actually my real initials. And, do not think poorly of those use pseudonyms.
    So, that’s, that.

    • John sloan

      Accomplishments? The dumbass can walk and chew gum at the same time. lol. And you Biden deciples are as brain dead as joe and his ho. And don’t get me started on that token bitch.

    • larry Horist

      Ac … WOW! Your projection is showing. And you “are coming up with yet another ridiculous installment” of your anti Horist rants. You do not sound like a person with a thickened skin, but more like the old thick skull. You say your “two capital letters are your “real initials.” If you had not noticed, you are using only one capital letter. LOL It’s okay, I understand, I will say this .. your most recent contribution is more cogent if not more correct. I did get a laugh out of that odd reference to my story having no teeth, so I cannot “chew solid truth.” That was a knee-slapper. And you still had a few of those poorly constructed trying-to-sound-intelligent tossed word salad sentences.But a distinct improvement. You get the “E” for effort.

      • Joseph S. Bruder

        Larry, I notice that your post is labeled with “larry Horist”. That would make your initials lH (that’s a lower case L). So, does that mean that YOU are projecting? You’re missing a quote around “two capital letters”, and missing a space after the period of the third-to-last sentence. If you’re going to pick on people’s mistakes, perhaps you should get a proof-reader first. Or maybe an editor who could check your statements for factuality, and maybe cull your insults to your readers. Your columns often sport multiple typos, so you should be the last one to pick on readers’ typos. And you don’t go after the RWNJs’ incomprehensible posts, only the left-wingers who you want to insult.

        You accuse me of having reading comprehension issues, but you imply (without evidence or quotes to back it up) that Democrats have somehow engaged Michael Moore as their spokesman to pack the Supreme Court. According to you “Moore accuses Republican presidents of appointing justices who make decisions with which the American public does not agree.” Maybe Moore says that, and it’s probably true (support for abortion rights is typically in the 60+ percent range, as well as most of the other social and environmental issues that liberals support and conservatives disagree about), but Moore accuses “Republican presidents” and you reply “but they were duly appointed by a president and elected Senators”, as if that invalidates his assertion. In any case, just because a fundraiser quotes Michael Moore doesn’t mean he endorses it or even knows about it. If the Party thinks that 20% of Democrats like and agree with Moore, then those are the people they’re targeting to get money from. Fundraisers make money by scaring people into action, how they do it is irrelevant. Why should you care anyway? Trump uses his various legal defenses and his lies about winning in 2020 to raise money – I don’t really care that he fleeces Republicans, they’re adults who can supposedly think for themselves, although I suspect that very little of the money that Trump raises actually goes to his campaign. More likely, a big chunk of it is illegally going into his pocket or his business, but he’ll cry like a baby (and use it to raise more money) if authorities ever decide to do anything about this particular set of crimes.

        And finally, it’s rich that you accuse Democrats of “breaking the rules” to pack the Court – McConnell held up a nomination that was Obama’s to make for almost a year because “it was too close to an election” and then rammed through another a week before an election. Two of Trump’s three nominees outright lied about whether they thought Roe v Wade was settled precedent. Two of the conservative Justices have been caught taking gifts/bribes from wealthy donors and should be impeached and removed, but Republicans don’t seem to have a problem with bribery and graft. And Justice Roberts’ wife makes tons of money supplying conservative justices to corporations, some of whom have had or could expect to have cases before the Supreme Court. It seems to me that “packing the court” with 4 new “liberal” (I read that as “honest”) Justices doesn’t even address the current Republican Conservative corruption on the Court.

        • larry Horist

          Joseph S Bruder …. Thank you …thank you … thank you. You just set the new record for responses to a single commentary. I am sure Gilbertson will be very proud of you. LOL Keep it up.

          • Joseph S. Bruder

            I think Frank holds that record…

          • larry Horist

            Joseph S. Bruder … Allow me to clarify. You put us over the top for most responses to a single commentary. In terms of the most and longest on PBP, Frank has permanent possession of the trophy. There is no close second. He cannot help himself. It is an obsession.


    No, it’s Dougie Darko for sure.