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Democrat Defection Over Gaza Spreads From Michigan

Democrat Defection Over Gaza Spreads From Michigan

The Democrat defection of “uncommitted voters” has spread from Michigan to other states, a bitter reminder for Joe Biden of how his own party is turning on him over his handling of the Israeli-Hamas conflict.

A week after 101,000 Michigan voters chose “uncommitted” on their ballots, so did roughly 263,000 voters in the five Super Tuesday states where similar ballot options were available. Minnesota, which had the most organized effort outside of Michigan, saw 1 in 5 Democratic voters mark the “uncommitted” option, a higher percentage than the 13% who voted uncommitted in Michigan.

Supporters of the protest argue that anger over the war could endanger Biden’s chances in swing states like Michigan against former President Donald Trump in their now-confirmed rematch. Biden’s allies believe disaffected Democrats will return to the president’s fold when faced with a choice between him and Trump, who the president’s campaign has argued is a threat to democracy and is planning a sweeping set of policy changes that would attack liberal priorities.

While the reasons for voters favoring unpledged delegates over Biden may differ, the choice has been increasingly pushed as a protest vote against Biden’s handling of the conflict in Gaza, where more than 30,000 people have been killed, two-thirds of them women and children, in Israel’s offensive following Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack that killed 1,200 people.

Results of how many uncommitted voters or “leave it blank” protest votes have yet to be totally tabulated in “Super Tuesday Two” states like Washington and Georgia, where both Trump and Biden gained enough delegates to clinch the expected 2024 rematch. Despite that, growing disaffection of Dems over Biden’s handling of the Israel-Hamas War – especially among younger voters – could spell trouble for the current president come November.

“We wanted to show that these voters not only morally matter but politically matter as well. Because if they sit out the election, which it seems like many of them might, that would have severe consequences for Biden,” said Waleed Shahid, a Democratic strategist who first organized the “uncommitted” effort in Michigan.

Marcus Casillas, 29, was one of the 51,000 people who voted uncommitted in Colorado’s March 5 primary. The aerospace engineer was inspired by Michigan voters and chose “uncommitted” rather than another Democratic candidate because “being part of a more organized protest vote seemed appropriate.”

“I firmly believe that in order for me to vote for someone, they need to earn the vote,” he said.

Organizers of the original protest in Michigan say sentiments from voters in other states, like those of Mr. Casillas, make them feel they’ve already exceeded expectations.

“One of the coolest comments that I’ve read is people saying this is the most organized they’ve seen Democrats in a really long time,” said Asma Nizami, a spokesperson for Minnesota’s “uncommitted” campaign. “We’re doing it across state lines, and we’re doing it together.”

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  1. Ray Salas Jr

    No advantage for our Trump. Perhaps a literal hand full of these low-info uncommitted Dems may go for Trump but most will not. The wicked Left leadership will simply remind the “children of Ismael (Genesis 16:12) that it will be worse for the Gazans if Trump is elected, who will support Israel 150% and not give a hoot about that permanent “s..t-hole” Gaza.

  2. K SNY

    “Trump, who the president’s campaign has argued is a threat to democracy and is planning a sweeping set of policy changes that would attack liberal priorities.” Right, Liberal policies like not prosecuting criminals, open border despite murders by Illegals, keeping prices high, giving benefits and free money to Illegals at taxpayer expense.

  3. Tom

    It is quite a stretch to say that just because someone voted “uncommitted” that they must be against the Biden Administration’s handling of the war in Gaza. If I had been in one of those states I might have voted “uncommitted” but it would have been because of his choice of VP. I am fine with Biden’s handling of Gaza. Palestinians attacked and slaughtered Israeli’s and now they want a pity party because the victim is kicking their ass. Sorry Palestinians. No pity here. Who is to say how many Palestinians must die to pay in blood for their rape and slaughter of Israeli women, and the beheading of Israeli children. Some of these woke idiots need to read the Old Testament. When you screw with God’s chosen people, you pay the price, and that price is often that God makes sure the Israelis wipe you out!!!


    Well, there goes the bromance! :>) As a proud woke asshole, I go with God when I say 31,500 dead, 70,000 wounded at the middle of March as reported by GAZA Health Ministry so perhaps overstated, is ENOUGH. That’s 10,000 HAMAS; HAMAS has under 30,000 soldiers. And don’t dimish the wounded; this is not US-style recovery, these folks are fucked up and not getting modern recovery. At best, they are getting MASH field triage.

    Point is Israel is at diminishing returns so shock n awe taking out 2 innocents for every Hamas soldier with more diminishign returns in the future is unwarranted at this time. Time to go surgical to get the terrorist and put your shock n awe to the funding to stop supporting the remaining soldiers.

    Nope Tom, woke is right, that’s ENOUGH and time to get smart about destroying the remainder of HAMAS. HAMAS rockets declined greatly in February, although 4 were fired at the begining of March. Any rockers fired result in a destroyed rocket installation shortly thereafter. This one was blasted inside of 30 minutes after launch. There may be a number of Hamas still in the South, including some leadership so I don’t expect Israel to ramp down tommorrow. But ENOUGH and Israel needs to move to the next stage of this which is not shock n awe, but surgical in it’s implementation. And full force on the funding.

    • Tom

      Well we both knew it would end sooner or later Frank. :>))

      I am going with God on this one which is why I said, “Who is to say how many Palestinians must die to pay in blood for their rape and slaughter of Israeli women, and the beheading of Israeli children. ”

      If you check the OT you will find that God had King Saul slaughter whole populations due to their attacks on Israel. And King David did more God ordered slaughter of Israel’s enemies than Saul which is why God told David that David would not be allowed to build God’s temple because David had too much blood on his hands. God himself slaughtered 185,000 Assyrians before the Israelis ever got to the battlefield, 2 Kings 19:35. God also ordered the slaughter of the Edomites, 1 Samuel 14:47 as well as the Amalekites, 1 Samuel 15:3. In the case of the Amelikites God told them to kill every man, woman and child and cattle and herds and take nothing as spoils. Check where God predicts that he will wipe out the Edomites in Obadiah 1:18. Maybe you do not realize this, but Edom is another name for Esau whom God was against when he influence his mother to tell Jacob how to get blind Isaac to give the birthright to Jacob.

      Now how it all relates, realize that Yassir Arafat, the Palestinians (descendants of Israel’s enemy Philistine (remember Sampson?) who married Canaanites, and even the current leader of Lebanon, are all bloodline descendants of Esau who is also called Edom – people that God said he would wipe away. And do not forget Deuteronomy 20:16–17 where God ordered the elimination of the Canaanites.

      I think you and I agree that we hate seeing innocent civilians killed, we abhor it. But we must question how innocent they really are by bloodline, and by electing Hamas back in 2006-07. These people have had many years to turn in these killers of Israel, shooters of rockets, and did nothing. I think many of these alleged innocents would rather live in peace and regret electing Hamas – but it is too late now. God is exacting His pounds of flesh. And who is to question his punishment and how many pounds he will extract this time? We will never understand in this life.

      • Dan tyree

        Lesson in life. Don’t mess with God. Or his chosen people The same warning about wronging Christians. God said that vengeance belongs to him. Judgement day is coming.

        • Tom

          Very true! Well said!

  5. Darren

    So let me see, Obama flew people from all over the world into our country at all hours of the night.
    Biden tells people from all over the world to send illegal’s into our country.
    Yet, the U.S. can not take family’s from Gaza and bring them to our country and detain them here
    until the fighting ends and offer them a choice of going back or staying here?
    Would this not make it easer to eradicate Hamas?
    But again, there would be no money in this decision for the military machines at play as
    the war may end before their monetary needs are filled.
    Or maybe we can let Bernie Sanders talk them into a 4 day a week war!
    People in power with NO regard for Life, that has been this whole administration.
    Bring us your poor so we can make more Democrat’s, then we can discard them after the vote.