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Democratic Primary – Bernie Takes 2 of 3 States, Clinton Take More Delegates

Democratic Primary – Bernie Takes 2 of 3 States, Clinton Take More Delegates

Today’s Democratic Primaries were held in three states, Kansas, Lousiana and Nebraska. Senator Bernie Sanders has won both Kansas and Nebraska, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has won Lousiana. Sanders gains 47 delegates, Clinton gains 55, increasing Clinton’s lead slightly.

Nebraska was an expected win for Sanders, Kansas was a surprise since polls should Hillary with a substantial lead. Louisiana went as expected for Hillary Clinton.

This could represent a shift in momentum in light of Clinton’s recent problems with the FBI’s investigation of her unsecure email server.  

However, Clinton has substantial leads in polls from 4 of the seven largest states, Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and  Illinois which are scheduled for March 15, with over 700 delegates at stake.

Despite this victory for Sanders, we believe short of an indictment, it is unlikely Clinton will lose the nomination.

Currently Clinton leads the delegate count 1121 to 479, however about 500 of her delegates are Super Delegates who could change their minds at the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia beginning 25 July, 2016. 

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