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Democrats and the media peddling false violence narratives

Democrats and the media peddling false violence narratives

For the past few years, Democrats and their media allies have been peddling fears of right-wing violence. 

The fearmongering and largely false speculation were not limited to individual acts of violence by political malcontents but inflated into a massive propaganda-driven conspiracy theory that democracy and the very existence of the Republic was on the verge of collapse in a wave of nationalistic violence to be carried out by the Republican Party. 

(I constantly shake my head in bewilderment at how anyone with an IQ higher than a hockey score could be so gullible and actually believe that nonsense.  It just shows the power of repetitious mendacious propaganda – and the corrupting role of the biased news media.)

This bogus political narrative gained traction after the Capitol Hill riot – which itself was pumped up from an organic riot into an insurrection and coup attempt.  Who said, “you cannot make this stuff up”?  They did.

To understand the magnitude of the Democrats’ conspiracy theory, we should first take a quick look at the record of political violence in America.  In my lifetime, there have been hundreds of riots and acts of political violence – from the 1960s’ “Days of Rage” to the most recent attacks on political figures on both sides of the political divide.

If you study them through the political lens, you will see that the VAST majority of the iconic urban riots involved the political left. —folks more closely associated with the Democratic Party.

Someone once said, “Republicans protest.  Democrats riot.”  There is a lot of truth to that.  One only needs to recall the days of Tea Party activism.  There were thousands of protests across the nation and in Washington – no violence … no injuries … no deaths … no arrests.  Compare that to the Weathermen Underground in the 1960s and Antifa more currently.

Then and now, we can see individual acts of violence.  Then we had the Oklahoma City bombers and the Unabomber on the right and left, respectively.  More contemporaneously, we had the shooting of Congresswoman Gabby Gifford … the mass shooting of Republican Congressmen practicing for the Congressional Baseball Game … the attack on a GOP gubernatorial candidate in New York … the attack on Speaker Pelosi’s husband … the beating of a DeSantis campaign worker …  the killing of a protestor in Charlottesville, the assassination of several police officers, etc., etc.  

Democrats and the media are promoting if not inciting political violence with their fearmongering.  Since January 1, 2021, they have been warning … predicting … and even falsely claiming the existence of right-wing political violence – actual violence.  But where is the evidence?  Where are the examples?

Let’s look at the cutting-edge of claims of right-wing violence – groups such as the Proud Boys and the Two-Percenters.  One can see them as a mix of evil racism … antisemitism … homophobia. One can reject their malignant form of nationalism.  But where do they fit on the scale of political violence?

Certainly, the extremist groups played a role in the violence on Capitol Hill.  There was rioting, for sure – and they appear to have played a role in the attack on the Capitol.  Their cases are currently being adjudicated – and justice will be had.

But the claims that even they were hell-bent on violently overthrowing the government by force and violence come up short.  They did not bring any weapons that would have been necessary to take control of the Capitol Building.  Yes, they used flag poles as weapons – but that suggests something more impromptu than planned.  Only one shooting took place – and that was a security guard killing a rioter.  Ironically, the warnings of possible violence on January 1, 2021, were largely ignored by all the folks who could have provided adequate control and security.

Apart from the Capitol Hill riot, virtually all the later warnings and claims of potential violence were pure speculation … fearmongering … empty warnings.   In fact, there was very little hard proof that any of the later warnings were justified by evidence and intelligence.  Consequently, all the fearmongering news reports went flatter than a fashion model’s chest.

You will recall how we were warned of a major outbreak of violence on the first anniversary of the Capitol Hill riot.  Remember the erection of all that fencing – and the calling up of the National Guard?

We were told that there “could be” outbreaks of violence in major cities across the nation.  On the day of the anniversary, a couple of hundred protestors arrived on the scene (with a permit), heard a few speeches … and peacefully left.  There were no … none … nada … protests or unrest anywhere to be found in other locations.

What is underreported and lost in the fog of political bias is the fact that the intelligence agencies said that while there was increased “chatter,” there was “no credible evidence” of planned violence.  That theory was the creation of Democrats and the media.

We have now seen the same propaganda scenario roll out again in 2022.   If the election did not go the way the so-called MAGA Republicans wanted, they were poised to take to the streets in violent protest.  There was a warning of violence at the polling places.  

Politicians, law enforcement officials, and left-wing political analysts were constantly being asked, “Are you expecting violence at the polling places?” … “or “What are you doing about the potential of political violence?” … or “Are you concerned about the (theoretical) rise in political violence on the right?”

The election is now over.  Trump and the MAGA crowd lost, big time.  There was no violence reported during the early voting period.  No violence as ballots were being counted. No violence as the supposedly violent crowd was going down in flames.  No violence as the dust settles on Election Day 2022.

That is because the Democrats’ entire house-of-cards conspiracy theory – from insurrection and coup attempts to pandemic existential political violence against democracy and the Republic – is based on a political invention.  It was a cynical and dangerous narrative that accused millions of great Americans of potentially heinous crimes against the Republic.  It might have had little impact were it not for a politically corrupt media that gave the propaganda an aura of legitimacy.  They dressed up phony political claims as factual news.

And they are at it again.  We are now being warned that if Trump gets indicted … put on trial … convicted … or incarcerated … right-wingers will be rioting in the streets.  Some even predict a civil war.  

In reflecting on this latest bogus conspiracy, do not forget how that same combo of Democrats and the media continued a false conspiracy about the Trump campaign conspiring with Russian meddling in the 2016 election – a conspiracy declared to be untrue by the two-year $35 million Mueller investigation.

Be calm. Folks.  There is no ongoing insurrection or effort to mount a coup against the government – and never was.  You have again been duped by the toxic combination of false Democrat political narratives and compliant corrupt news reporting.

Fool us once, shame on them.  Fool us twice, shame on us. Are you really going to let them fool you again?

So, there ‘tis.

About The Author

Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. Gary

    Brandon bele

  2. rick

    Lying and cheating has always worked well for the demonocrats. It is because their followers love a lie, so it is easy.

    • Bibfy

      Uh, your guy holds the record for lying. Bar none.

      You are so stupid, bricks score better.

  3. Rat Wrangler

    Just a thought, but what would happen if every group who is accused in the news, or by politicians, of potential violence decides to go ahead and commit that violence, simply because they were already expected to. If they announce beforehand that any articles or statements declaring that they will be violent will be the trigger for actual violence, would the news media stop posting articles about it? Or we could go a bit more draconian and move libel, slander, and defamation of character from the civil courts to the criminal, so any politician or reporter that makes any derogatory statements against other people or groups could actually face jail time. That should end a lot of the lies.

    • Tom

      The first thought I think would backfire and lead to mutually assured destruction. The second thought has much merit. Perhaps we should “move libel, slander, and defamation of character from the civil courts to the criminal, so any politician or reporter that makes any derogatory statements against other people or groups could actually face jail time. ” As an Independent / Unaffiliated voter, I would agree to this, but at this stage of the discussion, I am uninformed as to why such offenses remain or were originally positioned in the civil court arena in the first place. My final vote would be based on weighing the original reasons for the location in civil court, and an impact analysis of the move to criminal court. I suspect social media and other groups would push back very hard.

  4. l2a3

    If you would go back to 1970 you would see that the COMMUNIST Party USA. stop running people in elections because voters did not want to live under Communism. So they told their followers go join the Democratic Party , work your way into their organization and we will gain power that way. And here we are today, with the NEW Communist, Sorry I mean Democratic Party.

    • frank stetson

      oh that hurts and while not necessarily true as to the cause, the US communist party does recommend vote democratic.

      and the neo nazi’s run as republicans. so do the proud boys and other extremists.

      • Tom

        Frank, it does appear to be true, and it is recorded as happening in 1988. I am sorry for your hurt. Because I enjoy your comments so much, if I had a magic wand, you would be high up on my desired clients list, that I may wave my wand and take your hurt away. For now, just pop two momma’s little helpers and write to me in the morning. I do hope you put your script on autofill. The GOP is coming for us all!!! See

        • frank stetson

          Tom, I tried to indicate, yes it happened, but as to the cause alluded to by 12a3, a gunnie no doubt, that is not known, except to him. He should also be proud of his 2a established gun death as the leading cause of death of the under 18 crowed. Not cars or drugs anymore. Good job 2a-ers. Let’s here you blame the person, not the gun, again…..

          not sure your fascination with anti-depressants, to each his own. I’m a bit more natural in my mind alterations.

          FYI – it’s Bill Ayers who started the Weathermen, which resulted in some bombings. More that 2 and a half decades later, Obama crossed paths with the terrorist-turned-educator at a meeting. Other crossings included a lunch, a coffee, and as Hyde Park neighbors. Pretty incendiary stuff. I met Timothy Leary at a movie, did not make me an advocate of LSD.

          For Ayers, all federal riot and bombing charges against him were dropped, illegal wiretaps and other prosecutorial misconducts for which he was in hiding. He earned his education doctorate in 1987, and became a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, wrote 15 books, and became an advocate of school reform.

          Some want to relitigate a past they can’t, blame anyone they don’t like forever, and can only forgive certain transgressions, like anything Trump. It’s time to leave Ayers alone. Move on.

          • Tom

            Frank, I wholly support your natural remedies even if they can be used to bind books! I am not so sure that your statement about Bill Ayers is accurate. Thank you for the correction, you are correct, it was Bill Ayers. I find it hard to swallow that we “should leave the past in the past” when Ayers is very much in the head of someone named Obama whom will be stumping for Warnock in the soon to be GA runoff election. Ayers may be out of the limelight, but, how many did he infect just like how many did Timothy Leary and his LSD solutions as well as his poisonous methods of raising children infect and survive to today! Ok, enough said, now toke it if you got it!!!

          • frank Stetson

            I don’t have a clue re: bindings et al. Ayers destroyed property, don’t think he hurt people. I don’t condone any violence, all perpatrators should face justice. The authorities had issues, could not get past their own headlights so he was never charged for lack of evidence. Yet he said he did four bombings. He also set in motion the organization where a number of folks blew themselves up, not good.

            He then spent half a century doing good works, winning a number of awards for doing so, so I am not sure where he stands on the scales of justice and forgiveness since I just don’t know enough. Perhaps Larry, being from Chicago has a better educated view.

            I have a friend who had his life ruined because he painted a red star on a tank and has red hair for ez id. Next thing you know, Cornell is out, he can’t get in anywhere and spends a decade trying to rebuild his life for what seems like a misdemeanor. Justice can swing both ways.

            But I can understand someone not being able to forgive; I really don’t know enough to judge either way so I pick forgiveness.

            Obama and Ayers is a red herring based on Obama’s subsequent words and deeds.

            Leary I don’t know shit about except not a great person from what I hear. I was struck by this old man with the curiosity of a child and wondered how he did that. Also wondered how he could laugh at Magical Mystery Tour having seen it, what like 100 times. Although the five girls, not women, girls may have had something to do with that. Like I said, not a stand-up guy in personal relationships.

            You seem to be possibly holding some grudges from the past as well as words like toke…..but thanks, perhaps I will partake now that I hear it’s legal. Although, I may need to take out a mortgage……

            On the tea party, I agree. And I looked. And looked. They rarely had a bad word on their posters. My hath the Republicans changed. They also could not be found, totally distributed organization without an organization. Antifa learned that from them. When they took some power in 2010, we all laughed at the fools unable to get anything done. Ignorant of the process, they floundered just like we watch AOC and company. Becomes 2020 and they have learned, they have laws ready, and they have a douchebag willing to sign anything without even looking. Hoisted on our own petard we were. Lesson learned, don’t take this shit for granted, even if they do not use bad words or throw things. It can come back to bite you in the ass, bigtime. That’s on us.

            FYI — don’t hold yourself on a pedestal for being independent. If one takes it apart, it mostly leans one way or the other, fairly consistently, election after election. Can’t affect the primary, rarely affects the general, it’s mostly accounted for in advance based on historical trends. Sorry, but it sounds so cool: independent! I say get some balls and pick a side. Even Libertarians laugh at you and there’s some wild concepts fer sure.

          • Larry kuhn

            Don’t worry. Your commie comrade is safe. And hell yes I’m proud of the 2a

          • Tom

            Frank, last time I checked, I have as many balls as you do. And I have always believed in quality over quantity, bigger is not necessarily better. I am an independent voter because I prefer to look at the issues individually and weigh whom I think best displays my values on an issue by issue basis. Then I look at the totality of the individual issue assessments and TAKE A STAND for the person that I feel best promotes my values. Sometimes that is a Democrat. Sometimes that is a GOP. Independent thinking is not a weakness as you seem to purport, it is a strength where we feel confident to analyze and then vote on conscience for what we feel does the most good for the most people – rather than blindly follow one party’s doctrine which makes them like lemmings, all running off the cliff together to their doom all the while thinking they are heading in the right direction. 🙂

          • frank stetson

            You checked my balls? For quantity over quality? :>)

            Yeah, yeah, that’s what they all say and then cast their ballot in a predictable fashion……..

            “Independent thinking is not a weakness as you seem to purport, ” although I don’t think I “purported” that?

            I got it, but the stats say Independents, on average, cast their votes leaning one way or the other, time after time. “Independent thinking” is a nice dream but, in reality, not much different than party affiliation in voting. You may be an outlier, but even a number of States, via the two+ party system, elect different parties to power, over and over. It may be more than just the Independents flipping the flop there.

            “Nearly four-in-ten U.S. adults (38%) identify as politically independent, but most “lean” toward one of the two major parties.

            Independents who lean to one of the two parties are often much closer to partisans in their views than they are to independents who lean to the other party.

            On some issues, there are significant differences between leaners and partisans.

            Independents – particularly the 7% of Americans who don’t lean toward a party – are less politically engaged than partisans.

            Independents feel more negatively about political candidates and parties than partisans.

            Independents are younger and more likely to be male than partisans.”

            It’s hip, you don’t flip, you’re pissed, but not enough to engage…… burma shave…..

            That’s not to say you are exactly as you suggest. Not at all. You’re just not average, and that’s a good thing in this case!

  5. Tom

    I do remember the days of rage as well as the Weatherman Underground, Black Panthers, Angela Davis, the bombers, shootings, and bad actors you mention. I may be wrong but wasn’t a man named “Roger Ailes” involved with the inner workings of The Weathermen? Wasn’t Ailes some sort of professor at a university in Chicago? If I remember correctly, I believe former POTUS Barrack Obama gave much credit to this same Mr. Ailes for his community organization ideas and skills. I even read a book for one of my master’s degree classes at UMASS, Boston where Ailes contended that the legal system has grown to the point where it is a pariah and needs criminals to support its massive income generating structure, including the bail process. His assertion was that the criminal justice system, with all of its lawyers, bondmen, judges, police, other employees and many buildings needed to get as many people as possible into their meat grinder system in order to support the big salaries of all of the system’s participants. This was his justification for false arrests and police/government over reach. Out of 150 or so pages, I might have agreed with no more than 3 or 4 points he made. In the end, I thought the man to be a dangerous wingnut – yet our former POTUS Obama seemed to admire this man and call him great among modern day thinkers.

    I must say that while I was not a Tea Party member, (as an Independent / Unaffiliated voter I rarely participate in such groups), I was very impressed by the conduct of its members. There were no incidences of violence save one that I remember which seemed to be instigated by members of the left. As far as I remember, they even cleaned the grounds after their protest! My feeling is that they were a model of what demonstrations should be like, orderly, clean, and purposeful. In contrast, we have Antifa, BLM whom seem to import bad actors from places far away from the protest site, and their purpose seemed to be change through violence and destruction. Tea Party was interested in preserving and improving government, while it appears to me that Antifa and BLM were all about money and anarchy. To this day, cities where BLM protests occur still suffer from the loses and many people have moved out, as well as businesses not relocating to these cities because of uncontrollable protests that shut down businesses with some being burned to the ground. Many of these businesses and people moved to Red state cities.

    I am reminded of two sayings, 1) Where there is smoke there is fire; and, 2) If you are looking at the smoke here then you will not see the fire over there. I have become alarmed at what I believe to be a Democratic Party strategy of labeling the GOP as “the party of violence” similar to the past where they tried to label the GOP as “the party of no”. Most recently, Nancy Pelosi tried to pile onto this strategy by claiming the root cause of the attack on her husband was the violent rhetoric coming from the GOP. Again, same strategy at work here which is to create smoke around the GOP so you will not ask questions or see the fire surrounding Paul Pelosi. And if I remember correctly, she tried this same sort of theme when Paul was arrested for DUI. As an Independent I felt both claims were absurd, and totally unsubstantiated. And I do feel the purpose of Nancy’s accusations are to shift the inquiring mind away from Paul and his possible debauchery, and have us focus on the GOP as once again, “the party of violence” and that we need to vote Democratic in order to stop the violence – yet it appears to me that the Democratic Party is the seed of much of this violence. And these warning that there “could be outbreaks of violence in major cities” seem to actually be a covert way of asking for the violence – sort of a self fulfilling prophecy which most Independents abhor.

    As I said earlier, I see the largest threat to democracy as being the Democratic Party itself, and in many ways, the extremes of both parties. Left wing will lead to lawlessness, perversions, and stifling of informed discussion, and right wing will lead to autocracy and unwarranted structural changes and constrictions in the name of good and less government, such as in the case of abortion, repeal and replace that only repealed, – both are bad for We The People. And the media, well they have sold their souls and now are having buyer’s remorse. And God, well the Holy Trinity has caught the last train for the coast – ya gotta love American Pie!!!

  6. Tom


    This blog has inspired me to dig out an old interview from 1984 with Russian KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov: “The Four Stages of Ideological Subversion (1984)” that details the strategies of Communist and global world order capitalist such as George Soros since they buy into Communist ideologies. Both Dem and GOP today are playing the part of “political prostitutes” and “useful idiots”. Neither party is innocent. I urge you to listen to this interview. You will have many US political characters and incidents come to mind as you listen to this strategy that has been surrounding all of us since about 1970. As an Independent/Unaffiliated voter, this is what I see going on in our current political system and why I always urge both parties to give up the harsh rhetoric and begin working together for “We The People”. Dems are the majority political prostitutes and Ted Kennedy is center stage. GOP are the useful idiots providing Dems with fuel for their “victimization rants” like you hear of a famous political prostitute AOC. As an Independent, I see both parties as guilty, AND MANY WRITINGS OVER MANY BLOGS AND SOCIAL MEDIA GUILTY.

    As Yuri says, if this subversion takes over our government, there will be no place to defect to! All people, conservatives, liberals, left wing and right wings, pro-life and pro-abortionists, LGBTQIA+, moderates, all will lose their freedoms very quickly. So please beware of the subversion going on around us, some are influencers, some are pawns, all are in the game whether you like it or not. You do not get the chance to be an ostrich! I hope you will all listen to this 1884 interview with Yuri Bezmenov which you can find at And release party affiliation and become independent thinkers and voters!



    Stage 1) Demoralize and Foment Discontent. (takes up to 40 years) Use liberals, students and young, Hollywood, esteemed Educators and Think Tankers, Academia, and elites within political parties both, to seed subversive ideas and discontent with current political system. These are “useful idiots” that will later be eliminated by the new order. Does social media, Michael Moore, BLM, Antifa, Voting System doubt and claims of suppression come to mind?

    Stage 2) Destabilize and Create Chaos – target the economy, Foreign Relations, Defense Systems, Education System. (2-5 years). Seed discontent and brain wash “useful idiots” and make them people that refuse to look at and believe reality in favor of the subversive dream which is not reality. Does current energy policy, foreign policy, and woke philosophy come to mind?

    Stage 3) Create Crisis: Economic, foreign relations, and defense crisis as well as crisis in educational systems/academia. (6 weeks), and erode morality. Suggest a better way with the Global Order approaches, and use internal systems to overthrow the existing system, i.e. economic systems, voting systems, academic content, defense threats. Does “threat to democracy” come to mind!? Does “GOP is the party of violence” come to mind? Does McCarthy and endless investigations come to mind? FBI and Hunter Biden come to mind? China policy and diplomatic immunity for little King Salmon and Khashoggi assassination come to mind? Does US support of Saudi Arabia come to mind?

    Stage 4) Subvert the current system and install the new system through violent changes and move into the “normalization period” characterized by promising all kinds of goodies, paradise for all the oppressed, elimination of free market, destabilized economy, and install a “Big Brother Government” while discarding the political prostitutes and useful idiots.

    HOW DO WE PUT THE BRAKES ON THIS PLAN? Listen from time mark 68 minutes to 80 minutes.

    According to Yuri we must do the following:

    1) Strong national effort to educate the population on patriotism. Maybe we should re-install civics classes into our middle and high schools and colleges?

    2) Educate in the dangers of socialism (and world order) because all will lose our freedom. Educate the people on what is really going on around them, in plain view. Misinformation, social media, infighting come to mind?

    3) Force the US Government to stop aiding communist countries everywhere. No money, no tech, no help. He made a point that business leaders must curb their appetites (and that includes all of us with 401K plans) for profits by supporting and trading with communist countries! Does China, Venezuela, Iran (oil), come to mind???

    I hope we can all bear Yuri’s warning in mind as we answer these blogs. Lets all step away from the extremes, realize our failures and divisions that have been created, stop the fueling of victimization that both parties engage in, and discuss the actual issue and what might solve the problem and who is the best candidate of either party that will move us away from this subversive abyss!

    • frank stetson

      You left out how cheap this stuff was to pull off.

      Yes, I agree misinformation, disinformation, lies, all lead to the problems you note, and IMO, our biggest challenge today. May have been folksy when these guys were playing, but with the internet, the speed and reach is incredible allowing the softest, smallest, voice to have the same reach as the LOUDEST ONE.

      It’s a tough problem, made tougher by 50% of the people in disbelief to begin with. Both sides for different issues.

      NTW — Mush, I mean Mush will save us.

  7. Larry kuhn

    The democrats are only violent in certain cities. They know better in freedom states where the 2nd amendment really is alive and well

    • Bibfy

      Most gun deaths occur in red states.

      Reap what you sow.

      • larry Horist

        Bibfy …. but mostly in the Democrat cities in those states. Crime is judged on LOCAL police and prosecution. They are in control … not the state or federal governments. that is why protest, demonstrations and riots are aimed at municipal officials. Also, you seem to be referring to ALL gun deaths — which includes suicide, accidental, justified police shooting and justified citizen defense. The issue relating to crime is murders. In that category, Democrat jurisdiction far out pace Republicans areas … if you want to look at it from a partisan perspective, as you seem to be suggesting. And the highest percentage of deadly violence is in the segregated urban areas controlled by Democrats — both as perpetrators and victims.

        • frank stetson

          Hope you excuse me for jumping in…..

          Larry Horist, there are local police, state police, and federal police all covering laws germane to those jurisdictions, many of which are violent crimes. We even have Federal prisons. If a Republican in Buffalo goes off against blacks at a Tops market then it’s Federal hate crime for example and the FBI becomes the police arm. I think you are wrong on this one.

          I agree, it’s murder by gun and the stats I used include suicide. So, if you are right, and the Red guys are indeed less violent, it must really depress them since they must be offing themselves with far greater abandon and much higher suicide rates than the Blue guys. Pretty simple math. And probably not true. More likely it’s an assault or murder and your assumption is not correct.

          I looked at some Republican managed cities and guess what, high MURDER rates. Higher than US average, higher than many D-cities. I note that Democratic (and Black) DC though is the worst, and probably has a higher number of police than most places. Weird. But gun data always has a strangeness about it. Always has. Gunnie state are generally higher in gun deaths than gun control states yet VT is a gunnie state with low gun deaths.

          I freely admit there are anomalies in all of this; one reason is the data streams are weak. Part of that is due to the NRA which for years has lobbied against the Fed Govt. doing research so the sources are imperfect. Hell, the government does not even track mass shootings, just mass murders. Freakin shootings harm millions more people than mass murders. That means both of us are quoting stats that are akin to the precision driving of a motorboat. Gun stats that are more directional than precise with surveys from the likes of Lott competing with those from anti-gunny funded organizations. Until we free the CDC to authorize in-depth, comprehensive surveys, databanks, and statistics, it will continue this way. That’s why you and I, pro and con, continually toss studies refuting each other like monkeys tossing feces in the cage. In either case, the data is never definitive.

          As far as it’s all the cities, look at the statistics. I looked at murder rates, not total gun deaths, and while Red still wins, hands down. Republican cities have similar terrible crime rates as Democrat cites. Just ask your neighbors in Republican Jacksonville, or the Republican Fort Worth, OK Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Miami, and so on. They all are Republican cities and they all have very high murder rates. They also have all the other things you blame solely on the Democrats. It’s not political except in your mind. The Dixiecrats are Republicans now. I used Ballotpedia to determine Republican cities and WIKI to determine gun/murder rate.

          I think you hit on something though, often the Democratic cities with tough gun control are thwarted by criminals being able to access ez guns in Red areas that surround the urban island. In NJ, most of our criminal guns come from the South travelling what is termed the Iron Pipeline. Cops have coined a name for the importation route. You guys are grooming criminal gunnies with your gun replacement strategy. Guns are a major export for Southern States, a major revenue stream, but the same is true around Chicago and other Democratic cities. The city’s may be the result, but the nation is the problem.

          The evidence indicates that violent crime is too high in both Republican and Democratic cities. There is little politics in this except that which you have professed, probably for the last 50 years…. That does not change IF we parse it down to just murders, as I have just done in the city review above. You guys have not found the panacea yet and blaming us makes a good political message but it’s just not true.

          • larry Horist

            Frank Stetson …. My god, you are ignorant of realities. State police have not authority in most major cities other than some cities in which they patrol the interstate highways. And the Feds only get involved in federal crimes. They have no role in arresting, investigating or prosecuting folks for the majority of crimes. At most. local law enforcement can avail itself of the federal crime labs and data basis. The highest concentrations of criminal activity is in the major cities — especially in the segregated communities. The vast majority of blacks and Hispanics overcrowding the prisons were sent their by Democrat controlled prosecutors and courts. It is a two part problem — high crime and racists enforcement.

          • frank stetson

            Larry Horist: “My god, you are ignorant of realities.” And you call yourself a “professional political pundit” with 50 years practice. Very professional of you to let others get under your skin apparently.

            LH; “State police have not authority in most major cities other than some cities in which they patrol the interstate highways.” While there may be state-based modifications, the State Police have general law enforcement jurisdiction throughout most states and provide statewide enforcement of criminal, motor vehicle, marine, and alcohol beverage control laws. In NJ, we also contract them for general police services on the New Jersey Turnpike, the Garden State Parkway, the Atlantic City Expressway, and even eighty-nine municipalities across the state, some of which are considered cities.

            LH; “And the Feds only get involved in federal crimes. They have no role in arresting, investigating or prosecuting folks for the majority of crimes.” Did I say differently, did I stutter? So, sure in the numbers game there are more convictions at the State level. Of course you seem to leave out the nature of the crime which I am sure you can agree is worse at the Federal level. Today there are about 200,000 Federal prisoners and 2M State prisoners. So you are right about the majority, but don’t think I said different. I think 200,000 is a large enough number to be considered, some of which were arrested in cities — Democratic and Republican alike. And on the quality – aka how much violence, Federal will rule probably.

            LH; “The highest concentrations of criminal activity is in the major cities — especially in the segregated communities. The vast majority of blacks and Hispanics overcrowding the prisons were sent their by Democrat controlled prosecutors and courts. It is a two-part problem — high crime and racists enforcement.” Of course, where there’s more people, there’s more crime. Of course, crime in the city IS probably orchestrated by and against a minority. That is a silly vantage point. I was talking about the rate of gun death, you changed the assessment to fit your spin.

            The points we made, which you have not come close to addressing are:
            “Most gun deaths occur in red states.” Still true.
            “ there are local police, state police, and federal police all covering laws germane to those jurisdictions, many of which are violent crimes.” Good attempt but you did not refute this fact.
            “Republican cities have similar terrible crime rates as Democrat cites.” the big fact
            “It’s not political except in your mind.” You seem to think 90% of our ills are Democrats
            “often the Democratic cities with tough gun control are thwarted by criminals being able to access ez guns in Red areas that surround the urban island. “ a sidenote but true

            And I concluded: “The evidence indicates that violent crime is too high in both Republican and Democratic cities. There is little politics in this except that which you have professed, probably for the last 50 years…. That does not change IF we parse it down to just murders, as I have just done in the city review above. You guys have not found the panacea yet and blaming us makes a good political message but it’s just not true.”

            It would be nice to have a professional discussion with you versus you just leading with a put-down and going downhill from there. I said what I said, you have not refuted any of it, so there is tis it.

            As I have said, I think you have an honest argument, fact-based, on the cities and systemic racism, perhaps some of it even bleeds into suburbia, exurbia, and rural areas too. But it is an American problem, not a Republican or Democratic problem solely and you have yet to specify the Democratic laws, only found in Democratic cities, that make it so. That’s just partisan politicking which fell short of hitting the mark for the midterms.

          • larry Horist

            Frank Stetson …. You constantly insult me with your third-party snide remarks. So, stop the bs about your interest in honest dialogue. You are obsessed with me … and everyone can see it. And in your latest response you dumb down on your own ignorance. You are dead wrong on how policing works. If you call l911 from within a major city, you will get the response of the local police — not the state police or the FBI. Even in smaller communities. In unincorporated areas, it may be the sheriff office that response. The vast majority of crime is handled by local police, prosecutors and courts.

            And just to offer you a bit more education. Folks who really analyze statistic know the problem of the per capita method. Smaller populations will have higher rates despite low numbers. Example: If there was a town with only four citizens and one of them committed murder, they would have a 25 percent murder rate . In terms of public policy it is important to focus on where the major numbers of crimes exist … the greatest concentrations.

            The rest of you screed is just more Stetson bs. Save if for the Larry Horist that occupies your mind.

  8. Bibfy

    Are those the states where guns are the leading cause of death for kids under 18? They have to die to keep your 2a alive?

    • Larry kuhn

      I’m not the one shooting them you ignorant son of a bitch. I don’t go around shooting people so keep your commie paws off my guns. Or else

  9. Bibfy

    Or else what? What’s your point? Did I say I wanted your guns? I’m an anonymous poster. How does that even work? What the fuck are you so scared of. Kids die every day. Isn’t it good they die to keep your 2a alive. Probably gang bangers and illegal aliens anyways.

    No one said you shot anyone. What, you worried? Sure seem defensive about the leading cause of death for kids under 18. Your first reaction is not the kids, but will it affect your guns ownership. That’s not sympathetic and that’s pathetic..

    The kid did it. Not the gun’s fault. It’s not your fault It’s the kids fault. Not the 2a’s fault. It’s the kids fault.

    • Miles collins

      It’s the fault of people not enforcing laws already on the books. And most kids being shot are victims of gang bangers and cartels. Also pussies in the DA offices that play catch and release. I believe that reasonable gun laws are necessary but you idiots on the left don’t understand that lack of law enforcement along with the teachings that if it feels good do it has greatly added fuel to the fire. And maybe you should check the background of the guy who shot up the queer bar in Colorado. Red flag laws must be enforced in order to work

  10. Bibfy

    Doesn’t enforcing the law just catch the perpetrators after the crimes?

    Were there a lot of kids under 18 jn that bar? How many kids died there?

    What do you want to teach, don’t do it if it feels good. And if this rhetoric causes gun death, what about the violent talk coming from the right?

    How do red flag laws help the under 18 crowd from being shot?

    • Miles collins

      They should stay out of queer bars

      • Bibfy

        Why? They would just hunt them down in other places and you would cheer. Bloody times for sure.

        Gotta quit your Walmart job, not safe there either.

        Oops, Tops Market too.

        In all seriousness, some kids were there with their parents to watch their friends perform and to dance. In that really a sin worth shooting them for.

        You gun fucks just suck. More kids dies from guns than any other cause. In the top five for adults too. Reds die from guns at higher rates than blue. It’s the smart move.

        • Harold blankenship

          And you’re a lying commie asshole. Show us your facts. And no, people shouldn’t be shot for being queer. If you don’t want a gun that’s your right. But us gun nuts are keeping ours. And I have proof that you don’t give a shit about gun violence. Nothing is being done in the blue cities to stop most of it. And it could be done but it would interfere with democrats agenda

          • frank stetson

            Let me step in and step on this guy.

            “Firearms are now the number one cause of death for children in the United States, but rank no higher than fifth in 11 other large and wealthy countries, a new KFF analysis finds.”


            Sorry, red states rule on gun death, blue cities may be high but not definitive a red/blue thing as red cities are just as high, there’s an economic thing going on, and blue cities with high gun control measures are surrounded by red asshole states with “gun nuts” like you promoting gun replacement theory in the blue cities while grooming criminals with easy access to firearms. As far as I am concerned, you’re just a good guy with a gun waiting to go bad. Most people’s guns are not tools, they are weapons for self-defense with no other purpose for these folks. Even if they target practice, it’s just to prepare. And you keep letting kids have your guns, getting ticked off and using it, or just sucking on the barrel yourself to chicken out of life.
            One point we probably agree on, in the case of cities, it is true that law abiding folks don’t have guns, but criminals gain access to them freely from red surrounds and jerkoffs therein. ez peazy —- which makes it as easy to prey on legit city folk as it is to shoot up a school. Either cities need to up their game on gun control making penalties so extreme that if you have one, you might as well kill because when caught, your life is over, OR get the red states to be responsible to people and not the gun lobby and quit being the groomer gun running replacers to the city. At some point, like with kids, it ain’t the kid’s fault, it’s the guns. If it wasn’t there, wouldn’t have happened.

   it has pictures, so you will be able to follow :>)

            Another view, a little more leaning to the left: “The indisputable fact is that where there are more guns, there are more gun deaths.” This is true, proven over and over. More guns, more gun death — period.


            “The top states by gun death rates are:
            Mississippi — 28.6.
            Louisiana — 26.3.
            Wyoming — 25.9.
            Missouri — 23.9.
            Alabama — 23.6.
            Alaska — 23.5.
            The states with the lowest gun death rates in 2020, per the CDC (alongside the percentage of homes with a gun in 2007-2016, per RAND) were:
            Hawaii — 3.4 (8% of adults live in a household with a gun).
            Massachusetts — 3.7 (10%).
            New Jersey — 5 (8%).
            Rhode Island — 5.1 (11%).
            New York — 5.3 (14%).

            Blue is better, red is dead.

            Guns are good, guns are fun. Good for hunting, fun for shooting, great for defense. I do not want your guns. I have guns. I used to hunt before I came to NJ. I used to shoot right off the back porch. Taught my wife on a 44 Magnum Smith & Wesson Model 29, ala D-Harry shooting at corn stalks. Have mounted Pheasant plumage on my mantle. I have been shot at, I have even been hit by buckshot by an apparent Dick Cheney clone. But when NJ guns run up the iron pipeline from Southern States, something is terribly wrong. When little Billy grabs a gun off the coffee table and plugs tiny Paul and we conclude “what a terrible accident, they have suffered enough,” I say pull the plug, charge the parents, lock them up take all their money via fines.

            Even in the wild West they had the deadline.

            But there’s your proof, your evidence. Suck on it.

  11. frank stetson

    Once again Larry has a problem and it’s all the Democrats and their coconspirator, the mass media’s fault.

    This time it’s fear and loathing over increased right-wing violence that Larry feels: “I constantly shake my head in bewilderment at how anyone with an IQ higher than a hockey score could be so gullible and actually believe that nonsense. It just shows the power of repetitious mendacious propaganda – and the corrupting role of the biased news media.”

    I know how he feels. There’s much to fear. But is left-wing rhetoric our biggest fear? I mean how can you be afraid of left-wing rhetoric when there’s blm, antifa, crt, gender-bending, slave-trading-drug-smuggling illegal alien racists, all engaged in the replacement of legacy Americans? That’s just some of the fear and loathing your party is pushing along with it’s rag tag blogosphere and powerhouse FOX media outlets.

    Larry nails it when he says: “The fearmongering and largely false speculation were not limited to individual acts of violence by political malcontents but inflated into a massive propaganda-driven conspiracy theory that democracy and the very existence of the Republic was on the verge of collapse in a wave of nationalistic violence to be carried out by the Republican Party.” I agree that there is fearmongering, especially before the midterms, but team Larry is the best at that (see items above). Larry even discounts the Trump-inspired Capitol Insurrection as “bogus political narrative gained traction after the Capitol Hill riot – which itself was pumped up from an organic riot into an insurrection and coup attempt.” Organic? Pumped up? That says Larry believes there was absolutely no planning? Facts say he is wrong. Insurrection and coup attempt? That says Larry does not believe that the vocalized, expressed, desire to harm Pence, Pelosi, and/or stopping the vote by force is insurrection? Facts and guilty pleas, convictions, say that Larry is wrong.

    Good try but Larry —- storming the Capitol is a little worse than storming a strip mall.

    On the campaign violence Larry indicates does not exist, “Armed men in masks and tactical gear have shown up at secure ballot drop boxes. Candidates of both parties have been physically attacked, election workers intimidated. And threats against members of Congress are up tenfold.” I personally photographed these fools and I did not feel safe; they said threatening things, they pointed guns, they had defensive amor on but sure looked offensive to me.

    “As of June 2022, the DOJ and FBI reviewed over 1,000 contact 1 reports to the Threats to Election Workers Task Force in which election workers deemed the contact threatening or harassing, and determined 11 percent met federal criteria for further investigative action.” That was just by June. Thousands of volunteer election workers have quit over actual threats. Most of these come from the battleground states you would expect. It is a war out there for sure.

    Luckily, actual widespread or concentrated violence did not occur. A guy in Iowa man was arrested for menacing voicemails for a local election official in Arizona. He wanted to hang the guy. A Wisconsin man with a knife entered the polls and was immediately arrested. And lots of guys with guns watched. Always a comforting thought, especially for the children who know can count gun death as their major cause of death up until becoming an adult. Sweet messages.

    Point is there IS more political violence in America today than yesterday. Perhaps not as much as the 60’s, but folks were pretty afraid we were taking over then too, and that included Dems and Repubs alike.

    Perhaps the Democrats, and the media, using FBI warnings, based on actual threats, were correct in sounding the alarm that caused people to take notice, prepare, and the result was little violence. Or maybe the whole thing is a red herring as Larry presumes. Not bloody likely. There were guys with guns at many polling locations. The concept of “this is not going to end well” seems apparent enough to take the prudent actions we did that might have forestalled an actual act of violence. OR “an once of prevention…….”

    Until we, as a nation, quit saying violence does not exist, it used to be worse, it’s the other guy’s problem, words don’t kill, people do…..or worse, it was justified, the violence will continue fueled by the reckless rhetoric we now employ regularly — both sides. The violence in the Summer of Floyd was wrong and the culprits should be punished. Same for 1.6.2021. People like MTGreene should be punished by the people, by their votes, for saying differently. They should be censured by the Congress as not being “congressional.” Hawley, Watkins, I don’t care what side of the aisle, this rhetoric shit needs to stop. The people and our leaders need to stand up and stand against this shit. Words do matter and people act upon them. The fact we were warned, we were prepared, and somehow the expected therefore did not occur notwithstanding. Enough with ignoring the words or only blaming the other side, tossing it off because it used to be worse, or saying it’s just the media and who can trust them.

    • larry Horist

      Frank Stetson ….. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz … ranting … zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz … projection … zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. … anecdotal nit picking … zzzzzzzzzz …. unsubstantiated claims … zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz … the old straw man Larry Horist of you mental invention zzzzzzzzzzz.

      • frank stetson

        The turkey has landed: a professional political pundit who dismisses other views and facts at whim. It’s whimsy from a whimsical who can’t toe the line with a cogent rebuttal.

        Let me know IF you want to actually discuss more than your diversions and delusions..

    • Larry kuhn

      Good points Frank. But if the constitution is to be protected it also includes the 2nd amendment

  12. frank stetson

    Nothing I have said would be in disagreement with that except to note it’s in the Bill of Rights.

    And that the rights enumerated in there have restrictions and limitations placed on then while the Constitution is fully protected. The 2A has a number of these already.

    • Larry kuhn

      True. But many of the restrictions are wrong and unconstitutional. I legally carry guns because I don’t carry a cop and can’t afford private security

      • Mack ewing

        Frank there’s not that many restrictions on the 2nd amendment. Lately the federal courts are taking a good part in securing what it really means after the GREAT scotus decision in June. And nothing about the 2nd amendment puts people in danger from law abiding citizens. The left has plenty of guns and ammo and doesn’t need to lecture us. We ain’t going to be pressured or shamed by people who make our streets more dangerous by not enforcing the laws

        • Bibfy

          What a stupid reply

          • Mack ewIng

            No. You’re just a dumbass for not understanding it

      • Bib

        And you’re really ugly

  13. Bibify

    Ok jerkoff, there’s a huge list of weapons you can’t have, there’s a list of citizens who can not have, there’s many places you can not carry, there’s concealed and open carry restrictions, you can have the right and then lose it. and so on and so on.


    • Miles collins

      We know the rules and abide by them. But good luck getting criminals and people lawfully forbidden from guns to comply. Dickhead.

  14. frank stetson

    Criminals don’t follow the law. Thank you Captain Obvious.

    It’s the good guys that keep selling them guns that add to the problem. Straw purchases, ghost guns, criminal gun store owners, mostly all good guys doing bad things. Money makes the monkey dance says the organ grinder and guns are no different.

    But I agree with Captain Obvious that criminals do criminal things. Need to keep upping the incarceration time for assault by gun and even having a gun in a crime. Do a crime get x years. Have a gun 5x years for example. Now that means guns with guns might as well kill, but perhaps, after a time, criminals will get the idea and switch to knives…… stil an improvement. That may help but does not alleviate the problem that loose gun states export weapons over the dead line into tough gun control cities. Many criminals are LEGAL gun owners in those Red States and that has to stop. They are not currently acting criminally in those states, they are legal.

    At this point, guns are not a local or state issue, it’s an American issue.

    • Miles collins

      Frank there’s already laws on the books dealing with straw purchases ect. The people who illegally sell guns ain’t the good guys Several states do have harsher punishment for using guns in crimes even if no shots are fired. I go to gun shows and I’m required to submit to a background check and do the paperwork on my purchase. But I’m damned tired of being vilified because I exercise my constitutional rights. People like me ain’t the problem. And yes, illegal gun sales are possession should come with tough punishment. I also encourage training and instructions in the laws of self defense. But I know that we don’t have the answers to everything but assholes on the left think they do. Bottom line. I’m keeping my guns and I’m damned proud to be a gun owner.

      • larry Horist

        Miles Collins … Thanks for saving me the effort to correct Frank’s disinformation. It can be a fulltime job.

  15. frank stetson

    I will never say I want your guns. And this asshole on the left as you call me owns guns, used to hunt, etc. etc.

    Point is there are still too many strawmen sales. There is now a huge ghost gun market given all the parts out there. FBI estimates close to 10% of gun sellers engage in getting guns to criminals, and criminals can still legally own guns in many places.

    Independent of all this is the fact that too many criminals have too many guns.

    So how do we stop this given given laws, current law enforcement, current legal system is not getting it done.

    While that’s the criminal part, the real problem is gun death is now the leading cause of death for those under 18. Seems that we are doing little about that and everything to get more guns in more hands in more places than ever.

    • Miles collins

      My guns were obtained legally. No straw purchase. I don’t shoot people and pry that I never have to. Punish the law breaking bastards and leave the rest of us alone And no, criminals ain’t allowed to have guns unless they have their rights restored through legal means

      • Mack ewing

        95% of gun control laws should be removed